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3 Mobile Broadband

What you need to know before you pay and go. Before you go and reach for that last little stocking filler for you family IT junkie. Watch what you get yourself into.


The well publicised 3 Mobile broadband is trading under a false remit. Namely that it calls its mobile modem a broadband. Well in my area the fastest connection I have ever had is 153 kbps, that’s just slightly less than three times the speed of a 56k modem. The average speed I get is between 14 kbps and 19 kbps that’s about the speed of an old 14.4 modem. So why does it advertise megabits per second speed when it cannot deliver them.


The other tricky thing is when you are setting up the account you cannot purchase mobile broadband time its just your average mobile topup, that before you connect to the sight must be converted to extras on the site if you don’t put in more credit than the service amount you will find that you will be charged at £1 per 1 mb, so don’t watch yourself.


Don’t phone the help line as it is charged at premium rates and is dealt with by an Asian taskforce and the English and diction can be a little tricky and if you lose the rag they will keep you on the line with the old gag. ‘Hello sorry can’t hear you’. ‘Your phone must be faulty’ and this will be repeated until you get the message and hang up to save paying for nothing.


So you have been warned


Have a good holiday