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Man’s Subjugation Of Women

Fear always has to Dominate

Female Beauty

Female Beauty

The collective present world history is pretty much an indictment against man as a beneficent being, just learning manners and working his way through the world. The middle east and pretty much of the rest of the third world is still a male dominated preserve, only in the west do you find man trying at least to treat women a little better. The west’s preoccupation with the female form and beauty is again a distraction from the fact that even we still influence women’s clothing presentation and position in society at large.

To fully understand the weakness of men we have to understand the means by which the middle eastern man or third world country controls and manipulates women to own property and the upbringing of children and then we have to compare the west’s behaviour to see if it is simply a trick of the light that we are being better to our women and girls.

The origins of this domination started something like this. A girl in a village situation was kept uneducated under male control, she works in the household from an early age and is used to look after younger siblings as the mother works, the man will not be seen except as the boss that must be obeyed. The taking of innocence at a tender age will keep a girls emotional nature close to that of a child a deliberate ploy to ensure that the children will be reared and educated as well as played with by a mother that is nearer their age. A typical twelve to fourteen years age gap was considered ideal by the ruling male class. Usually no child can hold property and so to encourage a young man to marry a non productive (not working or earning) girl, a dowry was/is sometimes used, or the woman was bought with livestock from the suitors family. The arrested emotional and educational development of the females leaves the men in control of the property, work and the lives of those in his household except in a Kraal environment where the tribal system has the women in stockades and boys and men with the livestock . because a girl is still considered more wilful and obstinate than boys, well they know they are heading into a servile life would you go quietly. A boy is/was given status and shown that he is/was superior to the female and the gender divide that was created is less than a peaceful stand off. The drudge of their lives is further compounded where genital mutilation is still in practice, this is still seen as the best way to ensure fidelity over a promiscuous girls desires. The tactic of keeping women suppressed is rigid and inflexible and is endorsed by laws and religious practices.

The idea that sexual promiscuity was once rife where wilful girls were once prized is just at the edge of awareness, the sheer amount of reported rape and capture and incarceration of people by ISIS has helped to highlight the root of this problem, controlling men with guns using sexual slavery or force and the threat to life to work their wills on another people and the stories and rumours are just horrible enough to close the areas down and to secularise the districts and to reduce or control migration or movement. After all a coward needs a mask or a disguise to hide behind and a wall of hostages are the common cowards stock in trade. Sort of like, ‘me got big gun duh, wall of humans to shield me, now bait then kill the world’.

The western practices have gone a long way to showing that the differences between the west and the east appear at least on the surface to be worlds apart. We no longer have war zones on the streets of the British empire (since northern Ireland’s troubles stopped) we have established a world trade for goods, a world banking system and fairer non religious governmental systems. Better educational standards, extensive social facilities from music and the arts to local community hall or local school productions, this gives more citizens of the west the potential to lead useful and fulfilling lives. Couple this with the plethora of career’s available, lends a feeling of wide diversity to the look and feel of the modern-day working environment. The main drawbacks are the glass ceiling and that job sharing has proven that there really is not as much work available for all of the populace is causing a have and have not divide in the social sectors of the west. The economic forces that forced larger class rooms and fewer teachers is a modern-day problem from the adhoc development of a royal form of democracy that we have inherited and had no hand in reforming or modernising.

Girls in the west are educated as equally as the males, the opportunities are equally available to both sexes. The girls dress codes are a little bit more daring than the eastern mind-set is comfortable with and the fact that we tend to develop relationships based on the heart rather than the heads cold hard rule like the eastern ones with arranged marriages and genital mutilation as a control tool are to horrific for the western mind to be comfortable with.

The practice of the child bride syndrome of the late eighteenth century are almost a thing of the past in this day and age yet even the western mindset still seems to hanker after the sexualisation of young girls that has lead to an underground suppression of the scale and the facts of this type of practice are still to be sounded out. This is very like the eastern thinking of domination practices for women.

The sheer fact that the insecurity of men is further reinforced by these controlling factors has not gone unnoticed in this modern-day rise of the spectral shadow of ISIS and other eastern groups. Has for once brought home to the west the notion and scale of the neurosis of the mindset of man.

Men have established their authority over women for thousands of years using religion and then law to subjugate women to the will of man.

The tactics laid bare are that women are second class, they are emotionally arrested at an early age and their educational standards are crippled to keep women tied to the concept of male control and supremacy. They are married off to add to the family base and to keep property in the man’s hands. Men’s practices are more about mind control and power and the retention of property and wealth than anything else. This makes man the mind of the relationship and the women are the heart of the hearth and home.

As with the once heard bleat of modern-day rapists that the provocative dressing of a woman is seen by these mental morons as provocation or justification for the rape they instigated was once seen as a legal loophole for their crimes. The eastern man has even less self-restraint, take the case of the western female TV anchor and reporter who was abused as she reported a story in Egypt. Man has no intentions of reigning himself in and denying himself what he thinks is the male right over women. If a woman dresses provocatively this is no excuse for any man to claim her cloth covering ensnared his feeling so much he could not do anything else but deny her rights and inflict his desire on her just does not wash in the light of the western model, women dress as they please here with minimum interference and men are not incensed by provocative dress and jumping every female they see. The eastern mindset that uses these excuses hardly hides from the wider world their own insecurities are beginning to sound like hollow alibis and even out-and-out lies. The eastern mindset that does this is just trying to justify its own unrestrained lust. The recently well reported spate of rapes in India is a case in point, that the eastern mindset still only see women as a sexual object for male satisfaction and control. These are isolated incidents and the biggest majority of eastern men behave well as a rule. The exceptions are a shock and a major stain of the soul of man. The eastern mindset that looks at the west only ever knows us through our advertising and programs, then they see our women and how they dress and you can just hear them all think ‘houri’ the undisguised lust in a sexual attacker or in an ugly crowd is still enough to strike fear into the heart of any girl caught alone or isolated by circumstances.

The stoning or killing of women for dishonouring the family is still a further problem that needs to be addressed. A daughter is seen as property of the family and so must not show that she has a mind of her own, that her heart is not her own and any man who the family does not select is seen as a betrayal of the family bond. This betrayal of the family bond turns the loved child into a burden of shame that cannot be borne without satisfaction being exacted. So women as property of the family is the last area of concern on this terrible subject. An enlightened man who feels this shame would insist that the girl and her husband leave the district as they would be a constant reminder of the shame the family felt. Dead or alive the shame would stay with them either way but man and his savage nature demands blood. That any child had a mind of their own and chose to take the reins of her life is off course such a crushing shame that it demands their life or blood in a savage and brutal way for satisfaction. Yeah the nature of the beast.