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A Primal De-Mocker-acy

The whole idea of a democracy comes from the belief that one man one vote, the parties all promote their policies and they are elected by the majority of the vote. Well in this society only forty percent of the voting populace actually votes. And that is the majority voting by abstaining with a ‘No’ vote. But the system is run by the minority of the populace the, public sector workers, trade unionists all vote as they believe that they can make a difference, we all know better than that now don’t we.


It is hard to believe that in a governmental body their own ballot system takes into account the No votes as well as the Yes votes, that we are left with a rigged system that only takes into account the yes votes. This does not reflect the majority vote or opinion, it only reflects the views of the bribed faithful.


So bribery for the public sector workers will work and Brown isn’t to far off the mark with his ‘New’ approach to bulling the herd, just keep handing out the candy man.


When an elected government is swept into power with say forty three percent of the actual voters, that’s about eighteen percent of the populace, and that is all that’s needed to get a minority policy wish list into the seat of power. Because no government has ever delivered its full manifesto to the voters ever, some have managed about a quarter in their terms, but none have ever fulfilled their promises or wish lists to date.


So we are governed by an opt in system therefore making all opt out systems against the grain of the power bases established con rule. One in the eye for all those spin hackers doctors. But the blatant facts don’t support the notion that we are in a democracy, the facts suggest that we are indeed a dictatorship that is aware of its tenuous grip on the national purse and they are not above bribery, isn’t it odd that bribery comes right before corruption. Well handing yourself a huge public sector pay rise while telling the minions they can fight for a pittance is a slap in the face for the faithful voters. Contemptibly corrupt is the advent of power and absolute power will eventually seek absolution from its electorate. The neurotic need for control comes from the fact that the elected governments of the last four decades have all been elected from the minority end of the spectrum in a rigged ballot that does not reflect the will of the people. The majority still vote with their feet, and in this rigged game they all choose to stay away in droves.


This government went tut tut at the rigging that went on in Zimbabwe, the same for the junta that lets life die to preserve its power base and ensure that its rigged election go ahead without interference. The price in human suffering is astronomical when we all consider that the stakes are the neurotic need for control. China is being wooed by the western lights and is on a mission to achieve good favour in the worlds opinion.


The Mafia was harassed by the federal government for taking protection money from every business in a given sector or district. They have now been replaced by the ruling body, no wonder they went so hard after the crooks, they were stealing from the governments purse, and they used intimidation and threats with menaces to extort their money from the public.


Well the tactics that worked for the crooks have been replaced by the legal system for demanding money with menaces. The faces may have changed and the tactics are not to kill potential future contributions, but to incarcerate and asset strip them and place them into a slave labour situation, after all its all gains right.


The need to control every thing and take a piece of everything in a democracy would have to reflect the consensus of opinion and we would have to acknowledge the right of people to abstain from the process if it is indeed a fair system otherwise ……..


We did get rid of a dynastic royal dictatorial rule in favour of a system of elected representatives, the idea goes of the mark when it does not reflect the majority view and never will until a box is added to the ballot paper that states none of the above and we all vote with our feet. The largest landslide in history would ensue and that is why it will never happen.


They say that you cannot keep a good man down, and that the mark of the calibre of the man is in how he responds in hardship and not in the good times, its after all easy to be generous when the winds are favourable.


They say that the true mark of an outstanding character is after having taken a kicking he will rally and turn the tide against the foe, and will temper his actions from his own experience of defeat. The beast will simply get up and crush his enemies.