Daily Archives: December 17, 2009

A Chill Wind

A Bit Parky Out

There is a storm gathering just at the edge of effective awareness, just beyond the short-sighted rim of limited perceptions. The tempestuous base being stirred from the dregs of the bitter aftertaste left from the cup of wrath, discarded by the spoilt game players who set out to fleece the willing sheep brigade of storm chasers and disgruntled camp followers and various and sundry itinerants from the decimated camps of ‘the world is ending’ and ‘the end is nigh brigade’ of optimists that perceive disaster in all that they hear and see.

Lets look again at the facts before some spoilsport misdirects attention again by asking the wrong questions to divert attention from the scurrying raiders of the lost grail. As they try to slip away in the night without a fight but try to disperse in the green haze cloud they have left hanging over the future of existence. This question mark is as big a smoke screen as all the other misdirection devices that the parasitic one percent have ever employed since the liars first set themselves up to cream the surplus from the hard pressed.

The wind of change is blowing still and it will not abate in these shores until it has run its natural course. To not take advantage of our own autonomy is the greatest act of suicide any nation could ever be guilty of, in any time line or probable history of all of the possible realities of the multiversity. And all this is happening at a time when our nation has been snookered by infiltrators into our banking system that brought it down from inside, the banks were only guilty of hiring the best from the world class leaders in the markets and not from playing the beautiful game as a local enterprise, ego and pride before the fall. The strategic attack on our nation has been started by our neighbour from hell and their palls across the globe to leave us supine before the horde.

Just like the football in Scotland as opposed to the hierarchical system of our neighbours, football for us is a social event, lads from the pub on a Sunday afternoon playing another local team, local lads we know, went to school with, drink in the same pub as and work shoulder to shoulder with, is a far cry from the international financial farce that the rest of the world is trying to sell the public by making sport into a ripoff business.

The Coop Bank and the Clydesdale and just a few other sensible investors that didn’t buy into the world wide hype of rich rewards in quick turnovers and fleet footwork, you know in the world of buyer beware, be gone before they realise the sting in the tale. But the Royal Bank of Scotland is a little bit like those other modern day Campbell’s as they all try to sell out for riches else where in a declining if not decimated world economy, that old firm double act that sees itself as ahead of their own field and front runners that will never be allowed to play in the big boys grownup games as they are still seen as foreigners. Leaving them a quarter turn downcast and just a little green with envy as they get bluer and bluer. To buy someone else’s failed dream is a folly in its own right, but to sell out your own to do it is a sin of the first order of magnitude.

There was a potato famine in Ireland the historic consequences of which are now legendary. It is a little known fact that this country had a similar famine, and unlike the magnitude of loss and displacement to the Irish of over a million souls, penalised by their unyielding masters. In Scotland the loss was around a hundred by comparison, as genuine compassion was exercised to preserve the life blood of our nation even if they were displaced as a result.

This whole world is being lead to believe that we, the man in the street are responsible for the state of the world health, not the loggers, not the companies that pollute as they produce, not the designers that don’t incorporate or devise waste management procedures and policies in production techniques, that placed dirty businesses in hard pressed areas to ingrain them in the fragile economies as the life props that keep the local area upright in the hard pressed cash flows, coal, nuclear, chemical agents and manufacturing processes for cosmetic products like paint, make up etc. So they would rather tax us than do the job, they would rather bully other nations than legislate on unpopular or controversial issues, they lead from behind or leave it to sort itself out. So why wont they legislate against dirty manufacturers that still use dirty processes and why have they delayed any action for half a decade. And of course why is it that MP’s family members have five years to find s replacement job, yet you or I would be on our ear in three months as prescribed by industry practices, but hey that’s another issue.

The truth about manufacturing landfill projects, or the straight to bin cheep goods conveyor belt production has almost disappeared and new manufacturing is falling off at an alarming rate. Greater discernment from the buying populace has stripped the production process down to a dwindling few hard-pressed market leaders. With no manufacturing growth areas the writing has been on the wall for decades. The so called service sector has been diminishing and floundering for the better part of the last decade, only helping to undermine the effect of the manufacturing decay, delaying the open effect from being see to readily by the man in the street or the watchers in the know. Subsidies and various and sundry other incentive based tactics have also helped to mask the death smell from the rotting corpse that is the death throes of the industrial age as it declines into an early grave, from overwork, poor workmanship and materials, greedy owners and selfish tactics, bad working conditions, low pay, and poor working practices it was inevitable, and was clearly visible from the top down perspective of the elite one percent.

The profiling result from the national psyche of the western nations is, we are hamstrung by guilt from religious quarters to social conditioning and schooling practices that the rest of the world does not suffer from. We are made humble and servile to the ruling order to the detriment of ourselves. But isn’t that handy if it can be made to look like our own insatiable lust, according to the hype, for things. Is the cause of the planet warming up in a world that no longer needs to work to a twenty four hour clock on a seven day enforced regime, that breaks families and crushes spirits and undermines the peoples of the so called better off nations. Where manufacturing has fallen off to a trickle as we refuse to spend, spend, spend, while the third world nations now push their manufacturing to new heights, and to further muddy the waters the fourth world economies are all aspiring to join the lemmings in the headlong rush towards a better lifestyle. And are lining up behind China as it sets its feet to make a bigger push to raise the level of the quality of life for its front runners, as this nation casts of the hair suit of the communist decades of abstinence and self denial giving way to a repression surge for the opposite aspiration from the children of the revolutionaries of the new order, as they finally break from the decades of depravation and finally get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This nation has in its history the ingenuity and the holistic view to healing that may well make them the progenitors, from their formidable industrial ability coupled with their cohesive unity, will may be the nation to deliver better working practices, cleaner manufacturing processes and waste disposal technologies for the new age of reason.

So the mindset that saw the decline of manufacturing and had a top heavy control structure, saw this a means to stay milking at the top while never delivering any of the services that they claim to deliver, trash collections once a fortnight, poorly funded, schools, hospitals, prisons, police and armed services, claw-back authorities that penalise to raise capital. All instead of shedding the excess load, while local authority workers are quiet, except for librarians, who occasionally have to stage a protest about money. All non-profit sections as industry would call them but all highly necessary for a stable society.

Meanwhile back in the land of nod and the west end farce that is the longest running un-authored play in London at the moment, even after a long resting period for the main cast. We are still subject to a legislation process that will not enforce stricter rules on manufacturing designers and will not reign in the banks, will not change policy to control drugs, while we all foot the bill from the carnage that is the drinking culture in this nation that drains resources and creates social chaos on a weekly basis. No they would rather invade a foreign soil to impose an imperial dictate and hand the reigns to the local mad dogs that will pay lip service to gain control from the nice invading thug before he retreats back to his safe harbour. Leaving the foreign lands decimated and its people worse off than before they intervened and dictated terms to suit their own ends and now retrospectively it appears no others ends.

A country like America where California will be the locality that will set the trends for the future, as its residents take a leaf out of the self realisation gurus handbooks from the eighties children. Where they have started to regulate or manage their own footprint as their so-called leaders cant or just wont.

The nations that all should be leading from the front are all showing a distinct lack of leadership in a world crisis, but there is no shortage of candidates for the mythical position of world leader of the four quarters of the world conglomerate federations. Now none of them are showing any good form on the leadership front yet they are all vying and jockeying for pole position as world-class negotiators. Shame they are all managing to trip up on their obvious lack of integrity as they clamour for photo opportunities, as their respective parties reign them in and keep them all on short leashes as they are just being a little precocious and can easily be seen as the cart before the horse, but thanks for tipping us the wink in your feet of clay dance to the head of the cue.