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Numbering the Beast

Winter Equinox


The sun is now nearing the winter yardarm and the dark and cold cycle of the earth is about to begin for the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, the weather is already showing signs of change as some trees are loosing their leafs and have been for the last three weeks.


In a world where the bright lights of the world, want the world to only be populated by good decent honest and upright citizens that all square up and carry their fair share of the burden for the collective, and where selfish and petty or greedy people always get their comeuppance, except politicians, bankers, social workers and ….. is there an exclusion list and who is on it. These idealistic ostriches think that in a world of dark and light, where cold comfort and welcome warmth are the extremes of the dance of light and dark as the seasons waltz their way through the galactic space of our solar system. They must just be dizzy from all this global spin they are in.


This unrealistic expectation would have the soldiers of light suppress the dark lights of the world and cannot imagine ever being defeated, yet in the beginning it was darkness that was the core of the void, light was beckoned into existence by the wielder of the word and the cycle form dark to light began. As long as dark and light have this shared space there will be people who are light affected and who play the game of life above board and pay their dews up front and in full, and there will be the subversives who stay in the shadow away from the daylight predators, brow beaters and harriers of the weak and the infirm.


The winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight of the year, the winter months are the dark, cold and inhospitable time of the year. Even the day is split into dark time and light time, with the summer solstice being the day of the year with the most daylight of the year (cloud cover permitting). The schism in society that says light will conquer dark can only ever reflect the imposition of the dark and light cycle of the day and the year. As long as the dance of life passes through the darkness and the light, there will be a spectrum of people that are suited to being open and honest and those that are a little gray to various shades of black.


In a world that observes the schism of life the swing of polarities and the range of light to dark and back again in the pendulum of the movement of life, it is obvious why one extreme cannot ever hope to hold sway over both ends of the extreme that is the nature of being.


Just as there are nocturnal animals and a human nocturnal life, these are the day walkers from the animal kingdom as well as the human kingdom. The nature of being has dictated to the nocturnal animal kingdom that survival called for them to lay low in the day as the predator that they have to avoid prowled the patch of its domain, as there are daytime predators as well as nighttime hunters and scavengers. The environmental forces that make one creature change its habits to hunt in the night instead of the daytime are all based on survival, where stealth and caution are the watchwords of the silent prowler.


Any daytime beast that hunts successfully will have a social cohesion of a pack a pride or the group to give strength to their assaults. Being daytime or nighttime prowlers does not distract from the fact that they each hunt, and kill to survive.


The recent events in the domains of the winter hibernation fraternity, bears, squirrels and various sundry other beasts that follow the bounty of natures provision, the bear and the salmon run, the squirrel and the nut harvest etc, has highlighted the shift in the earths bounty, the bear has not had its fill and is coming down from the tree line to scavenge in the edges of the towns and rubbish bins with the smells of leftover food as the incentive to raid the bins to stock up for the winter sleep.


The world is warming and the hibernation impulse has not been as effectively triggered by the light cold change at autumns end. If the warming continues can you imagine a world populated by bears that do not hibernate and must find food in a time of low or no provision. The only place for a bear to do its winter shop is in mans domain. The low provision of the bounty in unseasonable changes will leave the bear deprived of its necessary mass to survive the long winter shutdown. So they will delay the hibernation to try to stock up a little more to ensure survival.


The nature of the beast is to do the best it can for its own survival, it has no conscience and cant read signs, if it is a mother with young cubs getting ready for the first winter is already a daunting prospect and the cub mortality rate goes up as the salmon season gets later or arrives earlier knocking their own internal clock of kilter.


Any one of these problems on their own is a nuisance at best but when you couple any two or three together they can begin to spell out a drastic change in habit and may even signal a change from one means to another as opportunity dictates.


The bear is one of the best beasts at adapting to survive, out of the largest land predators on the planet, if their cycles become to mixed and their provision cycles shift to far one way or the other and the bear is pressed into hardship it will adapt to its new opportunities quite quickly. It is known to be ferocious in its pursuit of food as it is tenacious in its chase to secure, and it is a quick learner. Even if it is slow to make the decision once made it will commit with gusto. This truly is the great beast of this planet.


If there is a god and he made this environment to contain the unruly, light and dark beings of creation and this prison is a relentless trap, that allows no extreme the upper hand for any great length of time, could it be that knowing the antagonists and forcing them into the same prison was an exercise in making sure that they have to learn to get along without the idiots among them being allowed control for any length of time, this prison took so long to make compared to the creation of the prisoner, and it never allows any side to get the upper hand for any length of time, must just be a coincidence mustn’t it. And if they don’t learn to get along he wouldn’t have built into it a means to feed the beasts of the world now would he. Mankind is a naturally occurring abundance and has indeed gone forth and multiplied, and the dictates of the modern secular world has people unable to fend for themselves in the real world and so dependant on the artificial culture that exists. A natural abundant source of food for someone maybe, after all the pack works together to separate the week and infirm for the hunt before they begin the attack..


The polar bear was driven to the extreme wastes of the arctic and has to survive on scarce supplies, and gorges and purges as a life style to survive. The Inuit may well have been the last vestiges of life on prehistory earth, who ended up pursuing the last survivors of the bruin clan in an ice age that froze the world and culled most of the abundance of life that is this planets usual prolific provision. Now that the ice flows are melting and the brown and black bear are again leaving the tree line, is is simply just a matter of time now that scientists have upset the balance of nature with their constant experiments on real life, and not in the laboratory approach to working their will on our living environment.


Now what if the number of the beast is triggered by an abundance of food say six billion six hundred and sixty six million and counting. And lets say the nature of the prison is not to exterminate the opposition but to co exist with the opposite party in a mutual coexistence, it changes the drive to exterminate to cooperate to survive.


So lets all just hope that the world does not get too much warmer and that the seasons remain stable, and that natural abundances still occur for the sake of the balance. Other wise we may just have just cause to beware the beast.

The Pecking Order

There is a natural pecking order to the food chain for a reason, any animal that predates the insect level will become what they eat. They will display group tendencies, they will commune and learn to act as one for the benefit of the group and individuality is a queen be trait, that will be husbanded by the hive for the benefits of all. The swarm is a way of ensuring that the weakest are shed from the gene pool and only the most enduring will survive for the new hive.

 Any sci-fi enthusiasts will recognise the traits of the Borg and will better understand the horror of this emotionless disregard for the individuality of the being for the sake of the many, the natural progenitor of the communistic mindset. The higher up the food chain the more removed from the selflessness of singularity for the sake of the mass the groupings are. Even Lions are prone to the pride instinct and it is a patriarchal grouping as opposed to the insect hive and its dependence on a matriarchal structure. The grazing herd must have ingested a fair level of the insects that populate the high grasses of the plains to keep the genetic group dependency so strong in a large bodied species. The wolf is the same as the big cat and is just as prone to the same instinctive levels and drives.

 This also seems to be true of the hyena and most predator types except for the bear.  The bear is the most antisocial animal there is and some types only ever get together under the duress of extreme hunger, their self reliance is legendary and can even keep a pack of wolves at bay by size, sure evidence that speed,  power of the tooth and claw rules by sheer size and a will to survive to the deadly cost of anything that gets in its way. The bear is also one of the most tenacious creatures in creation and will work with a will to provide for its needs and will keep alive throughout the famine and feast cycles where other less hardy opportunists will not. The mother in extreme times of deprivation will survive to breed again but the mortality of the cubs up to the point of their first year is high enough to suggest that they will survive better with the timely provision of the natural cycles of prolific life like the salmon. Luck for a mother and cubs is all a matter of good timing and the statistics of cub mortality indicate, the mother will defend with a passion, but its own survival instinct is stronger than the mere impulse to defend what cannot provide for itself. Hence the strong drive in the young to start as early as possible to get into the swing of it.  

 The higher up the food chain you go the more diluted is the urge to self sacrifice for the group, and the more isolated it becomes until it is as we would recognise it as a survival trait for the family unit. A mother sacrificing itself for its young is a common enough even in nature, but the communal tactics of miniscule insects has a greater dependency on the herd or hive, the bigger the body mass the longer the dependency of the young, insects are short lived and will mature quicker, and be better equipped with a more complete set of instinctive drives witch will require less for them to learn, except how to fit in and go with the flow. The genetic typing and the limitations of the gene pool make for one big family.

 Man has long ago learned to predate higher up the pecking order than direct reliance on the insect level and its reduced instinctive drive sets. The evidence is that if we ever were starved to such an extent that we ever had to directly live off the insects, the very base of the food chain, then the memory is lost in our recessive genes. Any grouping of man that predates the insect level directly will only ever have gotten there from extreme hunger and that does mean famine on a continental level. The western mind and instincts is so high of the ground level of provision that we will all balk at the idea of directly eating insects either cooked for our sensitive ways or like the aboriginal way raw and still squirming.

 The Chinese, Japanese and quite a few of the Asian countries as well as the aborigine, have all genetically gotten over their revulsion to the prospect. The west has always been great providers and the inclusion of insects in our diet is not in any traditional recipes or even in folk memory. The way that we squander food shows that we are the offspring of the generation of the hard pressed. During the war we all grew our own food in our own gardens to supplement our diets. Our parents made sure that we only took what we could eat, and that we ate it all and left no waste, all dressed up as good polite manners, ‘don’t be greedy’, ‘don’t start what you cannot finish’, ‘your not leaving the table until you finish that, there are children starving in Africa’. The onus was to avoid waste, and to eek out the measures to accommodate everyone, good old fashioned socialist principles, alive and living under the disguise of democratic values.

 I don’t think the west ever saw this coming a government that betrayed it own electorate, the governments of the world and the unnatural greed of the few have brought the world to the harsh reality, that the communists have brought us to our knees and they used our own greed to break us. They cloned our own goods and fed them back to us at reduced prices, flooding the overstretched markets with a glut, because they paid minimal wages, and could afford to just chuck another coolie into the front line to get their dream of one world order in place.

 Well one giant hive may be their ideal but it isn’t how we think, must just be a matter of diet or preffered taste. Lets hope that the change in diet takes effect before we all let the liars that lead sell our future to the hive mind, just so they can stay in power after all they still have your proxy and they ain’t listening and are doing just as they please, must think they have us over a barrel, wonder what makes them thing that.

 Well just for the record the bees are all buzzing off, and even the bugs are having a hard time more good land is being bull dozed for greedy reasons and arable land with sustainable resources is about to become the prime concern of the focus of all of the nations of the world. The fluctuating weather in what used to be stable environments, because scientist, the voyeurs of the thinking world, these observation record freaks are still being funded to experiment on our living environment, without ever being able to ensure what kind of results they would produce, these lets just try it and see what happens, with the theory that its all good if they are right and its just a case of oops if they are wrong. They tinker with everything from nuclear power to health and genetic crop manipulation, these observationalist morons have still not been reigned in yet and can still get funding just to see if their guesses are right or wrong.        

 Why have civilisations fallen and decayed, because of runaway consumption and not being able to keep that in check will help to breed the bear complex of suspicious isolationism and opportunistic tendencies prone to the provisions of natural abundances. This country has good farm land and Asian countries have undermined our own provision, which resulted in farming subsidies to keep them ticking over because if they ever disappear then we will all be dependent on aid from countries that will try to exert some influence over our ways and means. And these morons that think they can lead will well our souls to stay in power unless we all act.

Oh and one for the scientists out there to study:-

 Out of all of the bright possibilities for mankind’s finest ideas, and achievements, we are likely to become a socialist stronghold with all sorts of excesses reigned in or abolished with powers to make sure of it, such is the nature of the beast. The meek are a group of humourless, emotionless retards that only deserve thier own company unlike ourselves. They are control freaks that want the world to be populated by clones of themselves, how did they get into positions of authority, should we hunt out the HR people that profiled skills without personality or character, so that the mechanistic types all got through, or were they just willing to do the jobs that we hate.

 The HR screening that weeded out the dissident types made for a workforce that would follow orders blindly and would not balk at the unchecked business practices that the industry uses. These sheep replaced a vital feedback mechanism, and all for the sake of a totalitarian need for control and the urge to be always obeyed. They are the children of the mindset that developed the unscrupulous practices that fleeced the unwary. From their primary philosophy ‘buyer beware, from the ‘man mind thine own school of thought by the every one for themselvesclass of selfish excesses, what other outcome could ever have happened but the collapse of the willingness of the consumers continual drive to buy into the ideology, against the tide of shoddy treatment, that only ever fleeced to grease the wheels of avarice. Human nature being what it is, it was only a matter of time before we would all collectively stop sticking

our hands in the fire, once burned twice shy is still a western truism.         

 The world is a stage lest hope that we are not the final audience in the final act before the final curtain in mans walk on its last walk of survival.

 Well comrades welcome to the party that doesn’t know how to, so back to the salt mines of ‘Chairman Broon, fae the lang toon’.

The Big Debates

Mother’s diets influence conception sex


Are women hungry for this


The great big cereal debate as presented by the observational relationship peepers. It just keeps repeating on us this food fad observation studies from closet nerds and geeks, well how do they get the grants to do the observing and where do you apply. I didn’t notice a coupon on the box.


You are what you eat or in their opinion, or rather what your mother eats. Home many kinds of breakfasts are there any way. It’s a fifty/fifty chance of conceiving a boy or a girl in logical terms, but a birth rate survey says that more girls are being born than boys. Then take into account that there are a lot of people (mothers women) that are influenced by marketing and fads, fashions, health issues and lifestyle gurus as well as magazine promotions and articles, not to mention breakfast style TV programs with their media magazine instant feedbacks and drudging up regular issues out of the lifestyle ones to watch neurosis books. Then we should also look at the types of breakfasts that are available, continental, cereal, traditional fry up (on the decline we are told), toast and tea/coffee or otherwise known as the express executive top up. But where are the surveys to see whether these selections have been graded, who is eating them and is it a family tab de-hote or is breakfast an ad hock modern affair of grab something before you leave the house routine, and I think it should be taken into account that some men dictate their preferences for breakfast and the family follows suit. While cost and time will dictate whether people eat before they leave for work or break their fast at mid morning break I know a few people that have a quick cuppa before leaving and don’t eat anything till lunch, and they usually buy something as opposed to taking anything pre prepared.


I do believe that greater glucose quantities might encourage the growth of a larger mass male than a mousey faddy, neurotic, affected nibblers diets, I also believe that some sperm are quick and others are delayed, and that timing coitus to take advantage of the ovulation start will have some successes. I also wonder if timing might bring a girl to conception and larger glucose intake might deliver a larger mass baby. I think this is as far as diet can influence development. Could large women be the product of a mother that was brought up in a male dominated family. But believing that diet can influence conception stretches the bounds of credibility. Another case of the pure logic of the untested theorist being taken too seriously. Logic without the grounding of good sensible reasoning will never achieve a good understanding of the subject matter.


If logic is the bones of man then reason is his flesh,

A heart/soul of understanding lets them both mesh.


The realisation process for the artist is the concept that’s the basic imagined idea must always be weighed up against the limitations of the materials that can be used to create the work. Lets get our latent geniuses out of their ivory towers and give them a good grounding at the practical before we allow them to voice another opinion. Or we will all learn to take their observations with either a pinch of salt or a spoonful of sugar. Its all a matter of taste. And the last time I looked taste has no part to play in conception, which is basically the random act of a sperm finding its way to an egg then having enough energy left to push its way into the thing then the reaction will produce the cell explosion that we all tend to think of as life.  


Dicks & Turbans on the Infamous Highway


Its daylight robbery guv honest


Internet sites that display credit card details and the police cant police them. For an estimated 500 million pounds pa potential mark up I would expect that the banks would pay to save themselves money wouldn’t you after all they have proved themselves to be the worst people to rely on to invest on our behalf. They introduced a system that is so seriously flawed that they have inadvertently supported the illegal industry fraudsters to the tune of hundreds of millions every year. Just a small percentage of the overall profits so no need to worry, after all they will not foot the bill, they will simply kick the cost into customer charges. Now you know that defaulters are basically criminals that have never been caught so its just so right to bill these shadow dodgers isn’t it. Morally or ethically I mean, don’t you agree.


It doesn’t surprise me that their investors and shareholders are all still getting their profits, but it is now becoming absolutely clear that financial institutions are using other peoples capital to get rich. And that they will not pay for their own mistakes but have found a way to bill the whole populace with the backing of the government. Isn’t it nice that we are such a charitably minded nation. So now can I claim privileges in these banks that we are all now investors in and what sort of returns can we expect form professional lenders and borrowers for the money that I personally contribute, or is nanny Broon going to claim the central reserves moral high ground and claim it on our behalf for funding any more wars. Tell you what the CO-OP bank is looking great by comparison to some of these inner city types that have generations of meanness built into their stoic reserve.  


Poachers are making a killing and environmentalist bodies are suiting up to defend themselves. One for the pot has now gone to pot. The traditional view of the occasional rabbit or fish for the pot for the lone traveller or the small holding poor family is being trashed by the idea of the mythical poacher gangs. If there isn’t at leas one story every night (poachers like the dark) then is it really a crime, or is this another lesson of gossip, prejudice and being focused by the increase in food prices. I still say that the land owners managers could supplement there own larder stock under cover of dark and still get the insurance, keeps the boss of their backs eh. One is just as likely as the other and the rumour mill will be fed, but I still want to see the statistics, that is the prosecution statistics to prove these claims before we have another armed militia chasing rumours in the confusion of the night and people, being directed by land owners to protect stock, investments money yet a gain.



Start of the Human Race


And the line up isn’t looking good for this Derby day blue ribbon event.


Shelling out is still the theme of the day as we hear that oil giants shell have slimmed down a bit by shedding a bit of weight recently, nice to see some corporations are health conscious. They are one of the first oil companies to read the writing on the wall, depleting reserves, fighting in the middle east, the need for fuel companies to still command a sizable market share they must move from oil and gas to power production, and research and development will bring the best solutions providers the biggest prizes in the future sustainable power providers market. The search for the holy grail that will make modern living a sustainable solution for the whole world, and not just the privileged preserve of the elite western world is already begun and the front runners are all lined up to the wire and are jostling while they are waiting the inevitable governmental cry of and their off.


And the early investors and prophets of the new age are coming up fast on the inside straight (always thought that was a crooked cards term hmm), then it’s the plodding dinosaurs (World leaders contenders) as they head up the field at a steady pace. And the warring nations and third world countries are bringing up the rear, while the back marker is the plodding governments with no clear vision of the course or future and by the looks of them they also lack any signs of a sense of direction as well. And it still looks like any bodies race. Well the front runners have again made a spurt to claim an early lead as they buy up land and clear forests to plant the early crops of biofules. The depletion of the lungs of the world is suffocating our planet. Meanwhile the middle ground plodders are losing pace as they lose a lot of support at the first hurdle their numbers are well down and the thinning is having its affect as they vote out wind farms and clean power options in favour of what? you might ask, well they are all honourable gentlemen and we can rely on their integrity to not do something stupid that might provoke us all into doing something about it instead of voting. The back of the field is bunching up as its caught scrum, cant quite make out the head count yet but we will try a recount before we give you the best estimate, and the fight is thickening in the African free for all as the bullish nature of the thugs that will enforce their rule cause havoc to the numbers of the opposition and it’s a little more than elbows in ribs and whips on flanks as they decimate themselves in the fray. You would think that all that cleared African land would be ideal for isolated massive wind and solar farms for power production and export, it’s a pity they don’t have enough gold and diamonds to invest in this project now.


Form is no clear indication of a winner as we backers all know surprise winners can come right out of the left field. We will get right back to the Supremacy Race after this word from our sponsors.


The race is far from over and the writing is on the wall but it is definitely not over by a long chalk.


Well who could have thought about it the back marker has a rich potential on its doorstep and its to busy killing its neighbours and rigging its head counts to get its act together and learn to stay the course. Who know as only time can tell, in a world where mystics get waylaid by unforeseen circumstances, hot shot investor new age profits wreck financial empires on a whim as they gamble fortunes down the drain. As religious leaders all get on their knees for divine intervention, just where is the man of the moment the, man with his genetic instinct keyed into the times so intuitively that their inspired approach to world solutions doesn’t follow the wasteful trends of the above mentioned whimsical forerunners, but utilises the present system with simple changes and minimum fuss with such a flair for design that he can put the world to rights and avoid the abyss that is looming before the worlds tightly clenched eyes……….


OOP’s sorry I was getting carried away again, that sort of thing only happens in story books doesn’t it. Well what was Churchill, just an anomaly in time and placement? Or was he the right man at the right time in the right place with the right perceptions and insights.


Definitely the last, ‘man of our times’. The very epitome of the Arthurian legend that when we are in our greatest peril and suffering our greatest needs. The right leader will appear, oh wow I forgot the pop corn and soft drinks and its all just about to start and I need to ‘go’, just when its all shaping up to be riveting viewing.


Ah well that’s life I suppose. Just when you are enjoying yourself your mum shouts you in and spoils it all.


Now on with the race, the back marker is lengthening his stride as the inside line is under pressure from the dinosaurs push to g………..