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Taking a Pounding

Decimated Cash


Most people can agree today that there is something wrong with money, even economists have grave reservations for the way in which money is made and how it flows and can usually agree that greed is a stagnation factor in any cash flow because of the seepage effect. As money changes hands it is stripped by the handy pocketing mechanism, we all hate parting with our cash and it shows in every transaction. In every stage in a transaction a percentage is taken and the final destination can even be lost to the greed of the feed mechanism as every transactor takes their wedge.


In the mainstream cash flow penalty clauses, timed deadlines for returns and other factors make this process the highest percentage earner for the central reserve of the cash flow mechanism, the clawback and reclamation processes. Money and its transactions have all deteriorated since the decimalisation process in our own money replacing the twelve pence to the shilling and the twenty shillings to the pound. When Britain allowed its monetary system to be reduced from the paragon that we had to a decimal point on paper money ceased to be a product and token and it shifted into the realms of credit and the electronic domain. Accountability reduced money as the life blood of every transaction, as people at least have to be meeting up to exchange coin for goods, to an electronic means of counting, in real life there is never enough money for everything in life and budgeting and bartering helps towards savings. As pays became more streamline and credit went direct to a credit stream on the electronic banking highway the fore runner of our own new credit based electronic purchasing accounts, paid in and debited right out again as lifestyles where reached for, just beyond the means and the deficit had begun then.


There is not enough hours in the day or time in the world or money in any bank to deliver you your dreams, that power lies in your faith, imagination and will.


The floundering system is trying to support people until they can support themselves and it is floundering, it is not a business and should not be controlled by profitability, targets and being held accountable to the financial sector or monetary mainstream. Money is after all only a token for our time effort and energy spent in employment, it does not own the soul, it cannot be eaten directly, and is only as exchangeable as we dictate. And most of us now know that our lives are incomplete on a doled out pittance, and our life is fleshed out on a bartering or traded extra but the central mafia system will enforce its wedge and force you to pay up with menaces, the corporate enforcement arm that is the present day judiciary. This Judas goat first blinded the lady and handed her a sword, then as an after thought added the scales of justice, that cannot be seen but are none the less the assessment device for metering out judgments. Corporate practices employed as temporal laws arbitrators (r-b-traitors) fines, litigation, permits and other sundry means of fleecing the sheep with the sharp sword to fill the local coffers is a life blood of every local authority. Parking, towing, repossessions to name yet more divisive means by which the wheels are lubricated. When waste disposal and collection is reduced to a fortnightly event, and they have more excuses to not do the job than good reasons to just get it done, when they tie us up in triplicate, and have us running around till exasperation will force us to work the grip and slip the shuffler some cash to ease the process. This is the process in full all the way to the top, a rotting corpse in a decaying system. Whoever does not see tomorrow in the day has no future.


Excerpt from Blog: By G CPLStaff



Robert A. Heinlein


In the book “Friday”, Dr. Baldwin asks ‘Friday’ (yes, that is her name) to research “What are the marks of a sick culture?”

Friday came up with a list of things:

*when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it isn’t the whole population.
*(people) loose faith in both the police and the courts.
*High taxation 
*the ratio of the productive to those on the public payroll.

After listening to Friday present her list, Dr. Baldwin makes his point:

I think you have missed the most alarming symptom of all. … Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms as you have named… But a dyingculture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot. This symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health but as proof of his/her strength.

–Heinlein, Robert A., Friday, Del Rey Books, New York, 1983, p. 296(?) (emphasis added)

This was written over twenty seven years ago, and was just as prophetic then as it is now maybe even more so.


The oldest graphic for representing money used to be drawing a pentacle in a circle, a coin franked or stamped was what it traditionally symbolised. This is no coincidence nor was it developed from anything manufactured. The fact that this little piece of geometry has a tie to the numbers twelve and twenty in their own right has a greater bearing on the true meaning of money than say being able to count up to ten instead of twelve, and there was more behind the imperial system than ever first met the eye. A single stamp on a circle of silver or copper had a scrap value and was exchangeable and didn’t loose its value.

The traditional money time for the serf was always autumn, marketing the sale of goods and crops, or bartering wears for supplies or luxuries. There is no profit to a bank if we all barter or trade outside the accredited system. They get no cut and make no living aw what a shame.


The pentacles or third suit of the cards used in the Tarot deck is also representative of the harvest time and the seed crop. The staves or wands are linked to the spring and to climbers and creepers needing supported to grow, canes stakes or staves were used for trellis structures, The cups or hearts are representative of the summer period where love bloomed first for the carers of the land, this was also when watering would have to be done and water containers were the life blood of the successful crop. The final suit of swords or spades was for the time to attend to the and mend the tools for the coming ploughing season, when if you had a good crop you fared well the winter months and if you didn’t lean times or debt to survive and try and raise another crop.


A pentacle in a circle:                                        If we take a star within a star like this:

PentacleTwo Pentacle 

Fig 1                                                                Fig 2


Twelve five pointed stars make a solid geometric shape known as a dodecahedron, using the first image on the left, if we use twelve of the images on the left a very curious thing happens, the one on the left makes this shape.


A Stelated Dodecahedron with circles, or that’s how to coin it.

12 Pentacles 

Fig 3


It is no coincidence that twelve five pointed stars makes a six pointed star. That is twelve five pointed stars have twelve points and twelve stars. But if we substitute a point for a penny then the thirteenth star is a shilling, it’s a hex of a thing really. Now if we take the shape that is made from the five pointed star inside the five pointed star, and create a shape from it actually produces two symbiotic shapes, the inner star makes a stelated dodecahedron, and the outer star makes a stelated icosahedron. The two shapes fit inside one another like this.


 24 Stars II

Fig 4


Thirty two points twelve pennies and twenty shillings, that was the magic of the money accumulator. The two five pointed stars make the two interlinked 3D shapes, if a star was placed within a star and another placed around them the infinity is expressed as three shapes a twelve pointed, within a twenty pointed within a twelve ad infinite items.


Below are two links to animations of the two interlinked shapes as three dimensional pentacles.


12 Pentacles


20 Pentacles


If only money still reflected the twelve within the twelve, and this nation hadn’t sold out our cash for the decimated version of credit. Ah well can’t win them all, but the money was doomed in 1970 and decimated in 1971. And now that the accumulator is no longer associated with mundane money, and tied to the token of tithe, it can now be used in the manifestation of returns.


The rest of the world had a decadent system of ten to the power of ten, while this always meant that a twelve and twenty system would always be of a greater value it undermined the poor little dears that didn’t want to take of their socks and shoes to keep up the count.


The rate of exchange was always against the pound for a good reason, it set the mark against which all the other decimated systems measured their worth, without a currency leader the market was thrown into flux and flow with no apparent stability. We sort of shot ourselves in the foot so to speak.


Last article we looked at the basic association of the universal accumulator and the old monetary system that used to make the pound the paradigm that set the standard for the whole world for centuries.


The shape we started with has a five pointed star with another five pointed star and when twelve of them were interlinked the produced the stelated dodecahedron within a stelated icosahedron. These two stars as a blueprint create the accumulator as a two fold process, but if we were to just use the platonic geometry it would be a fourfold process. Like this:

 Platonics 03

Fig 5

These four shapes starting on the left flow into one another in a fourfold infinite process of growth. The two framed shapes second from the left and furthest right are created from the star within the star (Fig 2)


This display shows the figure on the far right that the two shapes are well fitted, have a symmetry and form that is pleasing and fitting.

 logo Shapes I


Fig 6


If instead of a star within a star we set up a star within a star within a star, or even to embed four or five or six stars it would always reproduce a shape within a shape within a shape ad infinite item, and so on and so forth.


The pound was the de facto standard in money and now it is just another grubby bank note of no notability whatsoever. 

 The twelve stars within the twelve stars is used because of the twelve and the twenty connection between the old imperial coinage and the geometry, but for those that have a distaste for the geometry they can also be expressed as an infinite concept using rectangles, if you see the 3D shape in reality (build one) you can see it easier than trying to use this 2D modeling method and it is less contavertial when done like that.