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Did the earth Move for You dear

Seismic Movements Erupting

Most people have a limited understanding of what is really going on with the weather and for the biggest majority it is still the best ice breaking conversation piece we have in our chit chat bag of inconsequential openers.

The problem is the amount of differing factors and the range of variable that have to be taken into account, if scientist are to be believed. The science of the day still uses charts to display complicated ranges over periods of time and yet we have satellite weather monitoring from NASA that is live on the web and freely available to be accessed by the general public or even any so called responsible newspapers and journalists.

The main factors is that land based weather is affected by winds from the sea, hurricanes forming and land falling as tornadoes. Storms that develop on land usually peter out in a day or so, but sea born tempests can last for more than ten days.

This segment is not meant to be a written blog giving all the details out it is a video log of the available sources of live feeds that you can see in the videos and browse to using any web browser.

This mini series of video tutorials is as in depth as the media and the technology allows, they highlight some of the discrepancies and then shows the live data to dispute the claims by some half baked researchers as they throw sensational graphics at the public to an editors deadline schedule.

All of these videos are best viewed in full screen that is why they are You Tube links. The original videos in high quality can be downloaded from my ImaGenisis site. To get the best from these videos use the pause button to review the articles or go to the links directly to see for yourself.

This first part is an opener starting with an article from the Daily Mail, and it uses the official release chart that ‘proves‘ that Global Warming stopped 16 years ago. Like the chart that started the inconvenient truth, this one looks the part but doesn’t quite reach the affected areas. The oldest magicians trick in the book make the audience look someplace else so they don’t see what you don’t want them to see. As they are the only ones writing about it and they are the only ones with any evidence you will just swallow what they want you to believe. Yeah right mate watch the video.

The video starts where the others leave off and reviews satellite images from 1979 – 2012 showing the polar cap on a monthly basis in time lapse, the polar cap has melted drastically and the official figures say more than half of it has gone. The original scare mongering tactics used to ignite the Global Warming fever said that if both caps melt the sea levels would rise by eighty meters. Well the final part shows that its only one cap and its only half of it so, by their reckoning it should at least have risen by twenty meters and we know it hasn’t.

The second video starts where the first leaves of using a live internet search of live information to show the current discrepancies and attempts to answer the question about where did all that polar ice melt go to if we are not flooded?

It takes the view that if the ice cap melts are we storing more water on land in reservoirs to compensate for the melt. Hydro Electric as well as normal reservoirs.

The traditional image of the Gulf stream is used to demonstrate a fluctuation that brings Submarine Volcanic action and Surface Sea Temperature rises into the mix.

The Third Video in the series levels the question about under sea activity being guess-timated by closet backroom calculators instead of front-line investigative field teams, because some interested funder wants to temper the data to fit in with programs in their own interests.

It starts with live feeds on volcanic activity, related earthquake activity and then using Google Earth it shows how they all relate and are interdependent. The storm Tracks of the history of all the Atlantic storms that have harassed the south American coastline and the worst affected Asiatic, north and south equatorial storm tracks of all storms ever recorded. Is overlaid on the common regional Sea Surface Temperature image of the globe to see the complete picture.

The final installment of this series highlights the main topic areas again, it outlines the official report of only 137 Hydro Electric dams in the world yet the official registration shows that there is 2738 world wide man made reservoirs currently storing a massive amount of fresh water. It also shows how much water there is in the entire globe and uses a visualization of a sphere of water next to the earth, the smallest water droplet is the worlds fresh water by comparison.

The sound track is a mickey take and you can switch the sound of as the images say it all.

The last part shows just ten of the most active submarine volcanoes on the planet. It also highlights the floating lava rocks that covered a 10.000 sq mile area of the pacific ocean just east of New Zealand. Just in August this year.

The idea that the gulf stream is being fluctuated by surface Sea Temperatures and is being marginally affected by river damming, water is dammed over nite and is released to produce power in a steady stream. Unlike normal river actions that flow in as steady stream night and day.

The worlds largest active Volcano that is situated as the pilot light for the Global Central Heating unit the Gulf Stream, is fluctuating enough to be pushing the stream further into the North Atlantic sea aiding and abetting the polar Ice Melt. this final primer from an Icelandic submarine volcano is the last piece of the puzzle.

It is a moving ballpark and no single person is to blame, industry does more environmental damage than all the accumulated damage from cars, fossil fuels and so called man made damage.

We need power the world turns on it, we need it to feed, cloth and house ourselves. We need it to deliver food and goods through out the world. to keep communications open and to educate ourselves and our children.

The sea temperatures are fluctuating, the gulf stream is fluctuating and on the surface it all looks like chaos, but one thing is certain about this planet, in its history it has recovered from near apocalyptic disasters before, and once the water courses are re-settled and the caps are stabilized again, it will get back onto a more even keel again.

It is interesting to note that as the Arctic Ice cap was melting the Antarctic Ice cap grew, balance and harmony still seem to be the worlds unconscious inclination in the face of environmental changes.

The other un answered question is after the tsunami in Japan and one island group moved six miles by GPS tracking, has the world continued to grow since the continents started to move way back in the distant pre history of the planet. As some areas of the current thinking for the planet is that the rotation of the earth has increased by ninety seconds since records began, if it has that means the earth is larger by nearly twenty six miles, sorry was getting all scientific their and rounding up. Here is the calculation.

Earth rotation is 1,522.4 per second

1,522.4 feet per second x 90 seconds = 137016ft

feet converted to miles 137016ft = 256164miles

An unchecked Global Warming will have a pronounced effect on the seasons of the world, which will take serious management skills to regulate and irrigate to produce growth that produces more than one crop a year, it could be the saving of the planet and not the Armageddon that every sooth Sayer is ranting on about.

So it looks like we were damned if we didn’t but we are dammed now we did and as long as we retain enough water on land in areas we designate we can avoid global flooding on a massive scale.

It is time that the scientific community stopped broadcasting doom and destruction scenarios as a first case scenario, when they are all still clearly in the dark as to the real causes and a global platform for speculation is just an over balanced logic conspiracy theorists delight. Who’s side are they supposed to be on anyway.

The best quote for the present is one from Avatar when the people are about to react is …..

Calm people, Calm….

I see you……

Numbering the Beast

Winter Equinox


The sun is now nearing the winter yardarm and the dark and cold cycle of the earth is about to begin for the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, the weather is already showing signs of change as some trees are loosing their leafs and have been for the last three weeks.


In a world where the bright lights of the world, want the world to only be populated by good decent honest and upright citizens that all square up and carry their fair share of the burden for the collective, and where selfish and petty or greedy people always get their comeuppance, except politicians, bankers, social workers and ….. is there an exclusion list and who is on it. These idealistic ostriches think that in a world of dark and light, where cold comfort and welcome warmth are the extremes of the dance of light and dark as the seasons waltz their way through the galactic space of our solar system. They must just be dizzy from all this global spin they are in.


This unrealistic expectation would have the soldiers of light suppress the dark lights of the world and cannot imagine ever being defeated, yet in the beginning it was darkness that was the core of the void, light was beckoned into existence by the wielder of the word and the cycle form dark to light began. As long as dark and light have this shared space there will be people who are light affected and who play the game of life above board and pay their dews up front and in full, and there will be the subversives who stay in the shadow away from the daylight predators, brow beaters and harriers of the weak and the infirm.


The winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight of the year, the winter months are the dark, cold and inhospitable time of the year. Even the day is split into dark time and light time, with the summer solstice being the day of the year with the most daylight of the year (cloud cover permitting). The schism in society that says light will conquer dark can only ever reflect the imposition of the dark and light cycle of the day and the year. As long as the dance of life passes through the darkness and the light, there will be a spectrum of people that are suited to being open and honest and those that are a little gray to various shades of black.


In a world that observes the schism of life the swing of polarities and the range of light to dark and back again in the pendulum of the movement of life, it is obvious why one extreme cannot ever hope to hold sway over both ends of the extreme that is the nature of being.


Just as there are nocturnal animals and a human nocturnal life, these are the day walkers from the animal kingdom as well as the human kingdom. The nature of being has dictated to the nocturnal animal kingdom that survival called for them to lay low in the day as the predator that they have to avoid prowled the patch of its domain, as there are daytime predators as well as nighttime hunters and scavengers. The environmental forces that make one creature change its habits to hunt in the night instead of the daytime are all based on survival, where stealth and caution are the watchwords of the silent prowler.


Any daytime beast that hunts successfully will have a social cohesion of a pack a pride or the group to give strength to their assaults. Being daytime or nighttime prowlers does not distract from the fact that they each hunt, and kill to survive.


The recent events in the domains of the winter hibernation fraternity, bears, squirrels and various sundry other beasts that follow the bounty of natures provision, the bear and the salmon run, the squirrel and the nut harvest etc, has highlighted the shift in the earths bounty, the bear has not had its fill and is coming down from the tree line to scavenge in the edges of the towns and rubbish bins with the smells of leftover food as the incentive to raid the bins to stock up for the winter sleep.


The world is warming and the hibernation impulse has not been as effectively triggered by the light cold change at autumns end. If the warming continues can you imagine a world populated by bears that do not hibernate and must find food in a time of low or no provision. The only place for a bear to do its winter shop is in mans domain. The low provision of the bounty in unseasonable changes will leave the bear deprived of its necessary mass to survive the long winter shutdown. So they will delay the hibernation to try to stock up a little more to ensure survival.


The nature of the beast is to do the best it can for its own survival, it has no conscience and cant read signs, if it is a mother with young cubs getting ready for the first winter is already a daunting prospect and the cub mortality rate goes up as the salmon season gets later or arrives earlier knocking their own internal clock of kilter.


Any one of these problems on their own is a nuisance at best but when you couple any two or three together they can begin to spell out a drastic change in habit and may even signal a change from one means to another as opportunity dictates.


The bear is one of the best beasts at adapting to survive, out of the largest land predators on the planet, if their cycles become to mixed and their provision cycles shift to far one way or the other and the bear is pressed into hardship it will adapt to its new opportunities quite quickly. It is known to be ferocious in its pursuit of food as it is tenacious in its chase to secure, and it is a quick learner. Even if it is slow to make the decision once made it will commit with gusto. This truly is the great beast of this planet.


If there is a god and he made this environment to contain the unruly, light and dark beings of creation and this prison is a relentless trap, that allows no extreme the upper hand for any great length of time, could it be that knowing the antagonists and forcing them into the same prison was an exercise in making sure that they have to learn to get along without the idiots among them being allowed control for any length of time, this prison took so long to make compared to the creation of the prisoner, and it never allows any side to get the upper hand for any length of time, must just be a coincidence mustn’t it. And if they don’t learn to get along he wouldn’t have built into it a means to feed the beasts of the world now would he. Mankind is a naturally occurring abundance and has indeed gone forth and multiplied, and the dictates of the modern secular world has people unable to fend for themselves in the real world and so dependant on the artificial culture that exists. A natural abundant source of food for someone maybe, after all the pack works together to separate the week and infirm for the hunt before they begin the attack..


The polar bear was driven to the extreme wastes of the arctic and has to survive on scarce supplies, and gorges and purges as a life style to survive. The Inuit may well have been the last vestiges of life on prehistory earth, who ended up pursuing the last survivors of the bruin clan in an ice age that froze the world and culled most of the abundance of life that is this planets usual prolific provision. Now that the ice flows are melting and the brown and black bear are again leaving the tree line, is is simply just a matter of time now that scientists have upset the balance of nature with their constant experiments on real life, and not in the laboratory approach to working their will on our living environment.


Now what if the number of the beast is triggered by an abundance of food say six billion six hundred and sixty six million and counting. And lets say the nature of the prison is not to exterminate the opposition but to co exist with the opposite party in a mutual coexistence, it changes the drive to exterminate to cooperate to survive.


So lets all just hope that the world does not get too much warmer and that the seasons remain stable, and that natural abundances still occur for the sake of the balance. Other wise we may just have just cause to beware the beast.

The Mad Scientific Hatters

The man has said in his infinite wisdom, what a change in the seasons, we may have to redefine the classic four seasons. What a load of twaddle, the seasons are winter, the time when the leaves are off of the trees and nothing flowers or fruits, that is true whether it is snowing or not. Their main argument is its not snowing all over Britain, in Winter and our summers are no longer long continuous sunny periods with just the odd shower or two to break them up (cant remember them ever being like that and I’m fifty one) so as Summer and Winter no longer conform to the old standards of some almost forgotten traditional view of two of the seasons, they now need redefining.

Spring is sprung earlier and has with minor fluctuations for the last few decades or so, so the plants are a little bit earlier and they are lasting for a lot longer, but spring as the name suggest is when the new shoots spring out of the ground. When the early lambs are born with a spring in their steps, and a maidens mind turns to the things a man never stops thinking about, if you believe the hype. Autumn is the time that late crops are sown, when the land is tilled for the planting of the late autumn crops.Summer is the time when the crops are tended, watered and repairs to the land and buildings are done, when the wildlife needs to be managed and, rabbit is again on the menu. The time when lads and lassies head for the hedgerows and long walks, or when winter shacking up shows the full swell of pretty abdomens under full sail as they head for autumn births.  Autumn can be an Indian summer if it likes as long as it is still the harvest point of the year then the season is still functioning. The main crops are harvested late summer. The harvests bounty is collected as fruits and nuts and late tubers are the bulk of the returns for the perennials and the annuals. Scientists always want to meddle with the natural order and we the sheep have to try and get along with the results of their interfering. The world started off with a natural calendar, that had thirteen months to the year, but because education was so poor and early scientists ‘magisters’ liked nice neat figures and they decided to used the twelve from the pantheon to establish a twelve month zodiac, then people like Julius gave us their immortalising vanities the Julian calendar. This was the real source of unlucky for some being associated with the reduction of thirteen lunar houses to twelve neat and easy to calculate zodiac houses  for the easy calculation of the quadrants and trines. Not the Christian propaganda version. That’s had it’s last supper if you ask me.

Now take a proper gander at the facts guys before you again go and interfere because the weather for each of the seasons is a little out of whack, but the underlying clock that you follow is still set by the four margins in the year, the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice still ring out true on the dot, every quarter just as regular as a constitutional so to speak, so from one layman to the so called experts just get your facts right before you go trying to fix what isn’t broken in the first place mate.   If any of you unnatural meddlers in the running of things are looking for a way to become immortalised in the annals of history by being the man that is known for redefined the seasons, let me make one clear warning to your tiny unenlightened minds. The natural clock still sets the time of the events and that hasn’t changed for the bulk of the time ordered growth plants and season adjusted events, breeding birthing (excepting of course husbandry breeding programs) and harvesting. Let the weather watchers beware with yet again tampering because of a Julian complex for immortalisation and self aggrandisement. 

Let the winds of change blow, let the tide of life flow. Stop bleating about the things you really don’t know. Just stand in wonder at natures show.  

Hurricanes rage and blow, and a small child landed safe on the ground. Natures wonders still abound, they befuddle they amaze and they confound.  

But never in a lab or test tube to be found. In ever decreasing circles the lies are still going round. Never let scientific egos become unbound.For that really is the slippery ground. 

In a country that is already known for having changeable weather, it’s a bit arrogant to use the changeable weather as an excuse for self aggrandisement. When all that is needed is a note taken down as to when it was first noticed and what the implications are for the future.