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Heroic deeds



A thousand years since the Horsemen rode out upon the land,

that stoic, sombre, fearful and deadly band

Their greed and the gory tools of Empire builders

that took the power of God upon their shoulders

The old invade to trade and other games were played

Using disease with famine marshalled war to the death tunes knell

As nation after nation were invaded, dominated and then exterminated as they fell

That thousand year lease is up for this old burned out shell called living hell.

The lord of the realm is now at the helm


Extract from ‘The Final Days’

The Cat among the Pigeons

Clan 45

Clan 45


The Cat among the Pigeons that never took flight

Accused of pushing, shoving and starting a fight

The truth, oh well hear that on another day

After the journalists have their ‘just earning a crust here’ say


The pride is on the prowl and marking out the land

A bit bemused by fates late quirky hand

They took their stand for the very best of reasoning

to learn at the wheel, the term, a five years seasoning


To learn the ropes and get through it all tempered well

There should be a few chapters of stories to tell

To the vanguard elite from the young lions that roared

from the hearts of this nation that swelled and saored.


Mythical Proportions

The End of the world real is not nigh, but just as we know IT.

Eye on You

Eye on You

The southern invasion of the SNP 50 newbies are getting used to the differences between our ‘wha’s like us’ mindset and the English at home where the stiff upper’s still have an upstairs and downstairs mentality. The OCD of segregation and the use of tradition to bolster IT in a changed world will only show the political mindset in Westminster still likes the pomp and circumstances to justify keeping up impractical and potentially harmful to the four nation’s use of out of date and function impaired systems that were developed for a different era with a Victorian mindset still in residence at IT’s conception. The segregated canteen was a shock to the no airs and graces pragmatic scot, so the papers tell us anyway. But IT looks like this is going to prove a little bit more than uncomfortable for the integration process for both sides. The Scot abroad will remember that the sum of the nations hopes (1,454,436) are resting on their shoulders. They survived the apprentice gags, ‘get yer own seat, aye sit over there nae body will mind’ and they did to the amusement of the press and the old guard..

The driver of the four nations vehicle to take us into the second decade of the first century of the third millennium, still needs a co driver for stops and filling up, map reading and calling out the hazards, there are now 50 eager hands at the wheel to make the pit stops easier and to get the changes done faster to make sure that the vehicle spends more time in motion than being serviced.

Nessie the great mythical beastie has taken to migrating in the summer to the emerald Isle and even further, we are assure that post cards are winging their way back home to show us to show us what a good time she is having, can’t wait for them really. The bell tolled on the 7th of May 2015 for the old form of Scottish politic of let the invader do as they like or they will just send in the army again, use legalised extortion practices, cut off self management and just letting ourselves be pushed around. Kill the local economy, restricting movement, land grabbing, bungs for their mates, I am sure this nation in the days to come will shed a tear for losing these territorial practices and sadistic ways as we come to terms that this nation has been bullied, subjugate, had its wealth stolen land stolen and now they still think that even with a smaller turnout percentage in their own land than here that they can still carry on as before. We are not masochist just the abducted nation getting liberated from an incarcerate’r chains from the empire builders that have historically shown a predilection towards the old world order left handed practices and would still like to lord IT over everyone in the new world, they don’t know when their time is over and obviously never herd the half time bell toll, or just dismissed in in their OCD grip of fear mindset, as they seem preoccupied with their traditional stance that if it works for you why change IT unless you have to, or are made to.

2015 Election Results

2015 Election Results

Exactly seven days after the event, IT is rumoured that the fat lady sang in a secret location in Glasgow, that the event was not advertised so that commercial enterprises could not tout the business. The location and guest list may have been kept select and quiet because IT was invite only, crashers need not even try. And then coincidentally seven days later the Lions roar was heard keening through the winds of the lands of the world heralding the arrival of the Scots on the playing fields of life. Taking their first tentative steps of freedom after their 300 year incarceration at the hands of the evil jailers of life and stealer’s of fun next door (boo, hisss, oh yes they are, whit dae yeh mean their behind me, where ah canny see thum, oh there thay ir, they are beneath us well on the map anyway, that’s the blue bit on the map unner the yelow brick road to the north of there), the infamous child catching invaders that like to lord IT over you, land grabbers of the old empire are now having to deal with the lowly common folk sitting at the high table of governance for the four nations of old Britain. Must stick in their craw eh!.

Then believe it or not after this set of incredible circumstances. It is also rumoured that yet again seven days later the Unicorn is said to have been unleashed at yet another secret location in the mythical land, and is currently off the radar rallying the nation in art song and rhyme. While catching up on lost time with her newly arrived mate who is reputed to have freed her in a surge of national pride from the young lions that roared. So just remember when booking a break in Brigadoon be like Cinderella fella and get hame before midnight, it will be back on the map fir only one day some time next week.

Meanwhile back in the land where time is while’d away in a mean fashion, the pied fifer is looking for payment and is threatening to take away the one billion youths if he is not given his demands, just as that one billion are feeling alive and getting ready to change the world into a better place for future, past and present generations, that are in Stockholm syndrome shock , displaying odd behaviour patterns of shuffling and mumbling (suppressed dancing and singing for joy maybe, well their generation are the most repressed) or just sounding incoherent and raving about their fears of doom and gloom and are still whiling away their time in occupational therapy called ‘work for your existence’ or pay the penalty.

OOps sorry just had a delusional sugar rush.

Some sugar rush eh, or is IT just sweet music tae yer ears. A modern day lullaby for the unwary, the dozy and the outright bumpkin bumbling fools of the old colonial mindset that think they are the rearguard of the advance of man in dominating a world by force instead of learning to live in harmony with the natural order and the natural state of man. That’s just the signs of the times folks have a great day. Ah will if you will.

Born of the Warrior Race

In the night a maelstrom had built of the headland

Raising litter and debris amid a twister of sand

The storm moved sharply inland cutting across the strewn battle field

Through the gully towards the enemy camp, a raging fury that will not yield


This ground was hard won in the dying light

Our homeland is evacuating as we have this last fight

Our children and loved ones are now safely gone

They will remember these deeds in some ode or some song


A final huddle at this highest mound

The weighing of weapons, men’s ragged breath the only sound

The night takes flight before the advance of the dawns new light

Thirty men will now stand, for this final unplanned fight


Born of the warrior race

Brothers shoulder to shoulder, friends back to back, Enemies face to face

Battle lines drawn, the still before the storm

As the light gathers before the coming harm


The captain returns from the bloodied battle ground

Wiping blood from sword, swift dispatch the wounded found

Cold rations of tack and a shared water flask

The eight hundred enemies will be taken to task


When this day is done, they can claim that they won

They laid siege to our towns, and ravaged this land, that is the least they have done

The fleet set sail with its cargo of our precious love

It’s time to make peace with the maker above


The Storms devastation cut a path from the battle ground to the enemy’s camp

The storm rages once more, then abates and the enemy is gone, like snuffing of a lamp

Thirty grown men now on their knees and tears soak the sod

Silence sets in as they view the scene of this timely act of god.

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Jumping the Gun

Faiths leap of Insight

Human nature has a tendency to presume the worst then to, plan a strategy to handle the worst outcomes then the first rule for that is to set up the relevant prevention for the worst contingency. This sort of pessimism is the standard knee jerk reaction for the species. In small situations and limited results situations this sort of quick fix thinking is standard for the species.

A case in point is the current set of circumstances surrounding the E-coli outbreak. The first hook was that the cucumbers were to blame and well before the facts or the evidence had a chance to be proven the knee jerk had the Spanish tipping out thousands of pounds worth of perfectly good ‘untested cucumbers’ in case they were and the authorities could look like they are on top of the whole situation. Well as we now know that was a red herring but the repercussions from it have cost hundreds of thousands in the loss of consumer confidence in the crop from the Spanish investment for their whole agricultural profits. The continuing saga of the likely culprit has moved to the German home market for the bean sprouts, and before another reaction could set in after the last best guess an official announcement was broadcast asking people to bear with them as the bean sprouts turned out to be yet another red herring, this calming effect will obviously work on the buying public like the British being told by broadcast that the home market could be regarded as being safe to use the present crop in this nation.

The trade damage is going to leave repercussions for a long time in the get that right reaction that will doubtless follow the first claims and counter claims for compensation, initial blame and more knee jerk reactions that will make up the aftermath of doubting Thomas mindsets fiddlers to the tune of the modern-day dance of denial and prevarication. This dance has now ended so step back to the edge of the dance hall and align yourself with your present partner as they face you. Take an attitude of mutual harmony and then align yourself to the ways of the path as you know them to be, then hold them true to this forevermore even if they move away from your closeness, never doubt them or worry for them for your love will be with them for all their lifelong until we all meet up in that place where we all meet up.

There is no place left in this world for doubt to rule the roost, for that little cackling cockerel can crow his song of grief and loss never again, for the new tune of the day is one of joy. The way ahead looks troubled and the land is in the midst of a mild fever and the dark cloud will pass into the mists of yesterday for this mild trouble that we see in the weather is the actions of cleansing the world views. The full potential of the new awakening will not ever again need to be driven by the tools of the husbandry rule of thumb that has restricted the awakening of the world to its true potential for the tomorrow of our hopes and dreams, that from the foundations of a troubled and bloody history the jewel of creation was born in the hearts and minds of the youthful hearts and clear minded perceptions and insights of the gentile in residence for the meek are they that shall inherit the workings of the world with no hardened edge to cut the accuser to the quick with, to instead believe in the very best of the very best of all of us regardless of the wealth position or acclaim that beguiles the senses of the world in passing and in that final moment of realisation of watching something terrible and yet precious leaving existence in the only way that it can is it transmutes into the blueprint in its suppressed regressions that never got to play jump to the fore of the dance of the way home. The resurrection of the lord of the Phoenix is born from the temperate fires that mould the soul of the new awakening. For the worst begging’s imaginable was how he wrote the begging to be, to start in paradise be thrown out, your children to end up at the brink of their own total annihilation and to at the final hour relent the relentless onrush of self destruction, to see the light of realisation glint of the furthest perceptions of the brightest insights to the way back to paradise from the depth of the darkest pit for it is the star to take the prodigal son home, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

That’s a wrap now for the after party that is the party at the end of time, you see it is after the end and that’s the only after party to want to go to so save up all your passes for that day.

Perceptions Insights

20/20 Foresight

In this world there are no guarantees of any kind, yet the system that has never delivered, wants to hold the unemployed to their word, that they are in all honesty doing what they say they are doing when they sign for their doled out existence, by people who are on ten times their money and are not held to their word that they will do what they were elected to do or even that their action plans to bring about their manifesto changes failures, will never be held against them but ……. if your unemployed that’s a different thing entirely and needs no acts of legislative changes and at that level they don’t even have civil rights so it’s alright to use extortion they can’t afford the legal fees mate. Yet they will not be held accountable for keeping on letting bankers away with holding the tax payer to ransom, ah I get it now, less dole money equals more tax pounds for the banks (sorry guys didn’t get it all). That they will not swindle the system as they see fit, taking the benefits of being employed in the elite one percent of injunction persecution dodger’s haven of refuge. That they will become accountable to the scrutiny of the public that pay their salary just as they persecute the unemployed to a two-year jail term on the dwindling jobs treadmill as they stream line the unemployed and coerce them to be the ten pound a week plus benefits cares of the aging population, no can’t be can it.

Did none of these idiots ever learn that a belligerent workforce causes the development of all kinds of working to rule policies to hinder the job and to stick it back to the man for denying the unemployed their civil right to be innocent until proven guilty, instead of being put under a microscope five days a week by a ‘lucky to be employed’ state lackey breathing down their necks without a criminal accusation being levelled and without a single legislative leg to stand on in any European community court, that wants to win the British populace’s allegiance to Brussels rule of laws. One law for the fiddlers and another for the organ grinder, but it is still the monkey doing the dancing to the tune of a very big stick with no carrot whatsoever. Like that will ever work and not just cost the tax payer more to police, check, enforce. So that when it fails like all the rest they can complain that it’s the useless unemployed again bucking the enforced saddling of the new slave class of rules of the free democratic State of Britain. Couldn’t just ask a professional psychologist’s advice before you come up with some cockamamie of the top of your head guaranteed to fail solution in this ‘Springtime for Hitler’ short run play as they stall and prevaricate and show that they do not have any solutions, but they do still know how to look busy and to keep everyone distracted as they fiddle and we burn at their expense on account of course.

All of the jobs that can be filled full-time, well paid with all of the perks and privileges are filled, and they are filled for life for the top-notch elite born one percent (50-60 working years barring accidents), the second strata down has the right pay all the privileges that they were born with and no company perks bar the social structure of the position, or the international standing of the company. Then there is the jobs for life with the right pay, no perks and no privileges at all are also filled for life, then the substrata levels, the percentages of the right pay, tradeoffs in some benefits and again no privileges are also jobs for life and there are only some minimal replacement slots as one or two may break the rules and get caught, or someone dies or marries well and moves out of the grid.

That brings us to only the part-time slots that the ‘you can have anything in the world as long as you believe and work hard to get it or re-educate to climb the mythical ambitious ladder to achieve your dreams’ that’s the gullible ill educated poorly treated will never fit ins, then there is the unemployed the slave labour for the pittance that is decreed from above by our betters, subsistence cash, no perks no civil rights, the you will do as your told and like it strata that all the rest above fear to find themselves sliding down the greasy pole into and will instead of helping the oppressed level will do the ‘skip past the guillotine’ dance of the fake revolutionary’s by hiding in the ranks of the oppressor and condemning the new serfs ‘vive le revolution no, mon amee’.

Ah well like the old tribes of the old world would say about it ‘it is better to live up river from your enemies, in case they pee in the river to get their own back’ than to have to always boil your water just in case. The poverty trap is necessary for this next ruse that it all works and you can climb this mythical ladder to? Be put in charge of an economic institution that has to get this country’s financial transaction moving again, when the whole world has drawn in its belt, the recession that didn’t happen has not gone away (must be Mr Nobody then) and the so-called and much hyped and anticipated expectations from the ‘pay the tax direct to the bank, do not go to jail pick up two hundred pounds and count your blessings manoeuvre’, bringing sighs of relief from the players in the market of ‘thank goodness  the plebs didn’t catch wind as to what is actually going on or we would all be in for it’, hate to be a spoil sport but the cat is definitely out of the bag now oops.

They do say you cannot have it all, they also say life is what it is so get used to it quickly it won’t change just for you or if fortune brings you lemons, make lemonade. You can’t keep a good man down is now proven to be a lie, as only the elite are born into good fortune and they are privileged by an accident of birth and not any kind of reflection of moral or personal worth. Nobody said life would be fair after all.

Even being of royal lineage having all the privileges of position and power and wealth in abundance is no guarantee that you will ever have a derby winner, so fate is the only thing that can breach all the barriers even those of the heads of state.

So what are they going to do with an aging population, a growing unemployable workforce, a decline in manufacturing, a hike in the cost of living and no one stupid enough to join the mythical war as they now know it’s just a state sponsored euthanasia program that has been around since the dawn of time to get rid of in-house insurgents and dissidents that just won’t jump when they are pushed and will dig in and instead become entrenched at the roots of the system closest to the plug if the born trouble makers that are stirring up a middle eastern cauldron of trouble and have had to resort to providing air cover as no one wants off the dole that bad that they will end up on the ground in another sovereign state killing innocent’s (one million innocent’s is collateral damage only in a heartless accountants books) dying for yet another lying politician that likes to pick their fights to suit their own purposes, and get rid of the troublesome dissidents.

Now if you cannot have an omelette without breaking eggs and in this life there is no guarantee of immunity to the pains of life, the sons of Thomas have brought the modern world to its collective knees. It is past time for to ask that faith be the way forward, towards an agreed consensus about the final destination. Never a referendum when you need one and with this government, never a referendum about the right things for the whole of us.

The Tsunami brought the fact that the world has shrunk under the developing umbrella of the new technological age and its new shiny personal devices, there is no place to run, who do you think you are kidding, they must still be using an eighteenth century profiling system for the lower classes. Get with the program boys don’t you know ‘Things they are a changing, the ways of life are rearranging baby’ and no matter how much you want, a race winner you will be no luckier that anyone else at getting what you want.

You can’t always get what you want, so get used to it it’s out of your hands from here on in.

The Charioteer

Never Lonely

Never Lonely

How long have I known
How little have I shown
How much have I grown
Never lonely and always alone

Time slips by as the seeds are sown
Standing firm in the faith sets the tone
Combining the elements and washing the stone
The walk of faith leaves nothing to atone

No Fairy Tale

What the Shrek

Hello Princess Fiona, hate to be the bearer of bad news but…an imp has mucked you over wake up and take a look, it’s not your script it’s a comedy book. Yeah this clunky knight, has been substituted for a heroes worthy might. And it must be said the plot isn’t very sane and yeah he’s verging on the wrong side of very plain.

I know he isn’t too bright, but if you pose him and just set him right. He can be an attractive centre piece, but do remember he is on loan and keep up the payments on his lease. It goes without saying you already tried bossing him, ordering him and you now know, that’s not in the manual that’s not how it will go. So we thought while you still have a full head of hair, we would interject and show you what is fair, to assume or to expect or by chance to find. He has a lot going for him but none of them is a brilliant mind.

Now this simple lad is honest and stout, but you guessed it he will do nothing if you shout. I know, I know it’s just so unfair, how could the provider show such lack of care. He does have unlimited power and great unconscious ken, but he is from the merest house of men.

A well such a tale to tell, of how a bint found herself in hell. What you dispute the label, from such a scented painted living fable. Time to put your cards on that mythical table. So trapped in the depths of hell, and honest you tripped, you fell or you just were tricked. No you can’t claim coercion and yes we know your ticked.

Tapping your feet, glaring and maybe the threats and lies, say you’re not that honest, and the tale is thick with lies.

So the games afoot and we are on our way, now we will all see if you are as good as they say. The pace is heavy and it demands a lot, you have enough time to show what you’ve got. The trail is cold and the scent is gone, and the idiot wants to make a camp and sing some song. Was that an expletive, what the f@#k is going on.

Still this is a fabled tale, about an impossible quest that cannot fail. So when the sun is high the camp is packed now get on your way, You know where your going and you never listen to a word he’ll say. The walk is pleasant and the weather is fine, the pace does slacken and lunch calls with the promise of wine. The day has the charm to sooth your mood, and when it shines it makes you both feel good.

As time goes by you both grow close and start to play, before much longer you’ll hang on every word he’ll say. If you close your eyes and down some wine, damn but he’s beginning to look real fine. As he overcomes all tests, guarding camp and overcoming villains will bring out his best. My how you will chuckle at life’s little jest when you see the final joke. He is no hero just a regular bloke.

The Divine Feminine

The Eternal Woman


From the height of grace and inner beauty
She charms devotion into duty
Where insight is perceptions vision
Her greatest knowing avoids life’s collision
Balancing out the twins of Chi
Nurturing the soul to be all it can be
One foot in the divine one on Gaia’s ground
Her faith and imagination are now unbound
Her lioness stance stemmed the destroyer’s flow
Consolidating courage to see off the foe
Wings of dreams carry imaginations flight
Owning all of the day including Luna’s night
Her gifts of life know no bounds
No matter what trials are doing the rounds
The priestess of the hidden knowledge from above
From the pride of the lioness to the winged dove
She tempers the storm as she surfs life’s wave
With the power to preserve and the gift to save
From warmest love to strength and courage
Cradling life, from the dawning of the age
The lineage of time sequentially moves
The twists of the labyrinth turn in the grooves
The wheel turns as each player makes their play
Focused on winnings not their perfect day
As every fledgling learns till the need to go
Aquarius endows all of life’s blood flow
By Cupids delivery not Mars’s might
Diana holds true the arrow’s flight