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Under the Weather

Getting Baltic



The forecasters are all over the shop again with their storm bombs and their forecast generalisations. The predictions again show a distinct lack of foresight and accuracy that is quite honestly getting more than a little embarrassing. The forecasters are beginning to behave more than a little like the politicians of the post referendum debacle as they change stories, swap stances and infiltrate other parties (keep your eye on them), and while a leopard cannot change its spots it can purr like a kitten when it pleases. Pre election rats leaving the sinking ship is very suspicious both in their timing and their actual credentials. Buyer beware springs to mind for any new fortunate group ranks that are being swollen by ship jumping pre-election deserters?

The forecasts about the weather have been just as accurate as most election pledges, promises and the usual round of bribes and incentives, from the we want to rule you all, our way and we will give you these concession’s if they don’t get in the way of our master plans, which we will not tell you about as we don’t have to declare anything, and will keep implementing as we see fit when you elect us in, even when we unelected-ly coalition ourselves in .

First the forecast was for four-week period for Frozen Britain this stated that the Islands were all expected to be plunged into a bleak winter. Then we woke on Friday and ‘Britain’ was experiencing a frost blanketed morning, but it turned out to be just Kent, while Glasgow had a little bit of ice and only the distant peaks showed white caps of frost or light snow that were gone by the next day. Excessive use of exaggeration guys. In winter forecasting it could all be about elevation guys. Then it was all about a warming and well you get the picture.

Glasgow Fri 12/12/14 Campsies.

Frost Caps on the Campsies

Glasgow Sun 14/12/14 Campsies.


No caps










While the period of climate change was under way with the convergence of the nine realms, the weather changes have had particular country and ethnic results. America has been experiencing some of the Baltic’s front and temperature dips in winter, cold fronts and drifts. The effect that it has had is the American is a little bit more reserved for the exchange and more than a little subdued from the effects. In the summer evidence that the southern states storms have settled back into a more spaced out pattern is starting to show while life is going on as normal.

The summer for the Russian bears that were finally getting out of the winter cave were stretching their legs, leaning on neighbour s and pissing off the world leaders with their bolshie behaviour. High spirits abounded with some tailgating the locals and taking the toys (subs planes etc) out for a spin as well as Vlad getting out and about on some field trips is all good for the weather incarcerated bears to get out and mark territory and mate, they are now recruiting males that breed indiscriminately or prolifically must be suffering from some diminished or chilled ardour in the Baltic’s then, more than just a breeze about their knees then. While their new Santa List for xmass has just been revealed.

While Britain experienced a schism in its psyche that produced a cold front from the south and a chill wind from north of the borders. It is beginning to show marked differences in weather fronts as well, flooding is becoming normal south of the divide especially in autumn through winter and even into spring in some areas. Skiers are facing delays in their favourite resorts as the winter delays of snow now could bolster the Aspen resorts clientele making a tidy profit for their industry, or even New York state if the cold front becomes settled there.

So as we all settle down to the approaching festive season we are again looking at too many repeats on terrestrial TV as ‘they’ try to wean us on to pay for view so that only the elite will be informed and all others will be ostracised in the process adding to the schism in our social differences. As newspapers are all facing a printing death as will magazines as we all drive forward on the progress locomotive that is steaming ahead to paperless (no such thing, they are aiming for paper free) offices. This will remove receipts to some form of handheld device that is quite a Space 1999 type of universal communicator, computer and information center, money personal details, medical records, or to you and me the next generation of smart phone one without a breakable screen. Ah the next generation x devices already on the xmass lists and wish lists of the programmed populace of the western world.

Well as this year is heading for a close would like to take the time to wish everyone a great holiday, both for xmass and for the new year, where hopefully we will see a new political landscape by the spring time for Scotland. Dear Santa on the next election can you please wake Scotland up enough to take care of its own business as the present set of unelected managers are too crooked to trust and have a collective hidden agenda, with TTIP, and fracking up the landscape. So lest make it a golden turnout Scotland Needs Protecting, so remember what SNP stands for.

It still amazes me that people think that Scotland can play Westminster politics and win for Scotland. It only works for the English at home and the English residents in their land grabbed footholds in Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland, Southern Wales where they are all alright Jack.

The new jobs creation program for the submarines at Faslane, when coupled with the Westminster withholding of job creation powers for Scotland, will see a new influx of Westminster voter to swell the traitorous ranks in the lowlands. The housing waiting list are already prejudicial to the indigenous Scott that is unemployed or on disability or benefits of any kind. While new housing associations will fast track new workers into the area using the know associates (work boss colleagues) or existing family as the English like to do. Will have the effect of disenfranchising the indigenous in their own lands. Oh yes and Ian Duncan Smith wants to limit people to two children per household and that will keep Scotland’s population at the present levels, while new jobs are created from the south and a mobile workforce is drafted in. All Scottish local authorities are showing a distinct bias to Westminster lead policies that are not on any manifesto and have a back door staging action. Council tax, bedroom tax and yet more taxes for the asset strippers from next door. They really are the grinch at the festive table.

So lest make 2015 a golden year for Scotland and regain our sovereignty to get these inequalities addressed in our own land. All the best for the festive season one and all.


In the know



What you see, what you hear and what you know are three very different things. Your lifestyle will have a big effect on how disconnected these three perceptions of life will be. There was a video clip on my Face book feeds this morning showing a dash cam image of a crash as it happened, the driver veered across the lanes into oncoming traffic to collide with a truck. The video went viral and the belief that it happened in America and the dashboard camera was in a state troopers vehicle was the word on the video. It has since come to light that the driver of the car was killed and he was from Moscow, the road itself is a notorious one for taking lives. A long way from the version passed around as is.

The busy life styles of most people prohibit the ability to delve past the initial report and to go and verify what we hear or are told is the truth as the rumour is more interesting than the real story is. We tend to accept it at face value more readily if it conforms with one of our own beliefs about the world negative or positive, good bad or indifferent. So we quite quickly begin to accept things even when we cannot check them out or verify them ourselves. A modern age coping mechanism to let us think that we can keep up and feel involved and connected, when in reality most of it is speculation, observation and a smattering of misinformation.

The discrepancies in the represented facts and the world realities are never then questioned, most people will never revisit a story again, unless the type of incident is active in that person’s world. the facts about Housing, schools, care, banking, police, criminal justice and of course politics are very different to what we are told is going on. Newspapers are in the business of selling papers and so they will dig till they get an angle on a story that will sell and that is just a harsh fact of life, media has to toe the line between informing people and government policy of keeping some things out of the public domain for the national interest of course.

Some discrepancies are blatant and yet we never tend to question them like wine figures, this shows the countries and the hectares are minute in each country so don’t let the map fool you. The truth is there are not enough hectares of vineyards in the world to produce all the so-called quality wines we have and the cheep plonk that is available, so how is the shortfall produced, an easy speculation is to assume the cheep end is made up from low quality grapes and are mixed and that a certain percentage has to be made using the old bath tub gin method. The creation of flavoured alcoholic drinks is not new and has a well established history.

Another glaring discrepancy is why after all the foreign aid (checkout unspecified listings) to countries that this country has given aid to, why is a large portion of the money siphoned off into some dictators pockets, creating a minor elite of wealthy leaders in poor countries, while the rest is only used for education and social purposes. Why is the west still the main recipient of raw goods and materials from third world countries, and our aid is not to increase their ability to manufacture the goods themselves. But is aimed at education and no real investment in manufacture or small business start-ups. Why are we shipping raw goods around the world and all the cost for this, then the west takes the materials which are then processed and then shipped again by western industries, like for instance African cocoa beans. How come Africa with all its diamonds, gold and safari industries is still too poor to manufacture and take over the global production of chocolate and all its diverse products, after all take cocoa, sugar and milk and you have chocolate, yet…

Another strange thing is the discrepancy in the housing situation in Scotland, a recent amendment has stopped the right to buy, you wonder why. The locals and indigenous population find themselves on waiting lists that can last for years in some cases decades. Yet a working stiff transplanting from an industry based investment in Scotland will be fast tracked up the housing ladder, giving preferential treatment to workers and yet the fact that councils have been made to sell of housing stock has sped this process up and as local investment for the Scots and jobs creation is anti Westminster policy is surely just pure coincidence. Transplanting the Scot out of work and house and home is a mission creeping action and a policy of our Westminster elected (sorry unelected ) government. The Smith report (download the PDF) has confirmed that whenever Scotland try’s to play at Westminster politics Scotland loses out every single time. No jobs creation powers mean no housing prospect for Scots this will increase housing lists and stretch waiting times while fast tracking new jobs, and non Scottish workers will be eligible under the new housing association policies of housing for working people. This is beginning to look like a deliberate policy to supplant the indigenous population with a capitalist base that has allegiances to Westminster. Is this the beginning of the end for any form of home rule for Scotland, when misinformation is common and nawbag infiltrators are rife in the social media forums, the political party charm offensive and recruitment drive has started in earnest. This media smoke screen is just keeping the Scot in the dark or just chasing red herrings.

A government of the people is elected by the people to serve the nations people, to protect the land and its resources for the future generations. The pseudo democracy that the Westminster politics is, that is financed by large corporate backers is there to serve the greater good of the economy and wealth of its investors more than it is to serve its nation and its people. Therefore it makes good sense for them to protect their investors interests and to pay resource and material countries to not manufacture goods and to be content with just shipping the materials to the western investment base.

This country needs a consensus of people ready willing and able to get together and not just for the nice day out marches and protests that are mainly sales points for memorabilia, recruitment drives for political parties and are at best just feel good social exercises to make people believe that they are getting some place in their campaign promotions.

When any country in the world has a consensus of the electorate active and ready to vote and will be there at the checking points and counts by having an off the forum headcount ready to check against official declarations, then that will be a real democratic action a public figure check that will show up the infiltrators that say they will, when they never will, this will help deliver a realistic count of the people, by the people for the greater good of the people and its nation, to protect the national interest against big industry and large investment houses trying to steal people’s rights under some global control mechanism, to strip nations of their inherent powers and historic rights.

Ah well suppose that is just another item for the Christmas wish list, for some fine day in the future then, as most people are kept too busy running around to do anything about it.

Tote that barge lift that bale, if you don’t do as your told you will end in jail.

Camel Seeks Final Crucial Straw

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local authority for their kind help in accumulating a greater debt footprint for me before I shuffle this mortal coil.

The Half wits at the job centre have yet again without any warning suspended my benefits for the third time in a year because I refuse to fill in their forms about what I am doing to get a job, as building and maintaining a website, renewing and redesigning one in record time (three times in the last five or so months) is by their rules inadmissible as proof of trying to become a marketable resource to a prospective employer. No its not against the law but not within the rules of an independent, local authority company. They just think their rules are laws, control freaks and retards united.

Having made a series of animations editing the videos, recording the original sound tracks and syncing them to the edit, releasing them on you tube, creating a blog, here and on my original website and on

Search for ‘covenstar’ or magicalartyfacts on a listing of my animations and just to check the quality of the finnish.

Created a business idea selling wild grown clover (not the cultivated south American plant) to the wedding planners and future brides of Scotland.

Creating the website ( for it and setting up the initial fundraiser to circumvent the bank start-up loans debt trap.

So now that all I have done as a fully qualified IT developer and software designer, see this site view my software, free incentives for the business class versions which are still to be finished when I can get a computer (my old computer is dead in the water) by being fundraiser for myself.

So as I said at the start of this fond farewell, as they didn’t have a case to answer, I was bumped off the state nipple because I refuse to keep putting my CV into companies that have never acknowledged them over the last two years. But that is all that they will accept in what am I doing to get work, besides going to night school to learn how to design websites, and how to make music on computer. Programming like mad to get up to speed in my IT skills, I have an HND, and yet I recently went back to college to get the ECDL, such a simple qualification compared to my HND but I thought that this would show a prospective employer that I am willing to retrain and I ain’t to high and mighty to graft for a living.

Now the local housing authority have kindly stepped into the joke, after being informed that my benefit has been suspended, and have demanded full rent and forty pounds a month arrears, I just don’t know which is the bigger farce, the dole or the GHA .

Now as I bow out all my eggs are in one basket and being a law abiding citizen of this big brother state and without any means of support, I am obliged to hand the flat back over to the GHA before the rent increase on my arrears becomes astronomical. So I am homeless by incidents beyond my control, and I just cant get out the bind of the local mafia claw back thugs. So its onto the streets before I am pushed by the bailiffs, and the arrears become unmanageable.

I just simply 


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