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Once Upon a Time

In a Galaxy Not a million Light years from this one…

Sign of The Times

Sign of The Times

Once upon a time a strand of mankind found that they had a genetic advantage, to the surviving gene pool from the distant past. They found that they could keep the gene pool inhibited with moral and intellectual suppressors, making an effective work force out of their slower or inferior gene pool.

Over a period of hundreds of years they learned by experimenting on the inferior pool to cure diseases, to sculpt bodies and to improve emotional balance and intellect. Once they had perfected the drive to extend their own lives they then abandoned all pretence at helping the gene pool guinea pigs. Effectively first of all pricing the treatment out of their pockets then making waiting time long enough to kill of most of the persistent wigglers.

The next drive was to ensure that mechanical work is all done by robots and advanced machines to replace the diminishing workforce as it becomes obsolete the social games start to make it alright to pick on the lower end of the spectrum, for bad luck, poor credit, no means, you know just shooting fish in a barrel.

The diminishing dregs of the gene pool will be hounded and persecuted to extinction, while petrol gets priced out of the market or seized in war zones, while the pool is being abandoned

Flying is becoming prohibitive and is making for a deliberate push to ground flights and to lock the gene pool into areas and to make it impossible to allow freedom of movement. This will allow the provision for a small elite super group to have almost unlimited stockpiles of oil and gasoline for their dependants. Restricting freedom of movement is paramount in the bid for final control to affect the final solution.

Certain political types have been used to test the opposition, communism tested capitalism and proved to themselves that a capitalist society is all for sale or rent, they would even sell their granny for a profit. The Chinese have bought up the worlds debts all the better to get new land agreements with Africa as land for the no population control Chinese will become an issue in the next few decades.

So stop worrying about George Orwell and look to the times it is well past 1984 and big brother is a snoop and a grass and has bad intentions ready for the gullible and distracted.

The Pound of Flesh

Unification One copyTaking a Pounding

Scotland was warned by George Osborne that it could loose the pound if it takes the independent highway. Well on paper it certainly looks that way but …..

There is some uncertainty as to the origin of the term “Pound Sterling“. One source suggests it harks back to Anglo Saxon times (circa 7th century), when coins called sterlings were minted from silver; 240 of these sterlings weighed one pound, and large payments came to be made in “pounds of sterlings”.

One of the earliest attestations of the term ‘Sterling Silver‘ is in Old French form esterlin, in a charter of the abbey of Les Préaux, relating to either 1085 or 1104. The English chronicler Orderic Vitalis (1075 – c. 1142) uses the Latin forms libræ sterilensium and libræ sterilensis monetæ. The word in origin refers to the newly introduced Norman silver penny. Britain maintained a silver penny which were in circulation continuously until the creation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.

The Oxford English Dictionary, says a sterling was a silver penny used in England by the Normans and date the term to around 1300. The early pennies were struck from fine silver (as pure as was available)
This is no proof of anything, but what do we know of the monetary practices from history. British silver had varying quality ranges and this could prove a problem if they could not assay a standard. The term Sterling Silver could have come from exchange merchants insisting on the quality of the silver the bank note promised to deliver to the bearer, after all carrying around pounds of silver to complete transactions was an open invite to thieves and robbers.

From Silver Glen, Alva, Clackmannan, Scotland.

In the last couple of decades, waste dumps were scoured on a small and forgotten occurence of cobalt and silver ore that was worked at the start of the 18th century (around 1715). On the edge of the Ochil Hills, near Alva, in the “wee county”, Clackmannan, it is the richest deposit of silver in the United Kingdom.’
The purest silver to be found in the British Isles was mined in Alva which is just a few miles east of Sterling, where the metal would be assayed and stored or banked. Silver coinage was of varying qualities as silver for silver could vary by the silver to alloy ratios and certain unscrupulous people could trade lower content silver with countries that produced higher content silver coinage.

The History Of Coinage

Through to the end of the 7th century, no Anglo-Saxon coins had been minted in any metal besides gold.

The Penny Drops

The first pennies were all made from silver from about 680 to 1707. They were stamped metal in short supply and were region orientated. This practice of using silver was stopped in Britain in 1920 and by then the coin did not weigh true to silver value. But when the first silver penny was dropped from circulation by 1750 that was the first of the decline of a nations wealth. It was a common practice to cut pennies into halves and quarters until it became illegal to deface the coin of the realm. Short changing banks made coins that did not weigh the full shilling or keep the penny weight as the wealth was being short changed out of the nations pockets.

The first copper coins that Matthew Boulton minted for the British Government have become known as ‘cartwheels’, because of their large size and raised rims. His Soho Mint (created at his Soho Manufactury in 1788, in Handsworth, West Midlands, England) struck 500 short tons (450 t) of these penny and two-penny pieces in 1797, and further issued copper coins for the Government in 1799, 1806, and 1807. All together the Mint produced over £600,000 worth of official English copper coinage, as well as separate copper coins for Ireland and the Isle of Man.

The Shilling is one of the oldest coins and it pre-exists the penny and it was silver. One twentieth of a troy pound 12oz of silver it should have been a single pound could weigh down any pocket. This would make 240 pennies to the pound (the original penny weight) from twelve pennies to the shilling and twenty shillings to the early pound, Twelve silver pennies to the shilling, three silver pennies to the silver threepence (historically used in christmas cakes), six silver pennies to the silver sixpence, and all these coins weights being based on a percentage of the troy pound. Of Sterling Silver quality of silver. The other silver coins were the crown five shillings, four to the pound ¼ of a pound each as all money was weighed, a half crown or florin was thirty pennies or two shillings and six pennies. The silver content in coins of the realm up until 1920 was 92.5% when it was reduced to 50%. The use of silver in coinage except Maunday Coinage ended in 1947.

The troy pound was 12oz as opposed to the real pound that is 16oz a mere ¾ of the weight and value just another short changing measure, borne of exchanging practices. Why did christ kick over the money changers tables and stalls hmmm.

It is interesting to note that the pocket was an innovation that sewed the money pouch/purse into the garment for to defeat the stealth of the cut purse, probably with a button down flap, what a tailored solution to a problem, the single pouch pantaloons were common and the wealthy man had a matching pair. And of course this also gave raise to the need for belts to keep heavy pockets from dragging the pants of the man to his ankles.

The idea that ‘Sterling Silver’ came from the traders insisting that the British coins were assayed as being of ‘Sterling Silver’, is reinforced by the quality of the Alva mines silver content. Hence the term for quality as being of Sterling quality, the scots are still sticklers for standardizing methods and production. This assay quality of the silver from Alva became the standard by which all else was measured. Hence ‘Sterling Quality’.

The final note is really a question to George Osbourne is it more likely that: as the modern banks no longer mint coins with any silver content. Is the legend on the bank’s receipt note ‘promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of one pound of Sterling’ Silver, still relevant to the pound as it stands today,

But in the modern world where logos and emblems and even words are owned by their conceivers or creators. Has any other bank than a Scottish bank really got the right to claim the sterling quality of their service and to hold the heritage of the best produced quality of silver in this little isle. More of a right to the title, logo and all of the privileges that go with it, we could let you still lease the quote that you no longer pay the bearer said pound of flesh, but just exchange the notes for other notes or some light alloy metals of dubious value. After all the concept behind money was the idea that wealth could be retained as precious metal that had a set value, instead of bartering and the metal could be spent at a later date if a harvest was late or a cattle drive delayed by weather say. Then some lawyer coined the concept of the promissory note that was a receipt and this could save the cattle merchant that had to drive cattle to the market, or farmers that had to transport grain and produce over great distances from having to lug around great bulks of silver with them.

And further who holds the right to the ability to coin the phrase ‘Sterling Silver’ so who does own the castle these days, is that still in our hands or was that asset stripped by our invading neighbors way back in the mists of time.

What would be the foreign aid to an independent country seeking restitution for the asset stripping practices of an invading nation, land clearances et al. Doesn’t bear thinking about now does it George.

Is it not strange that a nation that used its silver as a surety of its wealth in coin distribution, has over the years as it has supposed to have ‘made progress’ and gained in wealth and stature, its money has been reduced to promissory notes and coins of dubious alloys with no intrinsic value of their own. Is that magic or just some sleight of hand.

It is also odd to note that when the English created the great union with Scotland as the propaganda would like to white wash invasion into, coincidentally in 1707, the Scottish shilling became only worth an English penny in exchange, odd when you consider the purity of the Alva silver mines, from the well known Dudley do rights that Scotland produces to the well know practices of the English abroad. Just who do you believe.

In the beginning silver was used by the Norse in ingots, and European counties that had the wealth from trading. The Anglo Saxons it seams set the gold standard right from the very outset. The distribution of silver as coinage was as much a statement of the wealth of the nation as anything else. This country no longer has coinage that reflects its wealth as the coin of the realm has been degraded to alloys and wood pulp, a well from great empire builders to the decimators of the coin of the realm in just under three hundred years. What does that really say about the business practices of this once proud nation, when our wealth was really in the nations pockets.

When metal could be distributed evenly across a nation was when the population was last small enough for that to happen, multiply the nations numbers to present day figures and remember that all the silver we have now, would not put a silver farthing ¼ penny in every man, woman and child’s pocket in this world. The limited amount of precious metal has finally been cheapened by over population.

Hows that for a pound of flesh George which nation has a greater right to the term as yours no longer honours the pound of silver. And this one has already given more than a pound of its flesh in the making of an empire, while yours has systematically asset stripped this nation and every subjugated nation in turn, then turned inwards on its own attacking the poor. Who’s reputation will cut it better in the open market, the nation of the fair minded or their invading neighbors, only time will tell eh George, probably time to think again man.

Crowning a KingSoft

Telling a Tale of our Times

Hi this is a free mention to the makers of Kingsoft Office, thanks dudes, keeps the docs word formatting better than any other free clone.

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Seeing is ‘Maybe Believing’

Do my eyes deceive me

If a picture paints a thousand words read the highlights.

The last post was just a bit too heavy to leave the day on, so here is a light hearted look at some other events of the day. The video of the little girl is deliberately shown without the audio and it is worth going to see it on its own so I have added a separate link to the you tube file below my modest effort. Please enjoy…

And the cat that didn’t get the cream……

And one that really did want to get to the little girl …..

Mustache you a question David …….

Bushwhack TV

This Morning on the ‘This Morning‘ TV program a special guest was bushwhacked by an accusation complete with a list of proposed names, unproven but not unfounded and taken from a few minutes search on the web hardly good research  or even good journalism. But it does reflect the times in an alarming way.

Media speculation can kill a case before it even reaches any kind of prosecution worthy case. The media is good at rooting out hidden stuff sometimes, we all remember the MP’s expenses scandals that came to light two years ago and it has surfaced again so they can get things right and can sometimes dig up the dirt from beneath the wool that is being pulled over our collective eyes that we can’t see the wood for the trees for. Yet it is still the criminal justice system that is the prescribed method for bringing legal actions against perpetrators that settles legal issues and not ratings orientated media hounds that bring successful prosecutions. These things are still best left to the powers that be even if they occasionally make mistakes they have a process to deal with that sort of thing. Modern publications and investigative programs (which This Morning is neither) may well find themselves compromising a criminal prosecution by leaking suspicions willy nilly as they see fit for ratings or sensationalising issues. And of course we all know that they are above that sort of thing aren’t they.

Having said that every rule has an exception and here it is on the same day David Cameron used a ‘Gay’ reference to try and hide an accusation about acts of paedophilia. This exception to the rule surfaced.

Most sexual perversions actually stem from the feeling of illicit behaviour, knowingly doing something that is considered wrong. Gays are as prone to mental and emotional perversions as the rest of the public and deserve no special protection, but that smoke screen aside we are talking about MP’s the need to protect images is still rife. The police are people in uniform and are as likely to become deviant as any other, priest have been proven to be all to human and even nun’s have been responsible for callous behaviour towards single mothers and children in care.

A piece of cloth is not a sanctifying thing it is a material and cannot endow particular characteristic traits, a dog collar does not make a saint, a uniform does not make a good man and MP’s are just people like the rest of us mere mortals. Teachers, judges, Kindergarten teachers, au pairs, gurus, institutions are all made up by people. It is fast approaching the time when we all must face the facts, closing ranks to protect public images or public perceptions of institutions is past its best by date.

We need to look at this fallacy, as closely as we do at how we vet people for privileged positions. As it is becoming clear that there are no guarantees, in this world and there are no perfect being here just us monkeys all monkeying around.

The world is a progressive collection of organisms and organisations and they are all in a constant state of flux, we like to feel that we are heading to a brighter future we also like to hope that it will be for everyone, but in a system that promotes a tiered set of institutions that have advancement and promotion built in that means that the top spot must be regularly vacated or stagnation is the only likely result. It is past time for us all to think again.

Human nature is flawed their are no superior beings, we are all grubbing around in the remnants of previous failed civilisations historic debre. The history of all nations have shown that a lot of scandals are buried by the need to preserve the Image of institutions to a horrendous cost for countless innocents. The Christian church from even before the witch hunts, inquisitions and to modern tales of paedophilia and sexual repression being a problem for ordained ministers and priests. The criminal prosecutions that were not brought against certain officers in the past is still not seeing them punished for crimes that would put you and me in the stocks, Ian Tomlinson being a case in point. How can there ever be use of reasonable force against a vulnerable drunk, not a violent aggressive one, not gangs of marauding football hooligans, not even a suspected looter but a man so inebriated he could not walk properly, obviously the judiciary’s interpretation of  ‘Justifiable force’ and mine do not gel.

The view of using a ‘white wash’ or even a Media Blackout for protecting an image is only still valid if the public perceptions are not eroded to the point of cynicism for the continued practice of presenting anything as infallible, or any institution that is supposed to serve the people no longer doing that, or simply no longer being fit for purpose. Nothing and no one is above the law, not politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, police, judiciary, guards, mothers, fathers.

The sort of paranoid state is unthinkable where everyone is taken on a prove yourself daily and at all occasions as the enforcers see fit, state. With additional powers being added all the time the mission creep, or progressive nature of this form of escalation when it is proved that that will be just as ineffective as the last set, so ramp up the powers and make a detainment Isle, a quasi Nazi ideal, boot camp Britain why don’t you, where people are forced into voluntary service, or their benefits will be cut of till they do, a democratic action sure beats dictatorial laws or fascist stranglehold policies, any day of the week. After all who can police the police if they claim to be perfect and will continually choose to vet their own internally, see the problem yet..

God is supposed to have made this Earth and yet he never built a house, wrote a bible or started a religion, Chris could read and write, yet he never built a house of God, wrote a bible or started a religion. They never started one because they would be run by fallible people. Makes you think doesn’t it……

The Tide Of Life

Your Mobile and in Touch

Having been an Orange client now for about four years, the first phone was a basic Nokia and it records voice messages for MMS up to sixty seconds of audio, great for soundbites. This one stopped ringing and only vibrates so still works if it’s in a pocket or in your hand when it goes off, out of sight and it is silent. The replacement was an Orange Vegas a multimedia version with a speakerphone, hands free kit (great invention) voice recorder, minimum camera, poor quality video, plays mp3’s and has a radio. The phone took a knock of the bedside dresser (charging) and it couldn’t find the SIM it just keeps asking for the SIM even when any of the others (had two Orange Cards) are used instead, the radio still works but without a SIM it can’t use the installed memory Micro SD card space, all the mp3 and no play time, so it is effectively a rechargeable radio with about 3 hours playtime. This prompted a reconnoitre to the local Orange shop on Argyle street.

Asked the salesman if they did repairs needed to get mobile as quick as possible and as cheaply as possible, the dole doesn’t lend itself to luxuries or even making mistakes with spending, every penny counts, it just has to or else you pay in other ways. The lad said depends, thought typical car mechanic tactics, then he followed with how old the phone was and it turns out it is past its guarantee and as an end of line model sold off cheaply it would be more expensive to repair than to buy a new one, well never heard that from a commission lead salesman before, have you? Well as it is a pay as you go model. Only two models are in the budget price range the Lisbon at £20 and the Miami at £30 pounds both with a £10 compulsory airtime voucher to be added.

After getting the Lisbon mobile home the address book was already full, the text messages are still in it now, from don’t know who too don’t know who. The touch screen is a bit wonky there is a scratch on the face of the touch screen and the salesman didn’t give me the new SIM card, oh and couldn’t get the hands free kit to plug-in. The online information said to phone a number (not on the dole matey) or call in to the nearest shop and get the Sim registration unsuccessful error removed from my old card, fixed. An activation call or service call to orange can cost four pounds and has done the last twice it was used.

Took the device back to Argyle St at about an hour and a half later, the salesman was all tied up with a customer so I explained the faulty device to another young male, he never noticed the scratch or didn’t want to see it, the same with his manager as they tried to tell me it was that I wasn’t touching the screen right to get it to work, they handled the device several times each and never noticed the mark, being a software developer with years of hardware and system programming experience, and having had the sister model for over a year it was obvious that when the screen saver function kicks in and the keypad gets locked the only way to unlock the keypad is to use a stylus as it would discriminate from random object collisions in the pocket, hands, coins, keys etc. Then one of the two pantomime stars got the phone jack to work, it is a mini jack and had a separate plug at the top of the phone away from the charger at the other end. So they didn’t notice the scratch and the second-hand phone came back home with me, to wait twenty-four hours till the new SIM became active and the account as transferred and topped up, the missing card hadn’t been found yet.

Twenty four hours later and it’s a different setup, the new guy and two nice women were on duty the manager was out having passed him on the way to the shop, so honey for the trap, playing best manners slightly confused and needing assistance, the missing card was replaced, still no one that had handled the phone noticed until one of the girls was holding it after putting the pin number to power up the phone for the fourth time, either they didn’t want to know or………. so I mentions quite casually to the girl as she notices something and hands the phone back quite sharply, fair doos to the girl she didn’t react one bit to the mention that there was data and media on the phone (she may have noticed the mark and got spooked) but she still stayed quiet about it.

The message list is all dated days before the purchase and is still evidence now. The new card is in the phone and depending on the speed of the response time to transfer/activate an already active account and add the enforced top up to the account on the new SIM, will dictate when they will be informed that an employee, may have replaced the new customer phone with his own old one or ……………. they sell off returned goods, with intermittent faults and minimal damage as new product. It will be interesting to see how the rabbit runs this one. By the way really do love the HTC phones or even an Apple PAYG of course.

The Tide of Life

Colour coordinated Swatches to choose from …

Gon yersel Eck!!!,

Wiz that a landslide or did the earth gist move again, take a step to the leeeeeeeeeft, let’s no dae the time warp agaaaaaaaaaain. Och noooooo the nooooo.

Or…….. Gonnay no dae that min.

The Liberal defeat is the nation saying to a man and woman, the next time do not make a coalition, it is up to the people of the country to decide, it ain’t your vote to add to your buddies it’s our vote to re-cast.

What’s missing from this picture, hope you all got a good seat and a good reception, now here is the news in your local area.

Take a look at the state of the nation folks:

The National Picture:

The AVent got a clue result:

The English Result:

If you were schizophrenic where would you rather live, there or …….

The Scottish Result:

The skirt at the bottom is the line of the wall we keep them out by.

The Irish and Welsh Results:

…………………. Any other place mate.

Just an observation on colour just where did they pesky (infection) reds come from looks like the dinneh hae a hame here min. The Gold has guid land, the blues have some land and the reds and the oranges dinnae hae a leg tae stand on min. Take a step to the leeeeeeeft.

Divvying the Political Pie

Voice of the Voiceless

The big debate on the run up to tomorrows elections is actually more about the AVent got a clue, fudge the figures betting scam lead by the lefte idiots and the bromantic coalition parties. Otherwise known as the tote ‘bet you can’t tell what it is all of them are not really telling us’, no really. Really, really, really.

The clue to the secret was in the infomercial that was put out about how the new Alternative Voting system is fairer more representative doesn’t actually works.

In the first part of the presentation they showed two choices being considered by ten people, to either go to the pub or go for a coffee. All nice and simple using the options the majority was carried and they all went for a pint, then in the second part they showed one person asking to go to the Crown PUB, another suggests the George & Dragon PUB and another wants the Wheatsheaf PUB, because of the good grub, then the other choice is a coffee again. So let’s list the options again in the first part, the PUB or the coffee, then look what happens when you take the other selection, three PUB s and a coffee. Not exactly a fair demonstration that is in reality masking a two choice selection as four separate selections. Who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddlers.

The most obvious anomaly that none of the ‘we want it all our own way’ mob of ‘this is the only game in town’ brigade of modern day dictators is the ability they have to convince all the people of this country that they are representing this country, and as far as we can all make out the proportional representation includes every eligible voter in the land, then how come more than one third of the voting populace that don’t vote have their votes not counted, discarded, thrown away, in any other so called fair election process, like a commons vote in Da house, the ayes are counted, the no’s are counted and the abstainers that can survive the whipping in are counted. So how exactly is that proportional representation of an entire country when even Mugabe couldn’t rig a vote like that hmm.

This chart shows the slices that make up the main runners and rider in the let us run your country fairer for you as we are all in it together, or in this case no we are not.

How can a country that claims to be a democracy, that claims to be representative of the good folks that vote for them by giving them their collective power of attorney or ‘proxy’ and yet they throw away the votes of the people that do not want to bet in a rigged system just so that they can pretend to be getting half of the voting public’s proxy hmm. No must just be another of life’s little mysteries folks, just another one of those little things eh.

In light of this evidence how can any so called modern democracy that throws away the abstainers votes, ever be representative of the people that they claim they are representing, that never actually listen to the voters, that never hear the cries of the down trodden and the alienated as they ride roughshod over the populace putting in place massive restrictions, and population controls to manipulate behaviour and steer public opinion as they do as they please and head for their utopia that you can bet doesn’t have our collective interest at heart minus over a third of the populace’s proxy.

So let’s take a close look at the figures as they are in reality and not in any central propaganda promotion from the self preservation society.

Just less than two third of people actually vote in the rigged elections, that’s nearly six out of ten people. If they get fifty percent of the collective vote and the also-ran’s eat up a tenth of the vote that gives them a minor lead but it is still not half of the vote savvy.

As you can see from the above graphic things just don’t add up, just like a government review body never gets to the bottom of the problems, banks can go broke and bankrupt and the economy of the world is rock solid honestly. Trust me I’m not a Politician.

How the political pie is cut up and passed around the sixty percent of the game riggers, liars and cheats that just want your vote.

So if you didn’t know the context of the text on this page and saw the pie charts just who would you think had just won the election from the numbers. Hmm.

Well the question has to be they can’t talk for the voting populace as they keep getting them wrong, they can’t speak for the abstainers because they don’t know a thing about them so how exactly are we all in it together boys.

It’s odd in a country that relies on the rainfall and does not have an irrigation plan in place for extreme summers that they will stand by and watch crops die of thirst instead of gathering water from the local rivers and streams and use them as occasional irrigation solutions for times when hose pipe bans are in place and crops will die if they all sit around hoping for rain, they could always twin themselves with the Dakota Tribe of American Indians and hire in a Raindancer to help them out in times of hardship.

It may we hot after the harsh winter but it is proving good for the collective soul, of the nations that are receiving it, it is a bit odd though that the moon is stable and the worlds collective weather and ecological zones are all wobbling from one extreme to another and the earth is getting frozen then scorched in rotation, or is that another coincidence.

On the Pull

It’s all in the Wrist

It’s sometimes funny how words and processes throw up the oddest word typification sayings, like if you talk about property or possessions, the sayings that spring to mind have a lot of animal references, like the lions share, hogging the limelight, the pecking order,  beach master, pack privilege to name but a few.

The whole concept of making preserves takes into account the processes of conserving or even preservation, the main contenders for consideration are, in a pickle, in a bit of a jam, stewing in your own juices and in cold store. All the preservation methods even salting is used to mean laying false gold deposits in land for idiots to find.

It’s kind of nice and comforting to think that what you see is what you get, except at mock auctions, and to think that what you are led to believe is in fact true.

It has come to light that pubs are under threat, and you would be right to immediately think it is from dwindling numbers, due to the recession, but that isn’t the problem, no the problem is coming from within the industry itself. Tied holdings are having their rents hiked to the max, knowing that this will have to be passed on in pricing and so community stronghold pubs are being squeezed to the limit; these pubs are usually the hub of the town or local community. The next things the brewers are doing is hiking the lager price to again squeeze the tenant landlord, this is again killing social hubs.

The correct questions for this saga are, why would a brewer penalise its own landlords and make it impossible to make a profit and so close the pubs. Who is to gain from the loss of alcohol being sold in the pubs, what profit is there in the loss of the pub in any other fashion. Is this a financial decision to close a type of outlet to fund another.

The tied holdings are sitting property and the sale of all of these assets in a cash strapped declining economy would give a much needed boost to the company assets by converting the properties into real cash. This has to be a mealie mouthed accountant’s solution as it disregards the enforced loss of profit from the sitting tenants existing trade and how the change of tactics would be asset stripping the landlord to evict the tenant to sell the property. This is all very legal under the present crooked system of laws, but highly immoral given the current economic climate. To deliberately destroy a man’s livelihood stealing the established income levels from a profitable venue to use mafia style tactics under the guise of legal actions is despicable. It is accountants that are the cause of the world’s problems and they have no growth potential plans, just asset stripping and selling off, hardly growth tactics.

Who would profit from this more, the current distribution of ales and lager’s would be redirected from the pubs to the superstore shelves in plastic and metal containers. This form of distribution is becoming a more desirable one considering the alcohol related problems in larger inner city venues that with the NHS, Police, Social workers creeping costs are going to soon force a legislation change to make the landlords of trouble venues pay for restoration, area damage limitation and to donate to the hospital and medical bills from customer frays. It is just a matter of time and this must be known to a progressive industry with a hungry eye on the future outlets, off licences have no such likely hood of these type of repercussions being brought to bear.

The awful thing is once a community pub that is the local for the social functions, weddings, birthdays and functions, that is the best bar lunch and eatery in a ten mile radius is more likely to be a tied pub and so once the building is sold off the community never recovers, and the next thing to go is the local shops and high street and then it’s just the big superstores, those benevolent wonderful people that are just out to serve us better, as long as we travel to their store, use their parking, petrol and services.

The whole idea of a public house is still making a stand with the free houses that have no tied affiliation to the brewer. History has shown though the superstore has drained away the high street shopping experience for the majority of towns and villages the length and breadth of this small island.

This nation has a strong tradition of ale houses and eateries and even though this story may be true it does not reflect the tenacity of the people of this little isle to defend what they believe in to stand by their traditions and to thumb their noses at the corporate swagger of the blue meanies.

In the early days of the all Seeing Eye it is kind of funny that in a situation where the attackers, were wearing cameras, and the enemy was unarmed, a man was killed and disposed of before the waiting world could see, it was done in the night and just as a war that cannot be won is reaching a plateau of impasse, it all smacks of holding on to the endgame solution to use when needed at the appropriate time, just as the world is not believing the propaganda about terrorists, and it is beginning to look like national conspiracies to swing political control and install a higher enforcement level of policing or troops in all countries.

The only countries in the world today that actually have weapons of mass destruction are the ones that have always had them, Russia, America, Britain, China, and oh yes Pakistan, as they employ the Swiss ‘Nazis’ solution of turning a blind eye in so called neutrality maybe.

The biggest worry though has to be the statement as made by the American Nation, that goes something like this.

Civil War: –

We will turn brother against brother for the profits of slavery. And will slaughter with impunity.


We will bomb you with nuclear weapons, for sneaking up and attacking us when we weren’t ready.


We will invade your country, asset strip it and kill civilians as collateral damage to get the 1% that are insurgents, we will imprison the innocent and guilty alike without trial to safeguard ourselves from reprisals. We will hunt you down and kill you whether you are armed or not, 99 .. 100 here we come ready or not.

The statement is they will do what it takes to exact their vengeance and they will ignore laws, human rights and sovereign laws to play their end game as and when it suits them and they will have the game set to go for when it suits them most.

Not exactly the kind of scruples you would admire, and not the kind of traits you would want in a friend, but then again you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of their view of things just in case you are next.

For a nation that says ‘In God we Trust’, it is slightly ironic that with a wide green belt that likes to preach, sermonise and quote the bible. They managed to overlook two points not in their favour, the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’, and of course even after all the weather, economic/property and social warnings they have had, ‘Vengeance is mine’. Wouldn’t  want to be in their shoes when the bill gets levied.

A Modern Fairy Tail

Once upon a Time in Scotia

Just the other day in a majical kingdom of the Great British Isles, a fairy tale came true for a commoner, for she managed to blag herself a price, gon yersel hen. The nation was so overjoyed that all of the public gossipers and peeping toms all gathered around to see the big spectacle and the opinionated little so and so’s all stood around giving the nation their ‘take’ on events as they were taking place.

Now in a nearby neighbouring land the people all rejoiced at the prospects of being able to go out into a park (that they pay for in taxes) and enjoy the relaxing of the state troopers and the local mafia hoods strangle hold on all public meetings and gatherings (in the land of the gathering!) so as the nation took to staying away from shops and left the work for the holiday some two thousand local electronic friends all advertised the party in honour of the marriage of the afore mentioned royal couple. They partied and enjoyed and festooned and celebrated having nice weather and high spirits to be let out from under the state’s foot on the back of their necks.

At the close of the day the nasty state cavalry directed by the ‘your permit is more than our jobs worth luv’ brigade of Nazis stormed the collective on horseback, they attacked the people that pay twice and then pay again at their leisure on the pretence that it was a public affray.

Now two thousand people and twenty were out of order, that is the national average if the figures are to be believed, seventeen were released to appear (minor?) and three were arrested.

Now the mental state of the state has to be overkill every time. Have you ever called the police out to deal with something spontaneous like a fight breaking out, unless it’s in the city centre where a high police presence is maintained because of late night drinkers. You may have to wait for ages before someone comes and they will not be prepared for every eventuality, with the cavalry mounted, armed and waiting in the wings. No this was a campaign and it was aimed at people that were enjoying the holiday, and one or two morons got out of hand then the state escalated it by trying to control every aspect of the situation when that wasn’t needed.

The taxpaying people of this land have a right of access to public places, they pay for them once, then the council bills again for upkeep, maintenance, council tax, factors, rubbish (and now you have to pay to drop off rubbish), not enough bites of the apple for the local mafia. Isn’t it nice to be able to just call up your chums and have a little conversation, that could have gone something like this:

Fat cat lift the phone on seeing the Facebook page about the Glasgow gathering.

de da de da de da de didly de da de da de

And says  ‘Aye hello is that the Glasgow chief of police’.

The answer is ‘Aye what can a dae fir yeh’.

The fat cat purs and licks his lips a little nerviously just like the cat that got the cream and responds with ‘Hows yer mufti training program going the day man’ .

A chortle sounds down the line from the man in the black uniform. Followed by this amused interjection. ‘Man where hae you been mufti, that’s no how it’s done the day man, naw horses man crowd control is done wi horses, jist try pushin thame back and see where it gets ye’.

A wee pause before he continues. ‘Why man what dae you need, is it a mass uprising, an anarchists demonstration or is it anither student revolt, they English bobbies did that one awe wrang man, shoulda yased horses, that wid hae sorted them oot, and if thats no gid enough wi a horse ye can aye drap a dung bomb on a wee shit, that aye gets a gud laugh. So whit is it? Students, anarchists’.

A slight delay from the fat cat before he responds with ‘Weel it’s no exactly student bodies but it is near the university groonds. And they are the subversive, types that dinny like a planned existence and like tae live spontaneously, aye goes against the grain of the ways of the hard pressed servile and duty bound so it dose’.

The chief is on the ball seeing reds in the beds and all sorts of subversives and comes back with. ‘How many dae you think there will be?’

The answer is quick. ‘Weel they have up on their FaceBook page figures like 10,000 to 100,000 people, given awe the if’s ands or butt’s from the acceptances, your guess is as gud as mine’.

The Chief leans back in his leather bound high backed chair (black obviously) and raises his booted legs onto the table as he collects his thinking he slaps the side of his boots with a riding crop (couldn’t resist) and then returns with, ‘Looks like weel need tae tool up the lads then, as its also being set on a hill (has the Facebook page up in front of him) we will need to send in the troops first to reconnoitre, then keep the calvalry back till they dinny like being telt tae pack up and leave, then prod them a little tae get a reaction and we will hae a front page spread on our hands, ah betcha.’

The Fat cat lounged back in his recliner chair as an intern (lass) stroked his brow as he added, ‘we have all we need it’s an open invitation and it’s been broadcast well in advance and so we can attend. We just don’t have tae RSVP on Facebook’. The chief jumps back in with, ‘weel oor schrinks awe say they dinny like being telt what tae dae, and they dinny like being pushed around that aye gets the party started’. The two of them cackle as they laugh at the fun they will have.

Planning is never a problem, it’s a necessity in life at all levels from the bottom up or the top down viewpoint, but it does beg the question. If the organisers had shut down at say 8:45 and told the crowd, and the crowd then having no official leg left to hide behind had say, got their own music systems out and had just continued a picnic on their own property how would that have been covered up as it wasn’t in the script of the blue meanies and the local mafia had in their minds.

Meanwhile we all wish the happy couple a long and prosperous life, and here is hoping that a fairy tale can just for once really happen in this kinda brutal world of ours, and they all get to live happily ever after. Awe what the Shrek eh.