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Homecoming Heros

I hear a certain young man has just returned from a small tour in a warmer clime, hate to have to mention just how big a performance this return has been under the spotlight of the world stage, but the fanfare and the warm testimonials, all leave me a little cold when many an ordinary man and woman, arrived back in their homelands from the self same warm clime, unceremoniously in a black bag. And the rest of the lucky transporters got a worthy mention for being in his company. WELL!

And of course he insists on going back as soon as possible. What a brave lad. Then to top it all he showed the public at large that he like so many of his peers, didn’t really know his mother at all. He made the gaff of saying in public that he believed that his mother would be proud.

Hate to be the one to point out the obvious but she campaigned tirelessly against the land mines that are still left in Afghanistan, do you really think this iconic woman would be proud that any of her sons were out in armed conflict, where as history could verify, if the victors didn’t put thirty year gags on events to let the guilty get away with crimes against humanity.  To cover up black market scandals and to stop the public from seeing the blatant greed, and the raw animal hate that is unleashed in conflict. This is what is just under the surface of the thin veneer of civilisation, as can be attested in the history of every conflict since time began.

Who supplies the weapons to the third world?

Who funds the wars?

Who stands to benefit?

Who places trade embargo’s on the oppressed for greater control?

Who listens to the rumour mills and cannot produce a good enough number of guilty terrorists from the secret enclave that is Guantanamo?

Less than .001% prosecutions for the dehumanising process of harrying the innocent to tag the scape goats.

Being an ignorant pleb I cannot answer these questions, but maybe my so called betters can.

Wasn’t it nice that the vicious press dogs were leashed to allow this child to go and do some duty, the slip on the leash was well timed for the next idiot family blunder, and the chance to catch up on some social and public engagements.

Funny how the other son has such a low profile right now. Seems just about right though doesn’t it.

Nice bit of miss direction even magical. But you are only fooling the general public with this public fan dance. Those that are in conflict with you have the same mind set, so don’t get to complacent, lives are at stake, but from a minority. And innocents will be crushed in the rush.