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The End of the world real is not nigh, but just as we know IT.

Eye on You

Eye on You

The southern invasion of the SNP 50 newbies are getting used to the differences between our ‘wha’s like us’ mindset and the English at home where the stiff upper’s still have an upstairs and downstairs mentality. The OCD of segregation and the use of tradition to bolster IT in a changed world will only show the political mindset in Westminster still likes the pomp and circumstances to justify keeping up impractical and potentially harmful to the four nation’s use of out of date and function impaired systems that were developed for a different era with a Victorian mindset still in residence at IT’s conception. The segregated canteen was a shock to the no airs and graces pragmatic scot, so the papers tell us anyway. But IT looks like this is going to prove a little bit more than uncomfortable for the integration process for both sides. The Scot abroad will remember that the sum of the nations hopes (1,454,436) are resting on their shoulders. They survived the apprentice gags, ‘get yer own seat, aye sit over there nae body will mind’ and they did to the amusement of the press and the old guard..

The driver of the four nations vehicle to take us into the second decade of the first century of the third millennium, still needs a co driver for stops and filling up, map reading and calling out the hazards, there are now 50 eager hands at the wheel to make the pit stops easier and to get the changes done faster to make sure that the vehicle spends more time in motion than being serviced.

Nessie the great mythical beastie has taken to migrating in the summer to the emerald Isle and even further, we are assure that post cards are winging their way back home to show us to show us what a good time she is having, can’t wait for them really. The bell tolled on the 7th of May 2015 for the old form of Scottish politic of let the invader do as they like or they will just send in the army again, use legalised extortion practices, cut off self management and just letting ourselves be pushed around. Kill the local economy, restricting movement, land grabbing, bungs for their mates, I am sure this nation in the days to come will shed a tear for losing these territorial practices and sadistic ways as we come to terms that this nation has been bullied, subjugate, had its wealth stolen land stolen and now they still think that even with a smaller turnout percentage in their own land than here that they can still carry on as before. We are not masochist just the abducted nation getting liberated from an incarcerate’r chains from the empire builders that have historically shown a predilection towards the old world order left handed practices and would still like to lord IT over everyone in the new world, they don’t know when their time is over and obviously never herd the half time bell toll, or just dismissed in in their OCD grip of fear mindset, as they seem preoccupied with their traditional stance that if it works for you why change IT unless you have to, or are made to.

2015 Election Results

2015 Election Results

Exactly seven days after the event, IT is rumoured that the fat lady sang in a secret location in Glasgow, that the event was not advertised so that commercial enterprises could not tout the business. The location and guest list may have been kept select and quiet because IT was invite only, crashers need not even try. And then coincidentally seven days later the Lions roar was heard keening through the winds of the lands of the world heralding the arrival of the Scots on the playing fields of life. Taking their first tentative steps of freedom after their 300 year incarceration at the hands of the evil jailers of life and stealer’s of fun next door (boo, hisss, oh yes they are, whit dae yeh mean their behind me, where ah canny see thum, oh there thay ir, they are beneath us well on the map anyway, that’s the blue bit on the map unner the yelow brick road to the north of there), the infamous child catching invaders that like to lord IT over you, land grabbers of the old empire are now having to deal with the lowly common folk sitting at the high table of governance for the four nations of old Britain. Must stick in their craw eh!.

Then believe it or not after this set of incredible circumstances. It is also rumoured that yet again seven days later the Unicorn is said to have been unleashed at yet another secret location in the mythical land, and is currently off the radar rallying the nation in art song and rhyme. While catching up on lost time with her newly arrived mate who is reputed to have freed her in a surge of national pride from the young lions that roared. So just remember when booking a break in Brigadoon be like Cinderella fella and get hame before midnight, it will be back on the map fir only one day some time next week.

Meanwhile back in the land where time is while’d away in a mean fashion, the pied fifer is looking for payment and is threatening to take away the one billion youths if he is not given his demands, just as that one billion are feeling alive and getting ready to change the world into a better place for future, past and present generations, that are in Stockholm syndrome shock , displaying odd behaviour patterns of shuffling and mumbling (suppressed dancing and singing for joy maybe, well their generation are the most repressed) or just sounding incoherent and raving about their fears of doom and gloom and are still whiling away their time in occupational therapy called ‘work for your existence’ or pay the penalty.

OOps sorry just had a delusional sugar rush.

Some sugar rush eh, or is IT just sweet music tae yer ears. A modern day lullaby for the unwary, the dozy and the outright bumpkin bumbling fools of the old colonial mindset that think they are the rearguard of the advance of man in dominating a world by force instead of learning to live in harmony with the natural order and the natural state of man. That’s just the signs of the times folks have a great day. Ah will if you will.

April Showers

Outa Season Hunting

Clan Alba 02

We are getting our April Showers a little later than normal, like old weather patterns might be on a progression in a living hermetically sealed environment? but the plants could use the water right now. As the world stage recognises the meeting with the British Prime minister and the Scottish First Minister, that the mythical lion had roared, that the mythical fat lady has sung (she did last Sunday wanta heard it wiz bril, invite only sorry) or could IT just be that Scotland, Wales and Ireland just found their political voices in a harmony of union to halt the lions fierce stance and harrying of mythical foes. To still the discord in the British psyche and still the being to heal whole.

The long journey of recovery is never easy for the soul, but the body will always repair to sustain life. Man has to accept the fact that this world is deemed as the habitat to human (humane) kind, that wild man is nearly extinct on the planet today is an established truth. That domesticated mankind is the present inheritor of the world and the inception of the beginnings of the new age of man on earth. The future is looking Golden for once a new day dawns for Scotland bringing bright hope and opportunities for the next genX, with their prospective bright insights and perceptions. Perfectly balanced between the old world and the new future and may well prove to be the living litmus test of mankind’s fitness for self rule. Or it’s all hands to the wheel and hand cuffed into service to the machine, with us all for eternal servitude. If the next generation of so called leaders fall asleep at the wheel again that might just be when fate decides to lend its support, as usual or not depending if you struck the balance for the deficit in life, paid the penny or paid the pound, or found there is another way around. In a hermetically sealed environment.


no not post script, this is parting shot. PS

Just which country in the world at this moment in time is equipped to fight an aggressive alien species that has tech that can cross light years of space. What does it matter as they will all probably be fighting, crowing or seed sowing and of course partying to even notice it happen.

So if there was a World Defence League on standby, will NATO be in with the biggest shout, or is China and Russia the leaders in their elected battlefields. Is Britain now the lord of the Air Defence Strategies, from protector of the seas and oceans by the Fleet Arms might. America Russia and China for inter planetary travel and then inter galactic flight. Who rates in your league and against what kind of alien answers on the back of a GBP £20 note and sent them to me here at cloud lalla land.

How long they would last and against what foe?

Which ones will be able to go toe to toe

Unless you think a battle ship might save you

And after its done who could you sue.


Do you think that NBC or SKY will get the coverage rights to the trials and exercises?

Dear God

Using the Eye in the Sky

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The domestic use of the average household in the west is galactic when compared to the third world, we burn electricity 27/7.

some countries in this world cannot even afford more than a couple of candles a night.

Yet if you take a look at this satellite photo you can clearly see what the devils advocate will use to prosecute the havers over the be’ers.









So you see m’lud the evidence is overwhelmingly, well obvious. B|

War of Attrition

C Scot 03

Rules of Engagement

Historically when an emissary was sent to a ruthless warlords camp the best result that could be expected is they are treated as the poison pawn. It is assumed by the warlord that the enemy knows their stance on the matter and that the emissary is someone the enemy wants to get rid of. The warlord knows that they will never play the enemies game or try to use their system against them, as the system of any regime is always rigged in their own favour. So most emissaries were send back in pieces traditionally as a head and tail set.

When an invading army takes over a country its tactics have never changed, no matter the good causes they have claimed or even the weak excuses they have declared, they are there to kill the occupants or drive them out and to settle the lands as their own. In an aggressive and ruthless campaign this will be achieved in a continuous and sustained program of land grabbing, clearances and fiscal persecution or attrition that generates contrition. The tactics are as old as the world and they are well proven.

The oppressed, persecuted and harried population is led to believe that the occupier is willing to be negotiated with, if you accede to their system, they will adjudicate and they will sentence the action or petition according to their own rules as they see fit by their own elected judges and by their laws. Now how can that not work in the favour of the persecuted, who the occupier only wants to get rid of in the first place. So this delaying process is in place for to Winkle out the dug in, the hard to reach and disguised or protected dissenters. For the process of being eradicated and/or  transplanted. Like sending in the dogs to flush the badgers out really, again an old and well-tried system that is historically proven.

In the modern world the action of attrition is to pursue the defaulter with letters, door knockers and other kinds of legal sanctions as threats. Funny thing it is illegal to send threats in the post, so the police must come and hand you a summons. As the implied threat is illegal in the first place in a democracy where you choose to opt in or have the right to abstain as you wish. But in a dictatorship this postal and legal loophole would just not exist as that would contradict the terms of a dictatorship, where the diktats, I order you around you do as your told and I will give myself the powers to do what I like with you or against you as I see fit, are the rule of the imperial order.

So while you still can in a crumbling democracy, accept no letters, respond to no letters, the system if you engage with it will assume you are prepared to play by its laws or rules and so you are then subject to them. This is just taken as a sign of surrender in their own parlance. Just stonewall them all. Start to affiliate in groups and then under one banner say Clan Scotland, Clan Catalonia, Clan Hong Kong. Then formulating a democratic charter of the people, for the people, by the people. Then with an indigenous majority declare your Sovereignty, the democratic charter will hold any elected government to task by the people, they will not have powers to change legislation, as emergency measures will be outlined in the people’s charter. A separate non ruling non party group will be convened for amendments to be tabled and a country-wide referendum style vote will be used to change the charter, no behind closed doors dictatorial tyrannical rulings ever again.

Freedom has always come at a price, but in this modern-day do not engage with the enemy, do not waste time fighting the old system, spend your energies building the new and spreading the word and building membership. The price for this nation is to stand together to unite and declair ourselves on a world platform and to cease and desist playing the dictators games.

In the referendum the 18% that registered to vote but did not, showed a valid way to tell the occupier that you are not willing to vote in a rigged game. Now in an election if we are all fully paid up members of a Scottish party, and the membership is big enough to change the party manifesto to address less than popular issues in the party stance say. That says that the will of the nation is nationalistic. if every person in the country registers to vote and does not vote for any of the occupiers puppet party heads, that is a double statement being sent to the new age dictators that are giving themselves high and mighty powers in a non war environment, our home front. A bloodless coup.

If you don’t want a fight do not engage with the enemy for any reason, do not answer the door to their requests, do not respond to letters or enticements, to engage in any fashion gives them justification that you are willing to negotiate on their terms.

Way back in the mists of time when clans where glen based isolated units, that barely knew their neighbours except at gatherings, markets and shindigs. An envious neighbour took an interest in what we had, land and water and minerals, you know the classic goods that the ruler of the waves went around the globe acquiring from any fledgling country that was unable to defend against their tactics and the might of their guile. This nation likewise was then occupied some three hundred years ago using the tactics that took advantage of these isolated and separatist clans, that could not unite or agree on anything to divide and conquer. After the highland clearances thanks to the camp belles, war camp followers, the only ones (males) that would wear kilts and pretend to be Scottish clans from the next glens and were from the Campbell’s clan. They still could not slit throats in the night like a seasoned soldier would have. So be thankful for small mercies.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is ……….

The Nation is split between the infiltration occupier and its workforce residents and the last remnants of the existing Scots. So it is time for a head count, to generate new clans and affiliations that are Scotland concentric and do not pander to an occupier’s vanity and their rigged games. Get the head count tally the base and build a political force with real people power. Do not ever again play the enemy at its own tactics, and remember that the real enemy is not the English people, but the EU drive to dictatorialise the Westminster political system away from its democratic purpose. As the EU core is a Capitalist base that wants a disposable complete world work force, that is economically manipulated and restrained. So choose the right political people driven politics democracy, or become the slave and willing workforce of a capitalistic world state order of the new Third Reich (third rise).

This will be the third strike for this Germanic root base for world domination, so are you Luke Skywalker or an imperial droid. May the force not be with them.


Compounding Interest

Capital Gains


The greatest warrior wins without fighting, and converts his opponent into an ally or friend.

Well the post Independence land is settling back to a new sense of purpose, the natives have found out just like every other nation on the land that the media is telling them all fibs to create a world vision that does not in any way reflect the actual state of things. Either in their own land nor in their neighbours. The conglomerate overview mindset has a plan of keeping its status quo involved with that vision. And as all the national papers in Britain and all the broadcast media have proven that they will work to their master commands. Media blackouts, propaganda releases. Like the conspicuous by their absence Scottish No vote campaigns and rallies on the streets of Scotland as unreported by the mainstream media. While the social media reporting of the Scottish Yes campaign and rallies that generated the flowering of a nations youthful pride is still very much under a media blackout, but it has not been contained the word is spreading throughout the world, and the sudden swelling of the SNP ranks as reported in the social media forums and they are now being reinvigorated by the day and extended in the Yes camps and the Independence rank and file.

The news from the street is a generation of politically active youth in a glorious land think that investing has everything to do with trade. Trade is good with ourselves by ourselves say with a credit coin like the bitcoin. Say a Scotcrown a unit that has halves and quarters to trade with ourselves, for services and goods just a stamped coin with no reference to monarchy just kith and country. Just people trading goods and services and this could include cooperative funded second-hand goods by donation, for people who cannot afford to replace stolen goods because they don’t have insurance from conglomerate cash stripping, existing, defaulting companies.

The corporate mindset that thinks it’s vision for the world will be materialised when every nation has been brought under its jackboot tactics has learned nothing from history about man. The war of attrition is still focused on the same tactics.

The tactics that shut down your local shopkeeper and saw the rise of the supermarkets and superstores, was won by the suppliers that later became the superstores, that just added a shop front end on to their existing warehouses, hiked their prices to the small shop keeper until they were forced to raise prices and then with just an added shop front on a warehouse, they got the mobile new worker to travel to their new superstores and so could undermine the local shops artificially inflated prices by underselling to the cattle market shoppers. This was a war of attrition and it still has and owns all the transportation outlets or has substantial shares in them. It also has contractual agreements with producers and manufacturers that quite frankly even a large cooperative collection of small shop keepers will find hard to compete with. It would take locals sourcing goods and produce, transporting it and storing it, the small communities like the Asian communities took the step of using trade marts like booker and such to run small outlets, ice cream, hotdog, chip and groceries vans which are better for small local districts or isolated areas can and do use the same facilities which manage to produce a modest income for small families, and will expand to cafe’s, restaurants and invest the income into future development and expansion.

Now this brings us to what investment truly is. The true meaning of this is best seen when you make a gain that you capitalise on it, you use it as seed investment either back into the business base or into expansion or diversification. This like the first venture that brought the returns is a risk there are no guarantees in any venture, all the hard work into a diminishing market, or an occasional one with fluctuating trends and interest is a high risk one. There are no real growth markets or breaking innovations as the latest Apple iPhone6 proved when one was accidentally dropped right in front of a camera in a crowd on its first day of release. Proving that what a manufacturer claims in a shrinking market share to get ahead of its competitors is all PR and smoke and mirrors. As the device is just the old one but bigger and still smashes very easily no real future in that then is there, my how we are living in strange times.

The foreign interest in oil rich countries and the use of tech and lifestyle devices and paraphernalia to woo new trade markets has had some small success, the Arab nations that are currently aided by the very kind altruistic Americans that are killing of a reported terrorist fledgling nation as reported by the west’s media are proving to be early converts to the bribe of lifestyle and stance that some nations can impose their will on others as they see fit because they are big enough and they control the press releases, both at home and abroad.

The bottom line for the commercial world as it started out as is that it has become dictatorial about other people’s behaviour and ways and has started to dictate lifestyle choices, they are taking personal details and honestly they are not using them to track and hold to blame or to hold people to task as they dictate, honestly they can be trusted.

Now to not read their press releases is to not know their lie and to not see their areas of interest is to be blinded to the state of play, but to ask them to relinquish control and to consider those that are under foot as they trample the earth throwing their weight about. Now that is naive. Do not engage but keep informed and know the nature of the beast and avoid its track, watering times and dens, create your own and keep a united front, segregation and isolation are part of the tools of the armoury of contrition.

Money as ever is simply a token it long ago lost its intrinsic value and scrap value basis from the time when there was real silver and the weight meant something, unfortunately those days are long gone. The reality of what money has become is the token is representative of time spent to get it, effort used to earn it and worth by how satisfying it was to gain. The energy of earning is the only value left in any so-called cash, the credit system has just proven that the mass has given the liars, cheats and thieves the job of looking after their money, and with unrestricted access to easy pickings look what they do with it, they simply cannot help themselves.

To stand independent of a failing warring lying system and to weather the tirade and to invest in a counter system that puts people first again and stops treating people as commodities is a noble quest, but one or two people are but seeds on the wind of change and may well just land on rocky ground. But a ground base of say two million like-minded souls, or even a registered and known base of an entire nation that stands together under a shared ideal and with a unified cause that are linked and united and informed and that does not try to attack the old order. That just lays down the seeds of the new, tends the ground and cultivates it and waters and nurtures the sprouts and new shoots, trims and tends the growth till the first harvest will see the blossoming of a new order. Not an easy route not being bated or dragged into conflict, standing your ground and guarding the crop, harvesting the fruit and separating the investment for the next planting and marketing the surplus or saving the produce for trade or diversification, to live within the moment and to provide for tomorrow.

The talent that was displayed in the referendum in art, poems and song and the innovations with the passion that was ignited in the debates that followed and the new growth in the ground base of the converted is the capital of our investment, it is the first step to throwing of an imposed imperial order, for the first time without conflict to win a nation, to set a standard and to have ignited an interest in a true democracy around the globe, the echoes of which are igniting the scattered parts and will unify their beating hearts. That this is empowered by the collective rights of each and every individual that lends its power to its servant government body will end the centuries of tyrannical order that have become the core of the nature of the beast of creation. The best advice for the strategy for the way forward is best summed up in this from the statement. ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not in fighting the ‘Old order’ but on building the New order’.

Mis Information

Nearly There

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The current media campaign is beginning to stink and IT is rank. The media has proven over the last decade that IT will not do as IT is told. IT will not respect people’s privacy stars and politicians alike have been reported on with underhanded tricks and false fronts.

Lets take a look at the nature of the Media beast for a few rational moments and try to understand what misrepresenting facts has done to both side of this so-called argument. The media cannot exist if the story does not carry some level of salacious content and they have proven that they will consistently put slants on all reporting to sex a story up or to jazz up the angles to shock, incite or scare people.

Governments have advisory layers that may well be their third Reich, the papers and the telly wont report on the facts but try to dig deeper, or flannel the story we get or just out-and-out black out any reports bar the ones they want you (me) to hear or see.

Stories that do not sell issues are altered by editors, footage is altered by editors to show the angle they want to peddle papers. Or to just get into the mainstream.

We are being manipulated by them is now becoming an ever clearer fact by the overwhelming evidence of behaviour before, during and after the facts.

I think by David Cameron’s break he thinks that certain things are going to happen and he showed good enough sense to not try and goad a growing majority and is more concerned with how the media may be stirring a home-grown resentment south of the border. Ed Milliband just looked like a wee lost kid in his walkabout and IT had the effect of backfiring on him and his entourage. I understand the resentments we have I share most of them (been sanctioned three times) but voicing them at this eleventh hour would defeat the purposes of making a stand for democracy as Scotland is now beginning to centre IT’s campaign on. Well in a democracy the other side is entitled to IT’s views and beliefs, and is allowed to platform their views, IT should not be heckling, muck raking and lies that defeat them, letting the UKIP have a platform has stopped any stealth growth in their ranks and the spread has been contained and the BNP has been reduced by their own vocal statements.

There is a demonstration today that will meet in George square and then march to the BBC building in the south side, yes voter (like me) have been asked to go along and carry a yes flag banner or poster, this is a good idea but if there are media infiltrators in the throng they may try to bate situations and set no against aye for better media coverage. The social media coverage has been well run and has contained a lot of dignity and unity. I am going to ask the yes voters (I will be there to) to stand and walk in silence amid the sea of ‘NOes’ and as if at a funeral Walk with our democratic equals as they try to make their point and make sure that the media cannot turn in any direction without seeing the silent majority yes in each camera shot. Do not be goaded, do not bite and show the respect that a truly democratic country has for all opinions even If we think they are wrong to exercise their right to protest or celebrate. This also means no baiting no goading and no up them attitude from our ranks either.

Lets show the complete British Isles and the rest of the world including all the nations and industries that are backing our play so far that we will not drop the ball in the closing minutes, that we will skirt the pack in the home straight and make a clear dash for the finishing line in the final furlong. Let the world know and see why they have every right to believe in us enough to govern ourselves, lets not start as a closet dictator, lets not use dirty tactics lets show them who we are and how we are and use the tactics of winning as opposed to the tactics being used, yes there is another way and we must be that way. We must show that way and if we have to we will lead that way.

I have never been as proud of my nation as I am now and caution is necessary, reigning in high spirits and resisting the temptation to piss on the ‘media perceived’ enemy has to wait till the 19th, keep your eye on the prize and don’t react to bad tactics, don’t rise to any bait and as we attend this funeral walk let us maintain the dignity applied to any Brittish body that has been in a procession through the streets of Royal Wootton Bassett. The dignity and solemnity was palpable. I know when I ask you to keep a level head and to keep your eye on the prize and to not drop the ball or fumble the pass you will understand why.

The media is lying to us and the other side IT makes better copy. Lets for once in this campaign have them reporting only what we want them top see and to behave like we really do. I know emotions are high at this time and the impetus for a final push is growing but I ask you to wait, haud yer gourd, keep the line and nae ducking oot and dashin back intae the ranks after some damage is done. For there is a good likelihood that the other side has infiltrator’s in their ranks too. We are nearly there so keep the faith be on your best behaviour.

I know you can do this and I have faith that the future of our nation is in your hands, just keep the ground we have so hard fought for and won. The real enemy in any conflict is the stirrer in the middle and we can now see that the other side is being lied to to.

From here in this our declaration of Independence, so steer this nation off the sand banks and into IT’s safe harbour.

Once Upon a Time

In a Galaxy Not a million Light years from this one…

Sign of The Times

Sign of The Times

Once upon a time a strand of mankind found that they had a genetic advantage, to the surviving gene pool from the distant past. They found that they could keep the gene pool inhibited with moral and intellectual suppressors, making an effective work force out of their slower or inferior gene pool.

Over a period of hundreds of years they learned by experimenting on the inferior pool to cure diseases, to sculpt bodies and to improve emotional balance and intellect. Once they had perfected the drive to extend their own lives they then abandoned all pretence at helping the gene pool guinea pigs. Effectively first of all pricing the treatment out of their pockets then making waiting time long enough to kill of most of the persistent wigglers.

The next drive was to ensure that mechanical work is all done by robots and advanced machines to replace the diminishing workforce as it becomes obsolete the social games start to make it alright to pick on the lower end of the spectrum, for bad luck, poor credit, no means, you know just shooting fish in a barrel.

The diminishing dregs of the gene pool will be hounded and persecuted to extinction, while petrol gets priced out of the market or seized in war zones, while the pool is being abandoned

Flying is becoming prohibitive and is making for a deliberate push to ground flights and to lock the gene pool into areas and to make it impossible to allow freedom of movement. This will allow the provision for a small elite super group to have almost unlimited stockpiles of oil and gasoline for their dependants. Restricting freedom of movement is paramount in the bid for final control to affect the final solution.

Certain political types have been used to test the opposition, communism tested capitalism and proved to themselves that a capitalist society is all for sale or rent, they would even sell their granny for a profit. The Chinese have bought up the worlds debts all the better to get new land agreements with Africa as land for the no population control Chinese will become an issue in the next few decades.

So stop worrying about George Orwell and look to the times it is well past 1984 and big brother is a snoop and a grass and has bad intentions ready for the gullible and distracted.

Myth Busters #3

‘Beauty is only skin deep’


Concept Art

Concept Art

The common belief for this to be true is that the inner person has no beauty, that beauty in this definition is really looks, which really are only skin deep.

The whole understanding of the terms of beauty have to take into account the subjective and the objective view of people, art, scenery, jewellery and nature to get a better understanding of aesthetic observations of beauty and the visual form.

Looks and general design appeal, define the worth or quality of a work of art, a piece of jewellery. What makes an object appear beautiful is just how much the object reflects the observers definitions of beauty. The materials, the original concepts, the embedded symbology of the piece, truisms, religious concepts or natural laws. Hence the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it would be truer to state that beauty is encapsulated by the forms or concepts of the observers ideals of beauty, that then strike a resonant chord in the higher feeling centre, the area above the solar plexus and bellow the throat.

The emotional evocation that comes from experiencing the higher feelings, when presented with beauty are directly experience in the area defined above and it is not everyone that has a concept of beauty that can be resonated. So experiencing beauty or even just being able to appreciate fine works, the observer must have a conceptual ideal of beauty in the first place. No definition no response.

The fascination in art is the sheer amount of man hours that an artist has spent creating the work. This will always bring admiration and cause sensations by concept, content and materials. The detail of the work and the final polish of the item all have a say in how well-regarded the piece will be.

BeautyThe ideal of human beauty is as subjective as the appreciation of fine art, or precious works. The eye of the beholder syndrome. Human beauty is felt to be at its highest in the female form, that does not mean that men cannot be seen as beautiful, it just means the predisposition of our species is orientated on the female form.

The outpourings of rapturous appreciation for human beauty all describe at an intrinsic level the form and definition of the outer body, while the greater historical definitions use descriptions that do not have a purely physical expression. Grace, poise, bearing, manner are often used in conjunction with beauty. The others tend towards inner manner of being statements, like ‘she had a gentle and ethereal quality to her aching and haunting beauty’. This is again objective observation coupled with subjective standards and levels of appreciation of beauty.

The most ancient and still the most prevalent holds true to the concept that it is an inner quality that defines beauty and that it is good looks or exquisite form that is the icing on the cake, for many truly beautiful artefacts cannot be said to exhibit just physical design qualities. They embody every concept from desperation, defeat, victory and salutations, the tenderness of meetings and partings, the bonds of mother and child, the fellowship and camaraderie in actions, deeds and experiences.

BeautyIIFor this reason it would be truer to state that good looks are only skin deep and are therefore truly are ‘in the eye of the beholder’. True beauty has to have a resonant subjective ideal in the viewer to transcend mere good looks.

Myth Busters

#1 Action Follows Thought ……

The Self

The Self

There are a wealth of common saying’s that are generally held to be true and the discrepancies in them are ignored by the mass as they are bandied around and repeated until they becomes established truism’s.

The idea that action follows thought is so well established now that it is accepted by rote as a modern truism. The very fact that some people think certain thoughts most of their lives and never act upon them is generally ignored by the evidence of the ones that do generate action, being told and retold to further establish the myth.

Murderous thoughts are the most destructive, with sexual perversions taking a repulsive second place in the schema of the idling mind. Many a sibling has wished death and even torture on their brood mates and never followed through, the ones that do are the ones that periodically pepper the front pages of the nations gossip rags. With paedophile and rape or even domination taking a second place in the scandal league of infamy.

Under the radar of these sensational sins lies a greater depth of thought and life course thinking is highest in the general mass of the populace, this is independent of race creed or colour, social position and even status.

The amount of people who regularly concentrate on their career, type of partner, home life and even children that we would wish for ourselves is paramount in the thinking pyramid of perceived think bricks for general contemplation and yet the statistics do not reflect that a high percentage of them are realised during the course of a single lifetime. Quite the opposite is true in point of fact. The sheer number of unrealised dreams or aspirations of the common man far outweighs the limited and periodic tales of the successes that make it onto the front pages of the tattlers of the day.

So just what is wrong with this established and clearly faulty perception of the truism. what is it that makes less than one percent ever achieving the point of realisation, except for the sensationalized perverse ones making the grade. The missing element in the equation is faith.

You can daydream for years and you can speculate and contemplate for decades without results, yet when you begin to believe that it is possible, it starts to formulate better and then when you achieve that mystical point of transition, where you finally begin to have faith in yourself to achieve it, it starts to resonate in the universe and the within you without you universal principle of attraction begins the process of matching circumstances to opportunity and ability to help you realise the point of materializing your goals and aspirations or even your dreams.

For every serial killer or sexual deviant that fantasises about their dirty little perversions, that reaches a peak in a publicly reported act of cruelty or perversion, there are millions of us if not billions of us that never get past the early planning stage of the daydreaming process.

So the truth about the saying is that action follows faith that is contemplative of action, circumstances, resources and availability into the path to realising your dreams.

So believe in your dream or plan, then have faith in yourself to materialise it, and imagine the opportunities developing in your daily life then, steel your will to stick to the plan and the program until it bears fruit.

Or as we like to say up here in the land of the Scottish Annex, faith hope and steel Highlander ……………. what else is there…….

For the sake of a nail a horse was lost

May Auld acquaintance be forgot

A Knights Sword

A Knights Sword

Well they do say the devil is in the details, he sneaked or was that snaked into paradise an hour before god knew he was there and look at the damage he did since. still is that no pride that thinks it can get ahead of god and that the all-knowing widnae know he was there wunder who put that notion in his brain eh.

Well I am moved to tears what with all the best wishes for the future pouring in from our former allies those old empire builders next door, and the whip round was out of this world, these old mother of the modern democracies, the very core world parliaments ( I meant to parley … no can’t be that simple) have moved this old nations hearts, we were here when those nasty Italians came and over ran all your ancestors, we were here when they had to build a wall to protect themselves from us, we even sent an ambassador down into England some time later a boy by the name of Willy ye know Mrs Wallace’s son, oh and she’s asking if you can tell him his tea is oot and if you can kindly send us back his belongings for a heroes funeral, after all ye raid burial places the world over so just what did you dae with Mrs Wallace’s son’s remains and of course that nice lady who yeh chapped aff her head and then destroyed the place of incarceration in Corby area  wis it, yeh know where willy stopped aff tae pay his respects on his trek doon tae see yae.

Still that’s just bye the bye (not by the by … shhhh) would like to just take a minute to thank all the bankers (gid job the spellers aff) for their support on our new up comin enterprise, the founding of a Nation. The world-wide business support from the global community is just so sweet and touching, I’m just lost for words give me a minute I’m just filling up here ….. there that’s better. The glass is full again and the cider is not sweet  but it still hits the mark, any way where was I before I had to be barman.

Something for this new age Celtic writer to finally get his teeth intae  a juicy subject:

They grave robbers owe your’s the wans that desecrate graves all over the world and plunder …. (Shh rang track matey keep it light and bright and cheery or they will think yer pickin a fight) return foreign artefacts to their empirical home on the magic isle. they can get about retuning Mrs Wallace’s son William and of course that nice heedless lass Mary if you please just as soon as yer able before our launch of a nation reborn that was burned to the grass-roots, land cleared and pissed all over (hey a warned you stop that) then land was given to the Campbell’s  in English footholds, still most left in the clearances as they wir nae mare welcome after their treachery. How dae yeh bribe a man to betray his countrymen his own kith and kin and what is the sins of the fathers that will be visited on their lineage I wonder (are you jist no listening, they get everything wrang they will think yer picking a fight … because it suits their purposes. naw because their stupid they thought they could raid the world and get away scot-free … just born on the wrang side ow the wa heh) still most of the little traitors are abroad right now and their misfortune is being visited just like the Japanese retributional wave and the Chinese  picking a fight and their economic ……WHIT are yeh on about ya witless moron just shut up and listen, you think it’s all black and white, we good they bad, are you mad lad.

This next door neighbour that never re-invested in these lands and rehabilitated it have deliberately asset stripped this country, they set up a drain that forced our native sons to work in their lands for their own economic benefits, the biggest single employer north of their border is the state lackey system they put in place instead of investing in their so-called alliance members . They moved in and took the oil selt the rights to their business partners, no co owned the rights with their fellow alliance members were jist kept subjugated by the …….. there yeh go again wi the black and white scenarios again boy yeh want tae get oot oh kindergarten, and look at the bigger picture …. ow aye and whits that when it’s at hame then, Mctavish. Well think owe how things are for them right now will ye fir a change. Naw boy jist hear me out first.

Awe they nations they invaded and also asset stripped are now putting together legal petitions for aid compensation for past misdeeds well that puts the public purse in jeopardy does it no. I’ll take that nod as ah can carry on tae ma point in all this. Well lets just say that a small part of their nation is about to break away from the unscrupulous neighbours, and that, that new emerging pristine example of true democracy that will spring from the lions of the great up rising … ahem … the point is, owe aye sorry getting carried away there fir a minute, well what if this new nations first act of independence is to make world numbered account banking system that charges for storage regardless of wealth contained and was to say start a litigation against its auld ally for past transgressions, from a standpoint of prior claim against the rest of the world claims, we then deposit the amount in one of our own new banks as working collateral in say an old whisky storage vault yeh know wans wi fifteen feet thick walls. we then give them a chance to re-secure the deposit against the day when they will make full restitution as long as they start a program of reinvestment in this nation for our good service in the past. We come oot owe it as shining knights helpin a poor downtrodden struggling neighbour fir a price ow course, well whit dae yeh think man. That’s a hell owe a way tae get a nae strings loan for an indefinite period, ya auld silver fox yeh.

Well jist tae play devils advocate as yeh know they will, which is what yer askin me fir tae sound it oot on. Whit if the reason this nation canny stand up is we awe think we have tae get a job geen tae us, instead of making our own money, what if that’s why the biggest employer is the state, in the first place, because we awe think somebody has a job fir us, or that the world owes us a livin, because the majority of us canny think fir ourselves. Ah canny name a single big Scottish entrepreneur can you. Shaun Connery, Billy Co ….. awe right awe right, there are wan or two oot there some place.

So let me see again you want tae cut a deal with the well-known business practices and moral fibre of the auld ally in the hope that they will be unscrupulous and try to Welch on their obligations, when they are paying so much in foreign aid to pay historic debts to nations that proved legitimate claims against them. And that are under the throes of a world recession, is the best time to try to cut a deal with the auld liar ally, is that no jist what a modern day Campbell would dae Mctavish. Jings never saw that wan comin did you.

So dae yeh think we have a prior claim against them then eh. heh heh.

But ah wid hate tae be in the shoes of any emerging nation that got its imperial system left by the brit abroad that then try’s to take ‘them’ to court in their ‘own’ system. Imagine thinking they can beat the devil at its own game it could be a beast of a play aff, i’ll bet yeh. Good thing we still have Scottish Law then isn’t it eh.

So whit is that David Campbell’s phone number again (Campbell naw couldn’y be could it.) and i’ll gee him a call eh get the ball rollin so tae speak. Noo you keep this tae yersell no, nay gassin tae the lassies doon the pub on a lumber ken hoo its no jist yer gums yeh bump when yer rammin it hame. Loose lips sink ships when a lassie waggles her hips at yeh. So zippit till a gee yeh the heeds up. We could be laughin all the way tae the bank min.

Noo just where did a leave awe they skeletons in the closet stories about they auld neighbours of ours must brush up on ma acceptance speech after they finish haying their gag about pulling oot owe our lands. Came saw conquered by treacherous locals, asset stripped to the bones war atrocities slaughtering our legitimate line to supplant it with some auld long lost cousins, naw a new democratic charter by the people of Scotland to bring their own government to a democratic charter with the people, to serve it to never knowingly misuse the peoples power against them and claim it’s in ‘their’ best interest, to never deny them their birth rights ……. awe right ma heeds buzzin wi awe this ….. lets get a pint in before the bell and you remember tae keep yer kilt on, or yer mouth shut just keep it busy doin something else trust me boy it will awe come naturally it always does.

After all a cross on a ballot paper in no way infers the transfer of rights from one individual to another in a court of law, that the power of poxy attorney proxy remains with the signer if they are capable of reading and writing and can of course sign their own name. Under the rules of evidence for this United King ….. sorry … Great Brita …… British Isles yeah that more like it they haven’t a leg to stand on and cannot use your rights against you under their own legislation, no wonder they were looking for a fast track way to change legislation, you know global unrest, trouble on the streets anarchy and mayhem ruling well that never got aff the ground now did it. They must have been under the weather or sumthin what dae yeh think man.

Signed this day of our lord 1546 2014

Alec Mctavis (That’s Mr Alexander to you lot)


The wee scunner…..