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Wearing and Tearing

The Human Condition

Human Kind?

Human Kind?

The modern-day bloated hangover from the Victorian era was even up until recently evolved from the need for certain types of individuals to be comforted and soothed at the top end, while the really needy at the lower end were given aid for their illnesses, treatment for their wounds and operated on for knowledge’s sake. This was found out to have developed more by a lifestyle set of causes than any real weaknesses in the human body. In the light of modern-day understanding we now know that any form of repetitive lifting and carrying will on any ‘body’ that is involved in this type of work and will have a drastic result on the body that does it, now called natural wear and tear. Regardless of social standing or breeding as was thought to be the great divide of human kind way back in that original era. Out of this came the modern-day medical development that went on to become the modern-day NHS, which started by trying to eradicate the snake oil doctorate mindset of the previous era. Where quacks and charlatans and shaman of the new order sold elixirs to the suckers from a farthing to a shilling in their time.

The facts about the physical body and all its strengths and weaknesses, its ability to repair and to endure and to withstand pain and discomfort and to begin to understand the process of genetic inheritance, are in this day and age becoming well documented. Thanks in the most part to early research and study for testing tolerances and wear and tear on tissue. This has become better understood in hindsight from the investigations and records from the barbaric actions of a wide range of inhuman people from torturer’s and sadists in incarceration mental hospitals, and laterally in death camp torturer’s devices, and not to mention some input from the whims of madmen like De Sade.

While the mind of man is known for its ability to be educated, its faculty for memory and the ability to recall and process information, its perceptions and insights as well as its logical and reasoning faculties. The arts and sciences owe their thanks to the mind of mankind. The latter day relics of mental hospitals and psyche wards have all but disappearing from the modern day landscape. The evidence of them is a crumbling ruin the last relics are just left as ugly eyesores or are shown in photographs as a series of nostalgic views and insights into our continuing fascination with our own sense of loss and abandonment. The mind and its rational or inner balance and perspective are much better understood in this day and age than at any other time in the history of man. This may sound appalling, but we have found out more about the extremes of the mind the recesses and the imbalances from the worst sort of human behaviour. Than from the clinical observation of troubled people who are not willing to reveal themselves, or their mental or emotional imbalances for fear of ridicule and derision under that form of incarcerated situation.

Next comes the much lamented human emotional nature, where all good and bad behaviour springs from.Advances and insights into the modern emotional nature of man, owes a debt of grudging gratitude to some old Freudian and Jungian first steps into the theatre of relationships and attachments. Giving us a better understanding of the core of meaning, sentiment and need, as well as the OCD level of the seven deadly vices and drives for indulging excesses. That is now helping to lay bare the world of motivation that is want, and the inner core of drives is being better understood because of this. The sycophantic ‘woe is me’ need of the Victorian era has now all but been replaced by the ‘I me, me mine Thatcherite children’s children’, of the neXt generation of potential wizards and super heroes of the day’s drive to distance themselves from their predecessors by the modern day practice of self empowerment. While the media today is reporting news of a much more modern regime for spreading the tactics of the ‘climate of fear’. This is again educating the modern generation to not react, to wait for some sort of corroboration before action is taken. This is beginning to have a distinct result in the advancement of man, and in reducing the historic knee jerk reactionary level of man, to replace it with a much more measured response to intimidation, threat and all other forms of posturing, misinformation, media speculation and so on.

This may sound bad, but the terrible practices of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, is again the core starting point to our modern day more enlightened approach to our store of knowledge of ourselves, to further enhance our understanding of being. To wish this not to be true is to try to dismiss this mass of knowledge and understanding that was gleaned from our previous history for human suffering and self abuses. To try to dismiss this information and not use it, is to pointlessly sacrifice all that historic pain and suffering for no better reason than to try to appease a deity, that most modern day progressive people do not even believe in any more, Or simply pay lip service to because of social standing or peer group pressure, so we may conform to some set of assumed universal agreement, to be this way to for to better fit in to modern day life in this present day and age.

Lets take the first two points of the matter of being, namely that man is traditionally defined by his Body, Mind and Soul. This area of the subject begs the question of the modern day understanding of the concept of the soul. Is there any room in the modern day recesses of the mechanistic man’s psyche, with his relentless march in the tide of time and history for so called progress for man’s current vanity to have the luxury of claiming to have a soul. Their appears to be no place at the core of being for any evidence of the limited luxury of even basic human compassion on any great enough scale, let alone any evidence of a soul over as wide a spread of the base of mankind in this world today. It begs the question if there is no evidence then there is no case to answer, mankind on the surface is beginning to look no better than a biological robot of the modern era..Modern man would like to try to whitewash it or eradicate it from his collective and historic copy book, but that won’t wash in the light of modern day wars and terror tactics that are being applied on a daily basis in the media misinformation eye. To try and live life by stifling or suppressing emotion is not the tactics of choice that is necessary for successful living in this modern day fast paced world. Emotion is the salve we give ourselves or indulge ourselves in, in our private lives to compensate for the mechanistic way we live our public and social lives. As family life is highly competitive between siblings we tend to even mask our intentions or motives in these situations as an astute sibling will pick up on things that most strangers in our social or public lives would miss. Inflection, hesitance, bravado are all masks to conceal our inner being from the possibility of derision or ridicule. This is the stock and trade tools of the baiter. The tendency towards sensation seeking in our social lives has given rise to an industry. To indulge that new taste that was the traditional preserve of the old world explorers guide to adventure and giving in to the call of the wild and the excitement of the unknown. Including Base jumping, hang gliding, adventure travel and exotic locations are just some of, the natural ingredients of the palette of the mechanism to get you out of your daily plodding mechanistic, day by day drudge of the working environment. Still no sign of soul and no easy way to define it, is man just a biological mechanism for being and experiencing, as the modern day facilitation’s seem to suggest.

Enlightenment the ancient preserve of the shaman, priests and holly men and not to mention soothsayers. Is also said to be the seat of the souls perspective on the world. But just what is enlightenment to a mechanistic mankind. Is it the knowledge that waste is not what the universe does, that to preserve ourselves in a natural way we should emulate the natural processes of the universe to feel more connected to it and to help us to feel less mechanistic. Why does the modern day man live with a feeling of disconnected action and response to modern day life. In a world where almost everything is prefabricated, shop interiors, kitchens and units, furniture and white goods are all built and available in pre packaged warehouse holding pens just waiting to be picked up and put into use. People never take the time to really get to know one another or make a real human connection with each other in any meaningful way. The disposable lifestyle of the modern day mechanistic man may well have a lot to do with that feeling of disconnection we are sometimes prone to. While we have to again face up to the harsh cold light, of modern un-enlightenment’s dawning day being cast over the nature of being. This makes mankind look a little reduced from the ways of the ancestors as promoted by the idealised version of our origins anyway. Or it is the height of achievement from the brutal practitioners of the horde that sought to force understanding from their own kind and has since been raised to a more civilised society.

So just who is modern day man. Are we all really just Mind body and emotion by nature, or is that simply the shape that modern day society is forming us into. This stunted way of living still feels all too wrong to the inner core of being, even in the light of so called modern day advances or progress. For we are burning millions of tons of waste a year and burying even more, of the pre packaged wrappings from the off the shelf cheap excuse for life that we are all being drip fed. That life has been engineered for a soulless world populated by a soulless collection of beings, that are more insensitive to real connections and an honest approach to life than any idea of a robotic soulless being has. Bankers, politicians, education the failings of the modern day world outweigh any continued drive for progress. It is past time to stop and take stock, to tick things over for a while and to try to reorientate our drives and developments to make a better being of man. Instead of a better informed and pseudo educated populace that is being desensitized to the plight of planetary life, and to the crush of humanity that is living up close and personal in close confined quarters for a mechanism to swing a metaphorical cat comfortably in. By its daily selfish drive towards some unclear indefinable ideal that some previous generation think tank thought was a good idea for us all to rush headlong after.

If you start off with a thread of thought will it eventually evolve into a string theory. Or is life just one big stitch up.

I Am Human

I am not a Number

The Self

The Self

I am a human being born in the fifth decade of the last century, born a free person, with no inherited debt. My rights were inherited from my father and mothers generation. They in their time were born free persons into a democratic state called Briton, as was I.

This nation used to pride itself on its stance against slavery, and it’s caring society cared for the elderly (in the family home), the children and the nation was not obsessed with control as civil liberties that are almost eroded by the next six generations of inheritors, the previous generation to mine was the hippy culture and their ideals were all a bit too sickly sweet for the mainstream and a little unworkable given the stance of the establishment of the day.

Police walked the streets and only a few had cars, they knew the people in the area as they lived among us, one of my neighbours was a police sergeant and he knew everyone, his son grew up to become a policeman and he was one of the first to be withdrawn from local residency and secularised to the new policing methods that were coming into practice. Doctors didn’t need appointments and you sat your turn in his (most were men then) waiting room and it was common to ask who was last in the queue so we knew who to follow. Schools actually taught and you could have fun without the strict totalitarian rule of the present day cattle market comprehensives.

The concept that someone could own you was alien, the eggheads of the day stated that mind, body and soul was the definition of being. The nation felt that we all had the right to pursue life, love and happiness and though we didn’t need anyone’s approval or permission (if we weren’t committing a crime) to enjoy our daily pursuits and pleasures. We all still maintained a level of civil behaviour that was a hangover from the post war days our parents had survived.

The whole idea of a democracy was that no-one was any better than anyone else and that we all had the same civil rights, that politeness was a necessity in the daily exchanges between people as people were a little bit more easily offended and reactions could escalate out of hand quite quickly.

My dad used to tell us that if we were wanting to settle a dispute with anyone else (fight) the lesson from his generation for both school level and working level. Was to leave it till the weekend and arrange to meet at a park or secluded place, even just taking it outside was not on, as your job or your education would suffer as a result. My generation was the first to see Kung Fu (King Boxer 1975 the Enter the Dragon) and to see it take over all fighting forms in films, the Quiet Man (John Wayne and Maureen Ohara) had one of the best stand up knock down proper fights with no kicking and gouging in fact no dirty tactics at all in it. The overriding sense of decency was endemic then, socially and culturally reinforced in daily life by mutual consent.

Industry was regulated and banks could never get away with stealing. Governments were held to account by the moral diktats of the times from the upper middle classes to the working man. They had stood shoulder to shoulder during two world wars and this nation had a self belief second to none and an enviable set of standards that people choose to uphold as the underpinning of the pride of a nation.

This generation and the last 5 before as they have come to the helm to take their turn have allowed a lot to slip from our grasps but not from our inalienable rights. The nation still lends its rights to its leaders to act on their behalf and they are being sold out to multinational conglomerates by the back door politicians of the Thatcherite me, me, me generation. But what else do you expect from a so called nation of shop keepers.

This nation has always kept the political process of election of the personal pages as the politicians of the previous generation had a duty to the people, they had all worked and had real life experience there were no career politicians anywhere then. The early days of politics required a secret voting system as disclosure then could result in violence and organised intimidation by certain factions. Those days are long gone now and a more open balloting process is beginning to be needed. The present political powers are giving themselves new powers and pay rises and life styles that would make the politicians that bled for this country and fought with the common man for the civil rights that were the envy of the world.

So when they try to strip the last vestiges of rights from you and hand you over to their corporate masters. Keep these points in mind. When you lend them your rights and agree to play along they can only work in our best interest and cannot ever be used against us. Under the democratic principle that we lend our rights to our ‘elected’ leaders before they can incarcerate you. They for any of their new jumped up laws they bring into being for crowd control and to further strip you of your rights. There are three document that they need to posses for mind body and soul ownership.


The state needs to have a power of attorney, a signed affidavit that states that you are giving away all of your intellectual rights, vocabulary, decision making, disposition, attitude and liberty.


Under the property act of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, they need to produce a bill of sale or a record of ownership with your mum and dad’s signature on the ( slavery is illegal in this country still) slave receipt, stating that you are now crown property and therefore have the right to incarcerate your body when you have not broken any statutory laws.

Oh and dated before your birth as birth is a free process (except of course surrogacy, modern day human trafficking ) and we are not born with debt that they keep borrowing in our name, as they asset stripped our industries to the bone in their scramble to get to the trough.

SOUL 1: (as they are using the left handed practices of coercion, extortion and menaces)

A human skin parchment with two blood signatures, your mum and dad the only people that ever truly own you. and of course the obligatory cloven hoof print.

Now if they don’t have any of these three parchments, that is three strikes in anyone’s book, but never let it be said that we have become an unfair and petty nation. For if they cannot produce the docs then they can then do this and immediately get instant obedience.

SOUL 2: (the good right hand path)

Produce at will in the full view of independent witnesses a burning bush at the centre of the gathering. Then they really can go around acting as if they are God.

I am a human being.

I am not a Number.

I have inalienable rights.

I lend these right to my government to act on my behalf and in my name and for them to never be used against me or against my best interests. My nation holds my sovereign rights, while its elected government is held to the nations bond of its people for a fixed period of time (4 years not 5) to serve the nation and its collective best interests, just for those unelected law changer’s in Westminster.

All democrat political bodies are the representative office of the nation, to work on its behalf for its greater good. So How did a wealthy nation like Britain have its wealth stolen from under our noses. And how did the squanderer’s get back in to do it again, why is there no body watching this very important point of national interest. Makes you think does it not.