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The Fat Lady Sang

The word on the street is the world wide financial meltdown after the manufacturing collapse of the nineties, has just tipped us all over the edge into the realms of the unrecoverable abyss. The millennium bug that never happened is yet another mythical creatures like Nessie and the Scottish Tory, that will just have to be assigned to the vaults of history. The nineties great IT drive to get companies to spend and spend on hardware upgrades drove a wedge between the professional liars and the working environment. People listened to the sales pitches and did what they felt was necessary to keep company, income and budgets un molested by greedy scare mongers. The property boomers were coining it and all doing the mechanics chin rub and saying ‘well Mrs a couple of months ago that could have been true but.. not in today’s market’.


Now Alistair Darling isn’t the nations sweetheart and the red flag is being waved buy the bull merchants, and they all insist on digging us into deeper debt, against the very best advice to come out of the government sponsored debt management advisory councils. Just sounds like some idiots are hell bent on digging us all a deeper grave. Borrowing has just gone astronomical if not ballistic, and to top it off across the globe there isn’t even any signs of a growth sector to be seen yet lets all just throw good money after bad, and just which country is rich enough to lend us money anyway, isn’t the news reporting that it is a world wide recession, not bad for a party that is lead by an accountant in training. But just who is our mysterious benefactor and how much interest is in the bite they will put on us if when we have to default.


We live in strange times, power companies have rigged their prepayment machines so that they cannot be switched of at the mains like the old billable meters, meaning the occupier cant switch the power of to conserve money and help the environment and all because the machine still rakes takes a rental fee, just how does a service provider get away with that under the vending laws for this country, they provide the service up to the mains switch and yet now they don’t, a vended service can only charge the user when it dispenses its service and yet ……. , must be that power has gone to their heads. The corporate decision to replace all existing machines with these thieves in the house has an ominous purpose, wonder just how many old people have died from the cold because they couldn’t switch the machines off and so they decided to use up the last of the power cards to heat themselves and fell asleep for the last time getting warm, doesn’t bear thinking about well not if your Scottish power anyway.


So the signs of the times are the idiots are all running around in panic mode and are about to sell our souls to keep their own lifestyles perked up and padded out, and yes you guessed it they intend to give us the bill for their stupid mistakes.


PC plod has been shown up in yet another bad light and the damage limitation propaganda is just about to start, honest guv it was a fair cop, after all the camera never lies now does it, in the most watched country in the world it appears that no one in any power position can be trusted when the glare of the camera is off them and having a shiny bright uniform is no guarantee of honesty and as they try to close ranks and start the damage limitation process, yet again the consensus of opinion is we don’t believe in you any more, just who do you think you are kidding Mr fiddler.


Now you know why Jehovah’s witnesses always travel in pairs and witness each others behaviour because they know human nature mate, and judges, doctors, politicians, priests and various and sundry holy men are just flesh and blood beneath the shiny halos of the public relation blurbs and propaganda machines heroic claims. How come so many ‘Honourable Gentlemen’ are being seen for the money grabbing cads and bounders of the new age that they always were off camera. The media age means they have no where to run to and they cannot hide from every camera phone in this land as the judiciary just saw from the newly released public footage.


The worst indictment is the world wide phenomena that is Susan Boyle brought home to the media market just how amazed we all are that someone that doesn’t look like a sugar babe or a loud girl can have that much talent, just shows how much the manufactured image has a definite cultured and tailored bias towards the vain elite. So back to the new gossip, that with the imminent world wide collapse of the paper dynasty that replaced real money (gold & silver) for credit notes and bank notes. Now that governments are so desperate they will probably take the Zimbabwe decision to print their own currency, don’t do this at home folks it could seriously inhibit the rest of your life pleasures. There isn’t an honest man in politics and bankers are bigger crooks than the man in the street is credited with being and their buddies in the judiciary and the government have let them off with theft, and the boys in blue are about to be acquitted for murder for the second time. The rumour is now that the fat lady has sung is it all really over and can we all take the Zimbabwe reprisal action and stay away from the polls and give the nation an overwhelming avalanche of a vote of no confidence and make the numbers count for the first time since this rigged game came into being, in a democracy the majority is the victor and in this country the majority of voters that can vote don’t less that forty percent actually vote and in any democracy that is the minority mate. So brace yourself chairman Brown you may just be in for a public shafting, instead of a fake handover to the boys in blue.


Hooowo Heave Ho, lift that barge tote that bale, if you don’t do as your told you’ll be thrown in jail, back to the salt mines you rich shareholders of the paper repositories, big brother is finally watching them watching us watching them, so smile your all on candid camera, so that’s how they …….