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Under the Weather

Getting Baltic



The forecasters are all over the shop again with their storm bombs and their forecast generalisations. The predictions again show a distinct lack of foresight and accuracy that is quite honestly getting more than a little embarrassing. The forecasters are beginning to behave more than a little like the politicians of the post referendum debacle as they change stories, swap stances and infiltrate other parties (keep your eye on them), and while a leopard cannot change its spots it can purr like a kitten when it pleases. Pre election rats leaving the sinking ship is very suspicious both in their timing and their actual credentials. Buyer beware springs to mind for any new fortunate group ranks that are being swollen by ship jumping pre-election deserters?

The forecasts about the weather have been just as accurate as most election pledges, promises and the usual round of bribes and incentives, from the we want to rule you all, our way and we will give you these concession’s if they don’t get in the way of our master plans, which we will not tell you about as we don’t have to declare anything, and will keep implementing as we see fit when you elect us in, even when we unelected-ly coalition ourselves in .

First the forecast was for four-week period for Frozen Britain this stated that the Islands were all expected to be plunged into a bleak winter. Then we woke on Friday and ‘Britain’ was experiencing a frost blanketed morning, but it turned out to be just Kent, while Glasgow had a little bit of ice and only the distant peaks showed white caps of frost or light snow that were gone by the next day. Excessive use of exaggeration guys. In winter forecasting it could all be about elevation guys. Then it was all about a warming and well you get the picture.

Glasgow Fri 12/12/14 Campsies.

Frost Caps on the Campsies

Glasgow Sun 14/12/14 Campsies.


No caps










While the period of climate change was under way with the convergence of the nine realms, the weather changes have had particular country and ethnic results. America has been experiencing some of the Baltic’s front and temperature dips in winter, cold fronts and drifts. The effect that it has had is the American is a little bit more reserved for the exchange and more than a little subdued from the effects. In the summer evidence that the southern states storms have settled back into a more spaced out pattern is starting to show while life is going on as normal.

The summer for the Russian bears that were finally getting out of the winter cave were stretching their legs, leaning on neighbour s and pissing off the world leaders with their bolshie behaviour. High spirits abounded with some tailgating the locals and taking the toys (subs planes etc) out for a spin as well as Vlad getting out and about on some field trips is all good for the weather incarcerated bears to get out and mark territory and mate, they are now recruiting males that breed indiscriminately or prolifically must be suffering from some diminished or chilled ardour in the Baltic’s then, more than just a breeze about their knees then. While their new Santa List for xmass has just been revealed.

While Britain experienced a schism in its psyche that produced a cold front from the south and a chill wind from north of the borders. It is beginning to show marked differences in weather fronts as well, flooding is becoming normal south of the divide especially in autumn through winter and even into spring in some areas. Skiers are facing delays in their favourite resorts as the winter delays of snow now could bolster the Aspen resorts clientele making a tidy profit for their industry, or even New York state if the cold front becomes settled there.

So as we all settle down to the approaching festive season we are again looking at too many repeats on terrestrial TV as ‘they’ try to wean us on to pay for view so that only the elite will be informed and all others will be ostracised in the process adding to the schism in our social differences. As newspapers are all facing a printing death as will magazines as we all drive forward on the progress locomotive that is steaming ahead to paperless (no such thing, they are aiming for paper free) offices. This will remove receipts to some form of handheld device that is quite a Space 1999 type of universal communicator, computer and information center, money personal details, medical records, or to you and me the next generation of smart phone one without a breakable screen. Ah the next generation x devices already on the xmass lists and wish lists of the programmed populace of the western world.

Well as this year is heading for a close would like to take the time to wish everyone a great holiday, both for xmass and for the new year, where hopefully we will see a new political landscape by the spring time for Scotland. Dear Santa on the next election can you please wake Scotland up enough to take care of its own business as the present set of unelected managers are too crooked to trust and have a collective hidden agenda, with TTIP, and fracking up the landscape. So lest make it a golden turnout Scotland Needs Protecting, so remember what SNP stands for.

It still amazes me that people think that Scotland can play Westminster politics and win for Scotland. It only works for the English at home and the English residents in their land grabbed footholds in Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland, Southern Wales where they are all alright Jack.

The new jobs creation program for the submarines at Faslane, when coupled with the Westminster withholding of job creation powers for Scotland, will see a new influx of Westminster voter to swell the traitorous ranks in the lowlands. The housing waiting list are already prejudicial to the indigenous Scott that is unemployed or on disability or benefits of any kind. While new housing associations will fast track new workers into the area using the know associates (work boss colleagues) or existing family as the English like to do. Will have the effect of disenfranchising the indigenous in their own lands. Oh yes and Ian Duncan Smith wants to limit people to two children per household and that will keep Scotland’s population at the present levels, while new jobs are created from the south and a mobile workforce is drafted in. All Scottish local authorities are showing a distinct bias to Westminster lead policies that are not on any manifesto and have a back door staging action. Council tax, bedroom tax and yet more taxes for the asset strippers from next door. They really are the grinch at the festive table.

So lest make 2015 a golden year for Scotland and regain our sovereignty to get these inequalities addressed in our own land. All the best for the festive season one and all.

Did the earth Move for You dear

Seismic Movements Erupting

Most people have a limited understanding of what is really going on with the weather and for the biggest majority it is still the best ice breaking conversation piece we have in our chit chat bag of inconsequential openers.

The problem is the amount of differing factors and the range of variable that have to be taken into account, if scientist are to be believed. The science of the day still uses charts to display complicated ranges over periods of time and yet we have satellite weather monitoring from NASA that is live on the web and freely available to be accessed by the general public or even any so called responsible newspapers and journalists.

The main factors is that land based weather is affected by winds from the sea, hurricanes forming and land falling as tornadoes. Storms that develop on land usually peter out in a day or so, but sea born tempests can last for more than ten days.

This segment is not meant to be a written blog giving all the details out it is a video log of the available sources of live feeds that you can see in the videos and browse to using any web browser.

This mini series of video tutorials is as in depth as the media and the technology allows, they highlight some of the discrepancies and then shows the live data to dispute the claims by some half baked researchers as they throw sensational graphics at the public to an editors deadline schedule.

All of these videos are best viewed in full screen that is why they are You Tube links. The original videos in high quality can be downloaded from my ImaGenisis site. To get the best from these videos use the pause button to review the articles or go to the links directly to see for yourself.

This first part is an opener starting with an article from the Daily Mail, and it uses the official release chart that ‘proves‘ that Global Warming stopped 16 years ago. Like the chart that started the inconvenient truth, this one looks the part but doesn’t quite reach the affected areas. The oldest magicians trick in the book make the audience look someplace else so they don’t see what you don’t want them to see. As they are the only ones writing about it and they are the only ones with any evidence you will just swallow what they want you to believe. Yeah right mate watch the video.

The video starts where the others leave off and reviews satellite images from 1979 – 2012 showing the polar cap on a monthly basis in time lapse, the polar cap has melted drastically and the official figures say more than half of it has gone. The original scare mongering tactics used to ignite the Global Warming fever said that if both caps melt the sea levels would rise by eighty meters. Well the final part shows that its only one cap and its only half of it so, by their reckoning it should at least have risen by twenty meters and we know it hasn’t.

The second video starts where the first leaves of using a live internet search of live information to show the current discrepancies and attempts to answer the question about where did all that polar ice melt go to if we are not flooded?

It takes the view that if the ice cap melts are we storing more water on land in reservoirs to compensate for the melt. Hydro Electric as well as normal reservoirs.

The traditional image of the Gulf stream is used to demonstrate a fluctuation that brings Submarine Volcanic action and Surface Sea Temperature rises into the mix.

The Third Video in the series levels the question about under sea activity being guess-timated by closet backroom calculators instead of front-line investigative field teams, because some interested funder wants to temper the data to fit in with programs in their own interests.

It starts with live feeds on volcanic activity, related earthquake activity and then using Google Earth it shows how they all relate and are interdependent. The storm Tracks of the history of all the Atlantic storms that have harassed the south American coastline and the worst affected Asiatic, north and south equatorial storm tracks of all storms ever recorded. Is overlaid on the common regional Sea Surface Temperature image of the globe to see the complete picture.

The final installment of this series highlights the main topic areas again, it outlines the official report of only 137 Hydro Electric dams in the world yet the official registration shows that there is 2738 world wide man made reservoirs currently storing a massive amount of fresh water. It also shows how much water there is in the entire globe and uses a visualization of a sphere of water next to the earth, the smallest water droplet is the worlds fresh water by comparison.

The sound track is a mickey take and you can switch the sound of as the images say it all.

The last part shows just ten of the most active submarine volcanoes on the planet. It also highlights the floating lava rocks that covered a 10.000 sq mile area of the pacific ocean just east of New Zealand. Just in August this year.

The idea that the gulf stream is being fluctuated by surface Sea Temperatures and is being marginally affected by river damming, water is dammed over nite and is released to produce power in a steady stream. Unlike normal river actions that flow in as steady stream night and day.

The worlds largest active Volcano that is situated as the pilot light for the Global Central Heating unit the Gulf Stream, is fluctuating enough to be pushing the stream further into the North Atlantic sea aiding and abetting the polar Ice Melt. this final primer from an Icelandic submarine volcano is the last piece of the puzzle.

It is a moving ballpark and no single person is to blame, industry does more environmental damage than all the accumulated damage from cars, fossil fuels and so called man made damage.

We need power the world turns on it, we need it to feed, cloth and house ourselves. We need it to deliver food and goods through out the world. to keep communications open and to educate ourselves and our children.

The sea temperatures are fluctuating, the gulf stream is fluctuating and on the surface it all looks like chaos, but one thing is certain about this planet, in its history it has recovered from near apocalyptic disasters before, and once the water courses are re-settled and the caps are stabilized again, it will get back onto a more even keel again.

It is interesting to note that as the Arctic Ice cap was melting the Antarctic Ice cap grew, balance and harmony still seem to be the worlds unconscious inclination in the face of environmental changes.

The other un answered question is after the tsunami in Japan and one island group moved six miles by GPS tracking, has the world continued to grow since the continents started to move way back in the distant pre history of the planet. As some areas of the current thinking for the planet is that the rotation of the earth has increased by ninety seconds since records began, if it has that means the earth is larger by nearly twenty six miles, sorry was getting all scientific their and rounding up. Here is the calculation.

Earth rotation is 1,522.4 per second

1,522.4 feet per second x 90 seconds = 137016ft

feet converted to miles 137016ft = 256164miles

An unchecked Global Warming will have a pronounced effect on the seasons of the world, which will take serious management skills to regulate and irrigate to produce growth that produces more than one crop a year, it could be the saving of the planet and not the Armageddon that every sooth Sayer is ranting on about.

So it looks like we were damned if we didn’t but we are dammed now we did and as long as we retain enough water on land in areas we designate we can avoid global flooding on a massive scale.

It is time that the scientific community stopped broadcasting doom and destruction scenarios as a first case scenario, when they are all still clearly in the dark as to the real causes and a global platform for speculation is just an over balanced logic conspiracy theorists delight. Who’s side are they supposed to be on anyway.

The best quote for the present is one from Avatar when the people are about to react is …..

Calm people, Calm….

I see you……