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Numbering the Beast

Winter Equinox


The sun is now nearing the winter yardarm and the dark and cold cycle of the earth is about to begin for the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, the weather is already showing signs of change as some trees are loosing their leafs and have been for the last three weeks.


In a world where the bright lights of the world, want the world to only be populated by good decent honest and upright citizens that all square up and carry their fair share of the burden for the collective, and where selfish and petty or greedy people always get their comeuppance, except politicians, bankers, social workers and ….. is there an exclusion list and who is on it. These idealistic ostriches think that in a world of dark and light, where cold comfort and welcome warmth are the extremes of the dance of light and dark as the seasons waltz their way through the galactic space of our solar system. They must just be dizzy from all this global spin they are in.


This unrealistic expectation would have the soldiers of light suppress the dark lights of the world and cannot imagine ever being defeated, yet in the beginning it was darkness that was the core of the void, light was beckoned into existence by the wielder of the word and the cycle form dark to light began. As long as dark and light have this shared space there will be people who are light affected and who play the game of life above board and pay their dews up front and in full, and there will be the subversives who stay in the shadow away from the daylight predators, brow beaters and harriers of the weak and the infirm.


The winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight of the year, the winter months are the dark, cold and inhospitable time of the year. Even the day is split into dark time and light time, with the summer solstice being the day of the year with the most daylight of the year (cloud cover permitting). The schism in society that says light will conquer dark can only ever reflect the imposition of the dark and light cycle of the day and the year. As long as the dance of life passes through the darkness and the light, there will be a spectrum of people that are suited to being open and honest and those that are a little gray to various shades of black.


In a world that observes the schism of life the swing of polarities and the range of light to dark and back again in the pendulum of the movement of life, it is obvious why one extreme cannot ever hope to hold sway over both ends of the extreme that is the nature of being.


Just as there are nocturnal animals and a human nocturnal life, these are the day walkers from the animal kingdom as well as the human kingdom. The nature of being has dictated to the nocturnal animal kingdom that survival called for them to lay low in the day as the predator that they have to avoid prowled the patch of its domain, as there are daytime predators as well as nighttime hunters and scavengers. The environmental forces that make one creature change its habits to hunt in the night instead of the daytime are all based on survival, where stealth and caution are the watchwords of the silent prowler.


Any daytime beast that hunts successfully will have a social cohesion of a pack a pride or the group to give strength to their assaults. Being daytime or nighttime prowlers does not distract from the fact that they each hunt, and kill to survive.


The recent events in the domains of the winter hibernation fraternity, bears, squirrels and various sundry other beasts that follow the bounty of natures provision, the bear and the salmon run, the squirrel and the nut harvest etc, has highlighted the shift in the earths bounty, the bear has not had its fill and is coming down from the tree line to scavenge in the edges of the towns and rubbish bins with the smells of leftover food as the incentive to raid the bins to stock up for the winter sleep.


The world is warming and the hibernation impulse has not been as effectively triggered by the light cold change at autumns end. If the warming continues can you imagine a world populated by bears that do not hibernate and must find food in a time of low or no provision. The only place for a bear to do its winter shop is in mans domain. The low provision of the bounty in unseasonable changes will leave the bear deprived of its necessary mass to survive the long winter shutdown. So they will delay the hibernation to try to stock up a little more to ensure survival.


The nature of the beast is to do the best it can for its own survival, it has no conscience and cant read signs, if it is a mother with young cubs getting ready for the first winter is already a daunting prospect and the cub mortality rate goes up as the salmon season gets later or arrives earlier knocking their own internal clock of kilter.


Any one of these problems on their own is a nuisance at best but when you couple any two or three together they can begin to spell out a drastic change in habit and may even signal a change from one means to another as opportunity dictates.


The bear is one of the best beasts at adapting to survive, out of the largest land predators on the planet, if their cycles become to mixed and their provision cycles shift to far one way or the other and the bear is pressed into hardship it will adapt to its new opportunities quite quickly. It is known to be ferocious in its pursuit of food as it is tenacious in its chase to secure, and it is a quick learner. Even if it is slow to make the decision once made it will commit with gusto. This truly is the great beast of this planet.


If there is a god and he made this environment to contain the unruly, light and dark beings of creation and this prison is a relentless trap, that allows no extreme the upper hand for any great length of time, could it be that knowing the antagonists and forcing them into the same prison was an exercise in making sure that they have to learn to get along without the idiots among them being allowed control for any length of time, this prison took so long to make compared to the creation of the prisoner, and it never allows any side to get the upper hand for any length of time, must just be a coincidence mustn’t it. And if they don’t learn to get along he wouldn’t have built into it a means to feed the beasts of the world now would he. Mankind is a naturally occurring abundance and has indeed gone forth and multiplied, and the dictates of the modern secular world has people unable to fend for themselves in the real world and so dependant on the artificial culture that exists. A natural abundant source of food for someone maybe, after all the pack works together to separate the week and infirm for the hunt before they begin the attack..


The polar bear was driven to the extreme wastes of the arctic and has to survive on scarce supplies, and gorges and purges as a life style to survive. The Inuit may well have been the last vestiges of life on prehistory earth, who ended up pursuing the last survivors of the bruin clan in an ice age that froze the world and culled most of the abundance of life that is this planets usual prolific provision. Now that the ice flows are melting and the brown and black bear are again leaving the tree line, is is simply just a matter of time now that scientists have upset the balance of nature with their constant experiments on real life, and not in the laboratory approach to working their will on our living environment.


Now what if the number of the beast is triggered by an abundance of food say six billion six hundred and sixty six million and counting. And lets say the nature of the prison is not to exterminate the opposition but to co exist with the opposite party in a mutual coexistence, it changes the drive to exterminate to cooperate to survive.


So lets all just hope that the world does not get too much warmer and that the seasons remain stable, and that natural abundances still occur for the sake of the balance. Other wise we may just have just cause to beware the beast.

The Big Score

How should we judge how dangerous drugs are, the sate advisors from the medical profession has figures and facts that are indisputable while the dinosaurs that let the world slip over the brink, and are now billing us to bail out the old system and are trying to reinstate their thieves paradise at our expense, claim we need firmer controls over drugs while drink is still putting an unbearable strain on law enforcement carers, NHS budgets, and all so the weekend chaos that arrives in the wake of the binging morons, can continue to earn revenue, that is if the banks were working and the capitalised state was still taking in cash instead of bailing out the Titanic problems that are afloat in the alcohol weekly wave, that regularly runs red with the cocktail of spilled fluids at the doorsteps of our over pressed emergency services.


The country’s of the world may have to resort to a Zimbabwe style vote, by staying away on mass demonstration from the rigged ballots to bring the rogue governments of the day into check. If we don’t remove the headless chickens from the roost they will surely drive us to the same brink of extinction that Mugabe has taken his country to by not listening to good advice and being unable to relinquish control. Absolute power breads absolute contempt from the masses every single time.


It seems like there may be two conflicting agendas here. The expert advice unlike the ones pursued for the search for weapons of mass destruction, is being ignored and no reasoning given for this level of ignorance, yet it isn’t hard to understand how a dominating and dictatorial state will go out of its way to enlist obscure and unsubstantiated Expert Advice to suit its one world view that no other race country and belief system can be allowed to exist in a multi cultural, multi faith world that is prolific and abundant with living diversity. Except our control freaks from the central hive mind view, are guilty of instigating the capitalistic collapse, with its limited monotheistic one size does not fit all, failed philisophical overview from the clone mindset that likes neatness and tidyness and will enorce their view regardless of the reality or the facts. As engineered by the petty, greedy, bullying minority from Chairman Broon’s un-elected clique of misfits. It may well be that his Odin complex is having a depth perception effect and may well be blinding the faithful followers bringing the old adage starkly to a state of reality of life parodying clichés that it is simply: a case of the sight impaired guiding the long sighted over the precipice, mind the last step its a long fall into the abyss, so grab a coke get some popcorn and a good seat to watch the end of the world as it unfolds on a TV set near you soon.


The first agenda is the states case and that is the need for control and powers or laws to enforce that rule. They fear a decent into anarchy and wish to have enough forces available on our streets so that they can send in the tanks if they wish, just like their new friends the Chinese did in Tiennamen Square they also did in Glasgow at the turn of the century where they brutalised and escalated a peaceful protest into a bloody crackdown instigated in fear and not in response to any unlawful acts, another instance of guilty until proven innocent. These paranoid few that unleash our own against us to enforce their rule are not our betters as we have just recently seen, as they have studiously not pursued the modern day bank robbers “honest guv must ave been an inside job, just ain’t no signs of forced entry’. But they have aided and abetted in their escape, and considered it enough to get a public act of contrition out of them by getting them to make a public apology. You or I would be doing hard time and our illicit goods and ill gotten gains would all be appropriated by the powers that be and added to the public coffers, but not their own old good buddies from the same crooked system. They get their hands slapped and are then told to go away and be good, once they say sorry of course


So drug enforcement and classification is not about any perceived danger to the public nor indeed can it be attributed to good civil practices for the protection of the unwary or the innocent, just isn’t in the states remit or its current record for the welfare of the innocent, just ask the family that the social services under the direction of a GP’s ‘advice’ lost their children to the state ignorance and machine mentality, they cannot even get access to their kids for the kids benefits, or so we are told. The kids are now adopted and will now be left with the new carers regardless of the real need for the children’s natural benefits from their genetic benefactors. In a month where two sets of carers are in court for the alleged murders of their own children the overzealous actions of a frigid state and its need for control will once again show that the system is not capable, as it stands with dealing with these kinds of extreme behaviours.


The reclassification of cannabis is because the police figures for hard drugs have dropped to negligible levels where enforcement could be replaced with a supervision service for the now low levels of the self destructive types that insist on driving headlong into their own self annihilation. The Dutch approach of assisted suicide takes on a whole new meaning if the would just take all the self destructors from around the world who are on their own high dive into extinction and keep them comfortable and supplied until they take the final leap into oblivion, those that show the presence of mind to turn their lives around and clean up their act can be weaned back into society.


The states need for its own publicly funded enforcement arm for when they bring the whole system to the point of implosion, is one of the undeclared reasons for refusing sound expert advise that undermines their power base. So now it begins to make sense why they are not listening to unsolicited advise from experts but are holding true to their own course of action and are not working for our collective best interests. ‘Who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddlers’ just Caesar Brown whistling while old England burns.


The banks have no cash because people have learned to leave no cash in the system for them to play with, businesses that were supposed to make huge profits never had the capital to reinvest, and had to always go cap in had to the banks for new loans, fly’s in the face of the capitalist principles taken from the Art of War. Banks and financial institutions have always ripped each other off and have never trusted each other ever. So it’s not that they don’t trust each other, that’s not the reason why the lending has stopped as they all are all without surplus cash to deal with or to trade with, as we all just pay the bills and leave about a pound in the system to cover incidentals. The cash strapped are now all taking a public flogging for giving the public a beating. 


The whole state of affairs does seem to beg the very obvious question. Why are they trying to reinstate a failed system that cannot be tweaked to ever run the way it did ever again, we just will not support it and will undermine it with a will. And just why did it only ever work for a minority at the elite top layer of society. Which also brings up another unsavoury subject for ‘Herr Chairman Brown’ with the banks not getting our savings and our hard earned going into assets that have intrinsic values that are transferable, like gold and silver while property is plummeting, and land with resources is about to become the prime resources for the new age. People are not buying into the system, neither as it now stands nor are they going to resurrect the elite system that once was. When the state puts an automatic penalty for non payment of taxes that will threaten the final collapse of their redundant system, with the present state of the judicial system just where can they imprison us all when we all refuse to play their rigged games ever again. Mandela may have passed the crown but it is the ubiquitous man that will stand and claim I am Mandela. One for all and all for one is the mantle that comes from the might shoulders of the pacifist protester that changed a country, and changed a world. With a billion teenagers in the world today the cause is finding the army ready for action and they can then realise yet another dream from the new age children of the New African States, that can send the word to the last totalitarian outpost in Zimbabwe. The last provable prophet stated ‘I have a dream’ and was shot for the audacity to believe in a better world.


The current drug climate has changed and evolved over the last two decades from a destructive environment that was a haven for the self destructive in an escalating environment from so called socialistic drugs like ‘pot, dope or uppers and downers’ as the first introduction to the eventual culmination in self destruction and annihilation in the predictable final overdose scenario. This has largely been replaced by the social sets that have sprung up around the present drug culture from the designer drugs of the rave and dance scene that are not life threatening, and are good stamina and endurance aids. And this does not need policing but monitoring and there in lies the problem for the control freaks, what is a bunch of scared’y cats to do when the rule of law finally breaks down and they are left totally at our mercy. Which is enough to give any neurotic a breakdown at just the thought of the prospect of losing control.  


But the economic systems that have flourished under the so called free For All market enterprise system have collapsed beyond repair, and the desperate control freaks that fear the loss of power more than any loss of face want a police force that has police state powers ready and waiting in the wings ready for the day when we the uncivilised and great unwashed take to the streets in protest at their inept bumbling and outright totalitarian tactics for dominance and control of every aspect of all life every where, that have cost us the bright hope for our future. Absolute control of every detail of other peoples lives is totalitarian no matter how much they bluff and bluster. But given their recent record they are just proving that they are not fit to rule, that their systems only suit the ends of the elite few and fly in the face of the needs of the majority and that is anti democratic in any one’s books.


A final observation from the ground floor as one of the unemployable, being to old and to opinionated and too wise, while being over qualified and to experienced to swallow the state propaganda or ever listen to another lie that comes out of the media press release system ever again. From one of the people that have learned to think for themselves and not just the way the state wants people to think and behave. Try this on for size.


We are told that we live in a democracy, yet the rights of the unemployed have been eroded by the states ‘guilty until proven innocent’ enforcement that is aimed at the base element of the working class, in a country that is supposed to prides itself on its civil rights that we are all equal, and innocent until proven guilty. Except for the working class, as a whole we are penalised by the old system by automatic defaults in contracts and agreements and they have allowed this sort of persecution to continue from pre war times and have considered themselves lucky to have, the opportunities and the privileges of the lowest of life in this three tiered structure. The middle tier is made up of the ones that are entrenched at the public purse payout bonanza, all of them with their tails in the air and up to their necks in the ‘all they can eat buffet’ of hard earned juices extracted from the poor under duress. They all vote to keep the meal ticket in place, and they are not pursued by the rabid dog element that hounds the bottom layer with its asset stripping policies and stop and search routines, and the hunt and pursuit tactics that are applied by the middle layer to fund the support system that they belong to. Then of course there are the untouchables like celebrities, judges MP’s and of course bankers that are the top privileged few who can do no wrong. So when did we become a schistsophrenic three tiered system, a dictatorial base element, with a democratic farce filling with it’s totalitarian topping on out layer cake. In the days where bread is so scarce it’s causing a systems collapse.


 Last time we all voted it was still assumed we were all in a democracy. But the duly elected are not the duly elected now are they, ah well just another rigging in the Marie Celests final journey. All aboard for a Titanic trip into the history of the creation of our ultimate future, or the mutinous regime of the failed systems few lone survivors as they battle for the ships control, its bounty end in disaster, or can the good old Joe’s wrestle the hijackers to the ground and land the plane right up their Hudson. Standing room only no parking in the wings. No that will never float.

How come accountability never seems to add up, sixty percent of us don’t vote in any elections ever and isn’t that the majority. When we do have an elected government again, unlike our present imposition on our good graces, they will come from the forty percent that do vote and the winner will only have about forty percent of the vote to get elected. Now for the maths bit forty percent of the populace is four tenths, forty percent of that is less than twenty percent of the voting populace and that is only one in five voting for the elected system, that means that the tail is still wagging the dog. How can a minority be elected if it is what it says on the tin, its a so called democracy that is actually a mockery of an injustice, that is what it is pal.


It still all ads up to a dictatorship, under a delusion of democracy that is run by an elite totalitarian few, now who is accountable for the bill eh? And just who will be left to foot it, or to kick them into touch before they all abscond aided by their buddies in the ruling body.


A well must just be the resurrection of a new class state as presented by the lofty minds that think they rule.


Well back to the salt mines till another breakdown happens. Ho-oo Heave Ho, Shift that barge …….    

Visions of ‘A’ Future

Well in the land of hope and glory, it certainly looks like dreams can come true even if the celebration and salute started from behind a plate glass barrier. Obama mania reached foreign soil and the whoops of joy were reverberating around the world broadcast channels for more than a day.

A whole generation of the hopeful got up and drew lots to avert their worst fears or to realise a world dream. Oprah Winfrey coined a phrase a “new state of consciousness” is coming to bear in the collective mentality of the new era of emerging man.

The old boy networks and their need for a white American leader took the greatest knock in its long history of providing some of the most renowned world stage players, Kennedy, Carter, and Regan and of course who can forget Nixon.

Big Bill the original Teflon man vouched for the president elect and it was all just plain sailing from that point to the inevitable focus for change, when the swing states stopped swithering and their forecasted lead was to set the trend that reached the nations four corners. The graphics that displayed the final outcome on the American continent, it looked like the central reserve of the red Indians was surrounded by the blue bellies, or 7th Cavalry and the natives were routed. 

It was a historic sweep if not an absolute landslide, that indicates a shift in consciousness in the most populated belts of the eastern and western sea board as opposed to the heartlands and their ingrained thinking patterns and deeply rooted prejudices. There has definitely been a tidal shift in the course of world events as Kenyans kept a night long vigil to witness one of their sons ride the crest of the wave into the white house. The sound of children’s laughter and play will echo in the haloed halls of residence for the first time in decades. 

The most magnanimous looser of this new century, new millennium has to be Palin’s running mate as he tried to calm the jeering losers as the beast began to bear its teeth in a growl of discontent. John McCain showed true calibre of a good statesman as each person should, by putting their countries unity and prosperity above the divergences of the feudal parties as they engage in the four yearly ruts that are the dirty tactics of public squabbling to get voters interests up, as they try to get elected.

The young voters that added their weight to the fray are the new demographic of the next progressive generation that has like each successive generation before it, been sucked into the idea that politics has the answers to the worlds problems. As opposed to the religious orders that believe that faith has the answers to the worlds ails. It’s so easy to forget that politics is responsible for the world’s wars that commerce is responsible for the deprivation in exploited countries and that only religions have spilled as much blood in its name as the collective governments for the last couple of millennia.

In a bright new world with a bright new star of hope in the sky, we must never forget that hope springs eternal and it is in the nature of hope to be crushed to rise again. On the other hand if faith is the foundation of the new path into tomorrow then the road is as secure as the ground course that it is laid on. For the nature of faith is it is so powerful that it need only a grain to move a mountain, while hope is a gushing river spout that springs into the air to crash to the ground again before it starts the rising process all over again.

It is really hard to stand here on the verge of a new era and not to be tempted to try and forecast the possibilities. The trick is though to look far enough ahead to be right and to see far enough ahead that someone will be alive to see it realised from the point that you said it.

The day is fast approaching when all of the worlds metals will have been mined and then we will have to preserve metals and recycle them, bronze, brass, tin, copper are already managed like this. Now given the nature of man, the control freaks will make legislation to penalise and make money from metal wasters; it may even be that they prosecute any one for letting metal erode, or for dumping it in water. New materials will have to be manufactured and steel and iron ore will achieve over inflated prices. Silver and gold are out of this equation as they are already scrapped and recycled today as mining is on the wane. Projects that require metals like space exploration and space stations and the like will demand the resources at premium prices.

As for politics will it last and when this generation like the previous generations realise that no matter the man that cometh, the system still retards true progress and inhibits real freedoms because it is only concerned with control and obedience. It will take another independently derived system to displace the stranglehold of political systems, and believe me they will not go quietly into the night, and it will never be the manic light of any religious body that will wrest world control from the grasping hands of the greedy masters of the system.

No the way forward will come from the third part of mankind, the humanitarian approach that values all living lives and places none higher than any other will be the power of the new age of man that will steer the course of mankind with a gentle hand on the tiller, with the firmness of hand that can weather the storm and sail into fair weather.

So lets all raise a glass in faith for the new dawn as we watch the old night slip away in the first rays of a better world, and for all the old hands out there when the hopeful are depleting show them the true foundation of faith, with the investment of the grains of truth that make up the mustard seed that can change a world. By faith will and compassion. The faith that knows with certainty that no matter how dark the night is the day must dawn for the sun must rise, bring to bear the willingness to finish the jobs we start, to carry our own load, and when our brother or sister falls the will to lift them and take a little of their load shared among us all till they are strong again, and the acts of compassion will be the guidance that leads the way to greater integration for all mankind, man, woman human.