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The Energy Crisis

A bank is a legally instituted body for money transactions and savings and loans, or at least that is one way to interpret what a bank does. The fudging of the lines began when building societies and cooperatives began their acts. Then just a few years ago the cash back on cards started in supermarkets and then the lines got even more hazy when insurances, loans and other types of financial services started to be offered at the shopping point, where transactions are processed.


Not to be outdone the power companies that used to favour pre payment cards, have in their words ‘in trying to crack down on fraud we are now introducing a key card system’, that old scapegoat, heard a lot about it but seen little evidence to back up the claims, do we really believe the trumped up charges in the falling crime rate in Britain. The evidence shows us that banks have been using unscrupulous methods against their own customers. Three days to commit instant electronic transfers where the credit is able to cover the transactions immediately. High risk investors loosing billions, and being allowed to chase bad debts, using clients money to earn interest on unsecured loans and high risk mortgages, selling them off to unsuspecting brokers after they have been re packaged. Throwing good money after bad and still making sure that their shareholders get their profits first and foremost and then robbing the public kitty, in a time when local authorities cannot afford to meat their commitments to public services and are cutting back because they cant afford them. The government in its wisdom will sacrifice refuse collection in favour of lending to the private sector mismanagers that couldn’t handle the money properly when they had it and before they threw it away in speculation, that’s gambling to anyone that need it explained. 


Now into the market in a sneaky bid to directly bill us as they like when they like. The power companies are changing the meters to make remote readings a possibility, even with their previous bad record at guess readings and bad billing practices they think there is nothing wrong with that. With the new key card they can take our money at the source and completely clear any outstanding bill before your payment swill allow you to put credit into the meter. In real terms the defaulter at the moment can arrange to pay five pounds a week to any outstanding bill and still put ten pounds worth in to get power to live off. When the new arrangement is in place that will not be possible.


Having watched my power consumption in the summer and the winter, the electric cost more in the summer when we use less power and after another reading in the autumn the electric last longer and costs less in the winter when we all use more. As far as we are led to believe the costs of generating electricity does not fluctuate so is it a cash flow problem and now it takes a meter reading to be done, but when the new key cards are introduced across the board under the guise of fraud prevention they really will be able to extract cash at source and penalise the unfortunate defaulters.


The new meters will be able to be remotely switched off without having to gain access to the premises. So the judge the jury and the executioner will have total autonomy and can do as they please without having to apply to the eroding legal base for the rights to take some ones life giving energy away from them. They no longer need to seek permission to enter properties, they no longer need to pay meter readers and they can extract the full bill before you are allowed to have any power to live off. They have all proved by their actions that they cannot be trusted with this sort of power and the worst offence is to make it an automatic process by a ‘provider’ now there is a contradiction in terms.


David Davis stood up as one man but I think he will find that fate and public opinion will make him the man of the moment the lynch pin that turned a tide from the impersonal erosion of the law as arbitrator between the corporate machine and the human suffering it will cause as it churns along and forces people to take out litigation to bring them into check. We live in the land of ‘Big Brother’ and that isn’t the TV program and this isn’t entertainment. The voiceless men and women of this society will find that they will only have one course of action left and that will be when the ballot box comes out to solicit our proxy from the potential representatives of our rights at court. The only option left will be a no vote a massive abstention from the poles a country wide vote of no confidence in a system that we fund and pay for that does not serve our needs but is just an enforcement arm for the corporate entity.


After all they have a voting system that incorporated the No vote and the Yes votes and even the abstainers are counted. Yet we have an inclusive only system that ignores the majority of non voters in a so called democratic society that is under the impression that it is electing the majority into power. The silent majority still have the biggest majority and yet they have been ignored for centuries in this one set of rules for the elite and a reduced set for the inferiors. A two tier society and yet they vetoed a two tier vote on the EU. Double those standards and place your bets.


The circumnavigation of civil rights and civil liberties is further compounded by the growing autonomy of the corporate entity and its direct imposition of rules over laws and rights.


Careful who you give your power away to it may just come back to haunt you.