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Daily Runes

Careful what you wish for …

After that last light hearted look at the update from yesterdays reading. a general three rune spread for today Tuesday 6th Nov.

It is not always apparent that a message or rune will be reflected in world events or not, sometimes they are just simply a summation for your day as a whole or a reflection of processes that are ongoing in your daily lives.

The reading here is actually complete in the sense that it is talking about a new beginning so that under normal circumstances will discount an ending on the same day, so new beginnings are a transitory process as they have to progress towards a conclusion.

This Rune breakthrough is the start card of the reading and has a pertinent relevance, to the days news.

It is interesting to also see in the follow up daily papers screen cast how certain papers report the news in the morning and little or nothing changes till a major event takes place while one updates and tracks the news as it is reported and then evolves.

Nice to see some people are at the top of their game.