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The Imp’s of the imperial impetus, are looking for something to do and some one to patronise and harass. The pestilence that lacks the basic human qualities of compassion and understanding will be reviewing and policing and harrying the last bastion of the cream of humanity the carers, and if they don’t empty the bedpans, and tuck up the infirm and hug the dying with a smile on their faces, they will be publicly pilloried for this perceived oversight of the upheld ideal of the lame brained life police as they have so little to do and they must all be breeding like rabbits if they are filtering down the system and landing at the bottom of the heap. Harrying the bottom of the pile is a pot boiler situation that will just require a bright spark to ignite the tinderbox they have created.


The logic heads and their league tables, these modern day Nazis with their judgmental viewpoint that they are right and we all must prove ourselves continually and must meet with their expectations of how we should be, how we should behave and how we must all measure up to some mythical ideal that does not exist in life naturally anywhere. The Nazis won the war even if they lost the battles, they have infiltrated every aspect of daily life with their logic driven charts and optimum ideals that are to unrealistic to ever be realised. The brown shirt mentality of these tin pot dictators keep proving that they are the modern day reincarnation of the third riche. Stopping and searching people as they go about their lawful concerns and making them prove identity, purpose and status. Nothing wrong with that in a Police State but in a free democratic society doesn’t quite ring true with the figures now does it. The first formation of a police state is to be able to hold people and shut them away without charge, and anything can happen out of sight as we all know from history, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 


These unfeeling and disconnected social outcasts and their artificial way of looking at the world and trying not to adapt themselves to the reality of our world, they try to impose their idealistic structures onto the rest of us. These minions of the lame brain lunacy of the left hemisphere logic heads are only the tools of their masters. Our elected public servants have all agreed at some level that our right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, is wasted on us. They have instituted a means to circumvent the rights of the individual and put the onus on the person to keep proving themselves to their moral police.


The unemployed are being harried to not just prove that they are looking for work but to prove that they are doing ‘enough’ as these judge jury and executioners opinions dictate. And they have the power to stop your payments as they see fit or if we speak our mind we will feel the wrath of their power. If someone is rude or belligerent and last time we looked rudeness is not illegal but they will haughtily punish us for up to six weeks, without having to answer to anyone for their actions, after all rudeness or belligerent is just wrong.


If these notoriously uncompassionate people choose to crack the whip the only people that we can take our case to is them. Wow what a perfectly rigged system they judge they review and they execute without the interference of any genuinely compassionate intervention. Just cold hard logic making judgments on emotional situations that they judge to be bad. This hang them high attitude is just a reflection of the attitudes of their elected masters.


The world is the way it is, the realities are undeniable and there is a group of unemotional, uncompassionate unfeeling people that are in positions of power running industries and trying to impose their ideologies on the world. The realities is that this sort of failed imposition has never succeeded and is certainly the greatest contributors to the underlying causes of this present world economic climate and failure of the bastions of the monetary systems of the world. Watching the media circus that is the present spiralling economic disaster is a bit like watching a car crash in slow motion.


It is past time that we took positive action against the present system that is responsible for the actions that have brought about the present situation. Their continued mismanagement of the present situation shows that they are no longer fit to rule and that under their own rules used against their own electorate, this penalising management system is fine for the guilty that have broken the laws of the land and have been proven to be guilty should be under this sort of probationary management. But the worker is not responsible for the employer, and the government have proven with their teacher training figures that even they cannot even get it right as to what the market will be like, probably, maybe should. All guesses and none of them right, as the evidence of the gamblers of the world is that guessing can appear to be right and appear to hit a streak, but luck can turn and crash and burn at any moment. The luck is in being able to stop while you are ahead. Good if you get it right and not if you miss your guess.


Its past time that disconnected systems that impose an order that is crushing people, stripping them of their rights, instead of the elected civil servants serving the people that pay their wages. Bringing living and compassionate systems into play that leave people with their dignity and humanity intact has to become the new order for the new world. Instead of persecuting people and ostracising people to the point that in exasperation they might become rude. Poke a cornered beast with a stick and don’t act surprised when they rear against the indignity of persecution.


When competition is viewed correctly it is a scaled down version of war, contention, conflict. The harrying of pestilence as it nips at the heels of the conflict. The deprivation of human kindness and the genuine compassion of the basic humanities is an enforced famine. The final point of the four pronged attack is the death of feeling and the raising of the red mist of the raging beast. The living dead are those that are only alive in their head, they lack all compassion, and are the most unemotive beings in creation.


These idiot that say they can rule and have our best interests at heart and its just a matter of time before they get it right after all they have only had a few centuries to solve the problems of modern life. So why is it that everything has cost more and prices are soaring and wages are being frozen an we are yet again being asked to tighten our belts, and bear up and cut back  Ah well the more it changes the more it’s a pain.