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Numbering the Beast

Winter Equinox


The sun is now nearing the winter yardarm and the dark and cold cycle of the earth is about to begin for the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, the weather is already showing signs of change as some trees are loosing their leafs and have been for the last three weeks.


In a world where the bright lights of the world, want the world to only be populated by good decent honest and upright citizens that all square up and carry their fair share of the burden for the collective, and where selfish and petty or greedy people always get their comeuppance, except politicians, bankers, social workers and ….. is there an exclusion list and who is on it. These idealistic ostriches think that in a world of dark and light, where cold comfort and welcome warmth are the extremes of the dance of light and dark as the seasons waltz their way through the galactic space of our solar system. They must just be dizzy from all this global spin they are in.


This unrealistic expectation would have the soldiers of light suppress the dark lights of the world and cannot imagine ever being defeated, yet in the beginning it was darkness that was the core of the void, light was beckoned into existence by the wielder of the word and the cycle form dark to light began. As long as dark and light have this shared space there will be people who are light affected and who play the game of life above board and pay their dews up front and in full, and there will be the subversives who stay in the shadow away from the daylight predators, brow beaters and harriers of the weak and the infirm.


The winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight of the year, the winter months are the dark, cold and inhospitable time of the year. Even the day is split into dark time and light time, with the summer solstice being the day of the year with the most daylight of the year (cloud cover permitting). The schism in society that says light will conquer dark can only ever reflect the imposition of the dark and light cycle of the day and the year. As long as the dance of life passes through the darkness and the light, there will be a spectrum of people that are suited to being open and honest and those that are a little gray to various shades of black.


In a world that observes the schism of life the swing of polarities and the range of light to dark and back again in the pendulum of the movement of life, it is obvious why one extreme cannot ever hope to hold sway over both ends of the extreme that is the nature of being.


Just as there are nocturnal animals and a human nocturnal life, these are the day walkers from the animal kingdom as well as the human kingdom. The nature of being has dictated to the nocturnal animal kingdom that survival called for them to lay low in the day as the predator that they have to avoid prowled the patch of its domain, as there are daytime predators as well as nighttime hunters and scavengers. The environmental forces that make one creature change its habits to hunt in the night instead of the daytime are all based on survival, where stealth and caution are the watchwords of the silent prowler.


Any daytime beast that hunts successfully will have a social cohesion of a pack a pride or the group to give strength to their assaults. Being daytime or nighttime prowlers does not distract from the fact that they each hunt, and kill to survive.


The recent events in the domains of the winter hibernation fraternity, bears, squirrels and various sundry other beasts that follow the bounty of natures provision, the bear and the salmon run, the squirrel and the nut harvest etc, has highlighted the shift in the earths bounty, the bear has not had its fill and is coming down from the tree line to scavenge in the edges of the towns and rubbish bins with the smells of leftover food as the incentive to raid the bins to stock up for the winter sleep.


The world is warming and the hibernation impulse has not been as effectively triggered by the light cold change at autumns end. If the warming continues can you imagine a world populated by bears that do not hibernate and must find food in a time of low or no provision. The only place for a bear to do its winter shop is in mans domain. The low provision of the bounty in unseasonable changes will leave the bear deprived of its necessary mass to survive the long winter shutdown. So they will delay the hibernation to try to stock up a little more to ensure survival.


The nature of the beast is to do the best it can for its own survival, it has no conscience and cant read signs, if it is a mother with young cubs getting ready for the first winter is already a daunting prospect and the cub mortality rate goes up as the salmon season gets later or arrives earlier knocking their own internal clock of kilter.


Any one of these problems on their own is a nuisance at best but when you couple any two or three together they can begin to spell out a drastic change in habit and may even signal a change from one means to another as opportunity dictates.


The bear is one of the best beasts at adapting to survive, out of the largest land predators on the planet, if their cycles become to mixed and their provision cycles shift to far one way or the other and the bear is pressed into hardship it will adapt to its new opportunities quite quickly. It is known to be ferocious in its pursuit of food as it is tenacious in its chase to secure, and it is a quick learner. Even if it is slow to make the decision once made it will commit with gusto. This truly is the great beast of this planet.


If there is a god and he made this environment to contain the unruly, light and dark beings of creation and this prison is a relentless trap, that allows no extreme the upper hand for any great length of time, could it be that knowing the antagonists and forcing them into the same prison was an exercise in making sure that they have to learn to get along without the idiots among them being allowed control for any length of time, this prison took so long to make compared to the creation of the prisoner, and it never allows any side to get the upper hand for any length of time, must just be a coincidence mustn’t it. And if they don’t learn to get along he wouldn’t have built into it a means to feed the beasts of the world now would he. Mankind is a naturally occurring abundance and has indeed gone forth and multiplied, and the dictates of the modern secular world has people unable to fend for themselves in the real world and so dependant on the artificial culture that exists. A natural abundant source of food for someone maybe, after all the pack works together to separate the week and infirm for the hunt before they begin the attack..


The polar bear was driven to the extreme wastes of the arctic and has to survive on scarce supplies, and gorges and purges as a life style to survive. The Inuit may well have been the last vestiges of life on prehistory earth, who ended up pursuing the last survivors of the bruin clan in an ice age that froze the world and culled most of the abundance of life that is this planets usual prolific provision. Now that the ice flows are melting and the brown and black bear are again leaving the tree line, is is simply just a matter of time now that scientists have upset the balance of nature with their constant experiments on real life, and not in the laboratory approach to working their will on our living environment.


Now what if the number of the beast is triggered by an abundance of food say six billion six hundred and sixty six million and counting. And lets say the nature of the prison is not to exterminate the opposition but to co exist with the opposite party in a mutual coexistence, it changes the drive to exterminate to cooperate to survive.


So lets all just hope that the world does not get too much warmer and that the seasons remain stable, and that natural abundances still occur for the sake of the balance. Other wise we may just have just cause to beware the beast.

The Fat Lady Sang

The word on the street is the world wide financial meltdown after the manufacturing collapse of the nineties, has just tipped us all over the edge into the realms of the unrecoverable abyss. The millennium bug that never happened is yet another mythical creatures like Nessie and the Scottish Tory, that will just have to be assigned to the vaults of history. The nineties great IT drive to get companies to spend and spend on hardware upgrades drove a wedge between the professional liars and the working environment. People listened to the sales pitches and did what they felt was necessary to keep company, income and budgets un molested by greedy scare mongers. The property boomers were coining it and all doing the mechanics chin rub and saying ‘well Mrs a couple of months ago that could have been true but.. not in today’s market’.


Now Alistair Darling isn’t the nations sweetheart and the red flag is being waved buy the bull merchants, and they all insist on digging us into deeper debt, against the very best advice to come out of the government sponsored debt management advisory councils. Just sounds like some idiots are hell bent on digging us all a deeper grave. Borrowing has just gone astronomical if not ballistic, and to top it off across the globe there isn’t even any signs of a growth sector to be seen yet lets all just throw good money after bad, and just which country is rich enough to lend us money anyway, isn’t the news reporting that it is a world wide recession, not bad for a party that is lead by an accountant in training. But just who is our mysterious benefactor and how much interest is in the bite they will put on us if when we have to default.


We live in strange times, power companies have rigged their prepayment machines so that they cannot be switched of at the mains like the old billable meters, meaning the occupier cant switch the power of to conserve money and help the environment and all because the machine still rakes takes a rental fee, just how does a service provider get away with that under the vending laws for this country, they provide the service up to the mains switch and yet now they don’t, a vended service can only charge the user when it dispenses its service and yet ……. , must be that power has gone to their heads. The corporate decision to replace all existing machines with these thieves in the house has an ominous purpose, wonder just how many old people have died from the cold because they couldn’t switch the machines off and so they decided to use up the last of the power cards to heat themselves and fell asleep for the last time getting warm, doesn’t bear thinking about well not if your Scottish power anyway.


So the signs of the times are the idiots are all running around in panic mode and are about to sell our souls to keep their own lifestyles perked up and padded out, and yes you guessed it they intend to give us the bill for their stupid mistakes.


PC plod has been shown up in yet another bad light and the damage limitation propaganda is just about to start, honest guv it was a fair cop, after all the camera never lies now does it, in the most watched country in the world it appears that no one in any power position can be trusted when the glare of the camera is off them and having a shiny bright uniform is no guarantee of honesty and as they try to close ranks and start the damage limitation process, yet again the consensus of opinion is we don’t believe in you any more, just who do you think you are kidding Mr fiddler.


Now you know why Jehovah’s witnesses always travel in pairs and witness each others behaviour because they know human nature mate, and judges, doctors, politicians, priests and various and sundry holy men are just flesh and blood beneath the shiny halos of the public relation blurbs and propaganda machines heroic claims. How come so many ‘Honourable Gentlemen’ are being seen for the money grabbing cads and bounders of the new age that they always were off camera. The media age means they have no where to run to and they cannot hide from every camera phone in this land as the judiciary just saw from the newly released public footage.


The worst indictment is the world wide phenomena that is Susan Boyle brought home to the media market just how amazed we all are that someone that doesn’t look like a sugar babe or a loud girl can have that much talent, just shows how much the manufactured image has a definite cultured and tailored bias towards the vain elite. So back to the new gossip, that with the imminent world wide collapse of the paper dynasty that replaced real money (gold & silver) for credit notes and bank notes. Now that governments are so desperate they will probably take the Zimbabwe decision to print their own currency, don’t do this at home folks it could seriously inhibit the rest of your life pleasures. There isn’t an honest man in politics and bankers are bigger crooks than the man in the street is credited with being and their buddies in the judiciary and the government have let them off with theft, and the boys in blue are about to be acquitted for murder for the second time. The rumour is now that the fat lady has sung is it all really over and can we all take the Zimbabwe reprisal action and stay away from the polls and give the nation an overwhelming avalanche of a vote of no confidence and make the numbers count for the first time since this rigged game came into being, in a democracy the majority is the victor and in this country the majority of voters that can vote don’t less that forty percent actually vote and in any democracy that is the minority mate. So brace yourself chairman Brown you may just be in for a public shafting, instead of a fake handover to the boys in blue.


Hooowo Heave Ho, lift that barge tote that bale, if you don’t do as your told you’ll be thrown in jail, back to the salt mines you rich shareholders of the paper repositories, big brother is finally watching them watching us watching them, so smile your all on candid camera, so that’s how they …….

The Demographics Of The Day

The BBC was accused of dumbing down the news presentations, with naff graphics well if you look at the educational level of the new media moguls that are coming forward in the first wave of the modularised media trained market men people. The lame graphics at the centre of the discussion were aimed at the politically naïve. The established long term viewer used to news being just verbally reported is a dying breed, with reading and writing skills at the educational level being in a decline. The modern education system uses lame graphics and obvious examples to highlight a point of impress visually in case some of the students have word blindness they will all then get the point if its visually backed up and cover a greater amount of the next generation that have been spoon fed examples to illustrate the points that the verbally base people of the world get at a reading or hearing. The multiple choice generation are asked a question and then given a multiple choice questionnaire saving them the task of having to think for themselves or from being tested on their knowledge, in favour of prompting their memory, makes you wonder how many good guessers have slipped their way through the test faze.


Most political viewpoints when they become fixed cannot be swayed, the staunch support from the working class for the labour party is still hanging on even after all that these bumbling buffoons public gaffs and stubborn refusal to listen to sense and good advice. Its not only this country lets just take a global view at this disease and its symptoms.


The single greatest influence behind the new approach to news presentation in the new media is that the demographic that they are now pitching at is the video and computer games minded generation. It is well known by now that when a person reaches a level of understanding of the situation as it stands their views and allegiances become fixed and are hard to move.


The need to regenerate a new interest in the sinking leadership fiasco is prompted by the falling voting results. Its still a wonder how in a so called democracy where the supposed majority hold sway. That sixty percent of the voting populace don’t vote and that is still the majority. They are delivering a vote of no confidence in the system as it is rigged run, only votes count but there isn’t a no vote box even in the big politics house in London the ‘No’s’ have a vote. The ayes to the left and the no’s to the right and one system for them and another system for us its all just rigging with smoke and mirrors inst it.


So with the old and time tested belief that if you get them young and form their views quickly you can count on them for a decade or two, is still as good a tactic today as it ever was. Because the sheep mentality that teaches kids not to think will have a lot of  persuasion on a generation that have had their better senses dulled by being led by the hand and having everything laid on, this has had the effect of dulling initiative, drive and clear thinking, imagine today we now have an educational system that negates the essence of educating. The now generation are being formed as they need immediate stimulus, results or feedback. Well is that progress or control. The fact that the can only choose from a dictated selection seems to be getting overlooked, can’t imagine how that happened eh.    


Remote controlled aid is another source of frustration as yet another governmental body does all that it can to hold on to power and control at the expense of not just liberty and thinking, but life is being lost as various groups of people all with their own agendas haggle and debate control while the life blood of a nation is staining the soil. The fact that we are not fit to rule is becoming more obvious by the day. It will be interesting to hear the rigged figures that come out of that election, the timing of the disaster would have proven to the world the truth about election being staged the world over. Just take a look at the great American road show and all of the misinformation that was spread about. The attempted bribe was the last nail in the coffin for one money waster. Now the real fight was with the opposition but neither of them could leave the dog alone.


Zimbabwe is another case in point about the power hungry and the lengths that they will go to, to preserve their own position and authority. We cannot ever be surprised when you profile people that are drawn to power, it should be built into the vetting system but …


China had to go to the remotest point on the planet to get guaranteed peace to display this now tarnished symbol of the ideal of competition and contest. The envoy from china was quoted as saying that they could not exert influence over the neighbouring junta as it was against their beliefs to try and influence any other government. Makes you wonder how they can still occupy another country that doesn’t want them there.


The very public assassination in India and the timing of it is beyond belief, most people in the world think that something suspicious went on there regardless of the ‘facts’.


A nation that uses its propaganda machine to influence the thinking or behaviour of its populace isn’t so far fetched, the information that is omitted is usually done so for their own good. Is that the start of the rot, the parental discretion of big daddy. Who apparently knows better than the best informed and the best educated people on the planet at since time began.  


Look at the American populace they know world events only from the American standpoint, they are such well trained consumers and they are made defensive of their over consumption. They are such a media culture that they believe the Hollywood ideal, and think that America is the land of the brave and the home of the free.


The analogy of the one bowl of rice versus the three is being rubbished and muddying the water to salve the American hurt over its own rampant consumption, the consumer is a product of the political force that says every one should be working, how can that ever happen when rich countries still import from the poorest countries and mark up huge profits while poor workers have a life of servitude and it will never change for them. You and I can at least hope to improve our lot, and it used to be that further education was the way when education was linked to apprenticeships, business sponsorship and we had a growth market. The last growth sector in this country was the government driven programs for re education in the re training programs. The YTS, to the present mature student drive have all failed to do anything but get people into debt with loans because there just isn’t enough jobs in this downward spiralling economy.


The majority of new jobs in the last decade have been job sharing, or assisted start-ups to get women back into the market place, because the traditional view that men are too bolshie is still held in certain sectors today. Arthur Scargil has a lot to answer for, when he took on a government and lost, effectively breaking the power of the unions. The mythical concept of a living wage is a thing of legend, we all think we are working towards it but the hard facts of life clearly indicate that it is an impossibility. This unsustainable delusion needs to be re thought in the cold light of day in the growing illumination of the revelation of the facts. The reality checks are all being fudged by misinformation. Its not what you are told that we should all be focussing on but what is going on out of sight that we should worry about. How else can you get an important personage into a troubled spot for first hand experience.

And the greatest stumbling block in the way is if you cannot think for yourself and are spoon fed answers, how can you ever be expected to read between the lines. If a voting system is only representative of forty percent of the people, and if the winners get forty eight percent of that vote. Aren’t they then in fact a minority in rule and that is dictatorial just from the figures alone. Its nice that our own pet system is not out in force in the streets, giving its uniformed controllers greater powers, citing rumours and fudging figures to dictate their own rule. While pointing at other mythical figures and misdirecting at say single parents, then finding out that the figures were wrong and then say relenting and promoting them in a new employment drive. Just couldn’t happen could it the partnership of woven reeds is a local example.


The types that are drawn to power have to have a totalitarian viewpoint based on their own party program. They have to be stubborn enough to stand up to advise that is wrong or damaging, while they must also have the strength of character and nerve to steer an unpopular course through difficult waters to weather the storm and dock in safe waters. This is only the civil minded set though the personality profile of a military minded individual being brought into the profile equation is seriously undermined when the character is taught that casualties are a by product of war and that all engagements can incur losses and that some losses are acceptable. Like a doctor cutting off an arm or a leg to save the body. The process still makes a cripple, and yes every cripple finds their own way to walk is true. There is no hope of regeneration for the amputee at present but with time and using science fiction as the directive who knows. Well nothing concrete in that statement just more political fudging.


Is it just a new wave of entertainment as yet another puppet master rears his ugly head, no life’s not putting you on or rushing your Baltic’s comrades but it is still coming from the red corner, the blairing truth could turn the nation blue from more of the same old diet. This is just a symptom of a nation gagging from to much of old mother browns homemade gruel. Can old dictators ever learn to stop ramming their appendages up someone else’s shirt. No strings honestly.


Sherrie Blair the unknown woman at the right hand of the religion jumping ex leader of the western red block, needs your cash so give generously for the poor woman must be suffering to be out in public with the begging bowl in hand. Who does she think is so interested anyway.


The Boris the buffoon’s road show is on the ramp up, as he talks tough and knuckles down, but he is on the right track with the alcohol ban, it is the social and family destroyer. The single most destructive drug on the planet and its legal and the government earns from it as the nation is hung over by it. This legal substance has been the single greatest cause of social destruction since it was invented. There are a few responsible drinkers in the world according to the law of averages but they are the exception. Just look at crime figures, take a poll of the present prison population and its their habits that drive and fuel their behaviour. So well done Boris and lets all watch the idiot dance as the word on the fools lips are often times the irony of jesting wisdom.


How are the figures fudged, school leaving age, sick pay, re education (more personal debts) its supposed to enhance your life its supposed to be you benefiting and yet.

Woke up this morning and …….

For the want of a good Samaritan a man died, a father imprisons his own daughter and systematically abuses her for quarter of a century and no one knows till his guard slips. A child is abducted from a bath while the parent is in the house. A child is abducted from a holiday villa and two others lie asleep in another room, it happens within sight of the parents and other holiday makers. A child is abducted and found by police in a divan bed beside her abductor. A violent game fan stabs a passer by for a casual comment. A father is stabbed asking some thugs to leave his vehicle alone within hearing of one of his daughters. A young boy’s attacker is finally brought to trial even though his identity was broadcast for over six months. At time life makes no sense at all.


A new car tax will penalise the low incomer’s who can’t afford a new car. A low income tax is scrapped penalising nearly five million low income earners by doubling its value. Lets face it ten pence may well be the final straw for a country to long told to hang on, bide your time things will improve.


The American populace start to focus on cutting back on luxury items and some fast food outlets are laying off workers and branches are closing. The financial institutions all know that trying to not say the ‘R’ word just won’t make it go away yet. The fact that figures are always being fudged cant be a surprise to anyone in this well informed era, builders always hike their estimates when they have you by the short and curly’s, China flatly refuses to listen to world opinion, but we will make them yen for our dollar or pound of flesh. They may be the largest single race on the face of the planet, but they are outnumbered and outmatched be even the smallest of political democratic franchises. In the annals of history what will china be remembered for, a wall, pasta, ice-cream, and peeking to early in history. A closed dictatorial and brutal society is a worry in an open political world platform.


Governments hate to admit that the industrial revolution died, that the service sector needs a stronger economy and that the leisure industry boom went bust, even government healthy eating programs and fitness advice has all fallen on deaf ears. With leisure centre memberships costing the price of a really decent holiday we all know which we will choose. But now the rising price of food is likely to start the impoverished to shed the fat and push the staples in the cart while being more selective about the luxuries, and this will have an affect on the nations health, as third world countries get richer they will compete for more food and better quality of food at that, and this will have an adverse affect on food prices at some time down the line. Countries that do not produce enough home grown staples will be the first to suffer as the big ‘R’ takes hold on bolstered economies with subsidised industries being the first to go to the wall.


We are reaching a turning point in the worlds history, we are the best informed people in the history of the world, we are less influenced by the propaganda machines, the media hustlers, and the grifter’s at the doorstep than at any time before in world history. Sales forces are going to be facing the hardest conditions since the global economy started driving the service sector and public sector costs. With less and less people browsing in shopping malls they may well become the blot on the landscapes that local protestors said they were. Banks are impotent in the wake of their own failures propagated by wanton greed and idle speculation in uncertain waters. The cascade affect has decimated the global stocks markets several times in the last few decades, with billions being wiped out either overnight or over the space of a few days. Recovery is always slower where markets are artificially bolstered by the pillars of the economic institutions of the elite world players, like blue chip underwriters and investment houses.


The writing was on the wall for the workforces of the world when full employment could only be achieved by job sharing, low wage earners have to be subsidised, crèche facilities, cost the governments most reliable workers pays, because the powers that be are afraid to face the writing on the wall. The system just doesn’t work, it has been limping from one disaster after another for decades. The miners strike in the seventies saw the workers champions making a political move and the workforce was split, the government divided and conquered. They were afraid that if we were idle we would become subversive and western ‘freedom’ would fall. A system that is formed around the idea that one in ten (the so called law of averages) will have the savvy or wit to be able to fleece the other nine in the race, out of a percentage of their income to make themselves rich, is penalising nine to one. Like the meat eater demanding that the land that could provide food for twenty people to live on, is used to give them a diet of choice, as omnivorous beings we can survive on vegetable or meat, it is our taste that dictates the choices just ask any vegetarian if they miss bacon and more than half will say they do.


Ah Well another day another dollar here in hell.


Funny thought though remember the Tsunami of  05 well an estimation by one of the world peace organisations said that all the money that was needed to raise the third world out of the poverty and squalor was one point five billion, and the word raised more than that in pledges. Wonder what happened to that money don’t you.



From Ashes to Dust

With the wind of change blowing through the emergence of smaller nations onto the world stage, is it any surprise that they are all emulating the worst characteristics of the western writers worst developed characters from the worst sort of third rate soaps that we currently watch, nasty, suspicious, double dealing, lying cheating.

The politics of the African nation is dealt out with the keen cutting edge of the sword to get its point accross.

Trust is a thing of the past, honourable people are in decline and yet we still havent descended into the levels of depravity that the bugling church has threatened for centuries. The modern cultural differences are, we are a pragmatic not a religious collection of beings, we tend to believe what we can see or validate for ourselves. We only trust after we have gotten to know, a hard lesson from experience. We tend not to take to many things for granted. We love by degrees, and we all tend to put ourselves first, even those zealots find a podium and a spotlight to spout their interpretations of the truth.

As an ego based animal that is rising in evolution according to the natural order of reality, we all tend to know better than to overlay any stupid or idealistic philosophies onto the reality that we inhabit. Except fot those idiots that think that any creator actually needs it creations help, a bit like the scientist asking the machine to tell him how it feels, and what could he do to make it better, easier etc.

We are the experiment of the realities need to aspire and create, we are not the toys of some demented supernatural being that must enlist our aid to correct the aborations in , cast, race, faith, philosophy, politics, religion, thinking. The intent to murder is held in the beings heart, and the mind that old tool, will crack the nut to express what is in the darkest heart. And words are the tools of the mind to express intent, meaning, information, directions and well-being. But physical force is the expression for the helpless who need to feel in controll, and violence is the darkest order of I am right and you are dead.

Well forgive me for speeking the obvious but violence can only diminish the heard that is controlled untill the controllers are all that is left and then there were none.