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Wearing and Tearing

The Human Condition

Human Kind?

Human Kind?

The modern-day bloated hangover from the Victorian era was even up until recently evolved from the need for certain types of individuals to be comforted and soothed at the top end, while the really needy at the lower end were given aid for their illnesses, treatment for their wounds and operated on for knowledge’s sake. This was found out to have developed more by a lifestyle set of causes than any real weaknesses in the human body. In the light of modern-day understanding we now know that any form of repetitive lifting and carrying will on any ‘body’ that is involved in this type of work and will have a drastic result on the body that does it, now called natural wear and tear. Regardless of social standing or breeding as was thought to be the great divide of human kind way back in that original era. Out of this came the modern-day medical development that went on to become the modern-day NHS, which started by trying to eradicate the snake oil doctorate mindset of the previous era. Where quacks and charlatans and shaman of the new order sold elixirs to the suckers from a farthing to a shilling in their time.

The facts about the physical body and all its strengths and weaknesses, its ability to repair and to endure and to withstand pain and discomfort and to begin to understand the process of genetic inheritance, are in this day and age becoming well documented. Thanks in the most part to early research and study for testing tolerances and wear and tear on tissue. This has become better understood in hindsight from the investigations and records from the barbaric actions of a wide range of inhuman people from torturer’s and sadists in incarceration mental hospitals, and laterally in death camp torturer’s devices, and not to mention some input from the whims of madmen like De Sade.

While the mind of man is known for its ability to be educated, its faculty for memory and the ability to recall and process information, its perceptions and insights as well as its logical and reasoning faculties. The arts and sciences owe their thanks to the mind of mankind. The latter day relics of mental hospitals and psyche wards have all but disappearing from the modern day landscape. The evidence of them is a crumbling ruin the last relics are just left as ugly eyesores or are shown in photographs as a series of nostalgic views and insights into our continuing fascination with our own sense of loss and abandonment. The mind and its rational or inner balance and perspective are much better understood in this day and age than at any other time in the history of man. This may sound appalling, but we have found out more about the extremes of the mind the recesses and the imbalances from the worst sort of human behaviour. Than from the clinical observation of troubled people who are not willing to reveal themselves, or their mental or emotional imbalances for fear of ridicule and derision under that form of incarcerated situation.

Next comes the much lamented human emotional nature, where all good and bad behaviour springs from.Advances and insights into the modern emotional nature of man, owes a debt of grudging gratitude to some old Freudian and Jungian first steps into the theatre of relationships and attachments. Giving us a better understanding of the core of meaning, sentiment and need, as well as the OCD level of the seven deadly vices and drives for indulging excesses. That is now helping to lay bare the world of motivation that is want, and the inner core of drives is being better understood because of this. The sycophantic ‘woe is me’ need of the Victorian era has now all but been replaced by the ‘I me, me mine Thatcherite children’s children’, of the neXt generation of potential wizards and super heroes of the day’s drive to distance themselves from their predecessors by the modern day practice of self empowerment. While the media today is reporting news of a much more modern regime for spreading the tactics of the ‘climate of fear’. This is again educating the modern generation to not react, to wait for some sort of corroboration before action is taken. This is beginning to have a distinct result in the advancement of man, and in reducing the historic knee jerk reactionary level of man, to replace it with a much more measured response to intimidation, threat and all other forms of posturing, misinformation, media speculation and so on.

This may sound bad, but the terrible practices of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, is again the core starting point to our modern day more enlightened approach to our store of knowledge of ourselves, to further enhance our understanding of being. To wish this not to be true is to try to dismiss this mass of knowledge and understanding that was gleaned from our previous history for human suffering and self abuses. To try to dismiss this information and not use it, is to pointlessly sacrifice all that historic pain and suffering for no better reason than to try to appease a deity, that most modern day progressive people do not even believe in any more, Or simply pay lip service to because of social standing or peer group pressure, so we may conform to some set of assumed universal agreement, to be this way to for to better fit in to modern day life in this present day and age.

Lets take the first two points of the matter of being, namely that man is traditionally defined by his Body, Mind and Soul. This area of the subject begs the question of the modern day understanding of the concept of the soul. Is there any room in the modern day recesses of the mechanistic man’s psyche, with his relentless march in the tide of time and history for so called progress for man’s current vanity to have the luxury of claiming to have a soul. Their appears to be no place at the core of being for any evidence of the limited luxury of even basic human compassion on any great enough scale, let alone any evidence of a soul over as wide a spread of the base of mankind in this world today. It begs the question if there is no evidence then there is no case to answer, mankind on the surface is beginning to look no better than a biological robot of the modern era..Modern man would like to try to whitewash it or eradicate it from his collective and historic copy book, but that won’t wash in the light of modern day wars and terror tactics that are being applied on a daily basis in the media misinformation eye. To try and live life by stifling or suppressing emotion is not the tactics of choice that is necessary for successful living in this modern day fast paced world. Emotion is the salve we give ourselves or indulge ourselves in, in our private lives to compensate for the mechanistic way we live our public and social lives. As family life is highly competitive between siblings we tend to even mask our intentions or motives in these situations as an astute sibling will pick up on things that most strangers in our social or public lives would miss. Inflection, hesitance, bravado are all masks to conceal our inner being from the possibility of derision or ridicule. This is the stock and trade tools of the baiter. The tendency towards sensation seeking in our social lives has given rise to an industry. To indulge that new taste that was the traditional preserve of the old world explorers guide to adventure and giving in to the call of the wild and the excitement of the unknown. Including Base jumping, hang gliding, adventure travel and exotic locations are just some of, the natural ingredients of the palette of the mechanism to get you out of your daily plodding mechanistic, day by day drudge of the working environment. Still no sign of soul and no easy way to define it, is man just a biological mechanism for being and experiencing, as the modern day facilitation’s seem to suggest.

Enlightenment the ancient preserve of the shaman, priests and holly men and not to mention soothsayers. Is also said to be the seat of the souls perspective on the world. But just what is enlightenment to a mechanistic mankind. Is it the knowledge that waste is not what the universe does, that to preserve ourselves in a natural way we should emulate the natural processes of the universe to feel more connected to it and to help us to feel less mechanistic. Why does the modern day man live with a feeling of disconnected action and response to modern day life. In a world where almost everything is prefabricated, shop interiors, kitchens and units, furniture and white goods are all built and available in pre packaged warehouse holding pens just waiting to be picked up and put into use. People never take the time to really get to know one another or make a real human connection with each other in any meaningful way. The disposable lifestyle of the modern day mechanistic man may well have a lot to do with that feeling of disconnection we are sometimes prone to. While we have to again face up to the harsh cold light, of modern un-enlightenment’s dawning day being cast over the nature of being. This makes mankind look a little reduced from the ways of the ancestors as promoted by the idealised version of our origins anyway. Or it is the height of achievement from the brutal practitioners of the horde that sought to force understanding from their own kind and has since been raised to a more civilised society.

So just who is modern day man. Are we all really just Mind body and emotion by nature, or is that simply the shape that modern day society is forming us into. This stunted way of living still feels all too wrong to the inner core of being, even in the light of so called modern day advances or progress. For we are burning millions of tons of waste a year and burying even more, of the pre packaged wrappings from the off the shelf cheap excuse for life that we are all being drip fed. That life has been engineered for a soulless world populated by a soulless collection of beings, that are more insensitive to real connections and an honest approach to life than any idea of a robotic soulless being has. Bankers, politicians, education the failings of the modern day world outweigh any continued drive for progress. It is past time to stop and take stock, to tick things over for a while and to try to reorientate our drives and developments to make a better being of man. Instead of a better informed and pseudo educated populace that is being desensitized to the plight of planetary life, and to the crush of humanity that is living up close and personal in close confined quarters for a mechanism to swing a metaphorical cat comfortably in. By its daily selfish drive towards some unclear indefinable ideal that some previous generation think tank thought was a good idea for us all to rush headlong after.

If you start off with a thread of thought will it eventually evolve into a string theory. Or is life just one big stitch up.


Thugs and Dictators of Europe

My Way or the Highway

The Self

The Self

Nice weather were having, hope the rest of you are having nice spells to. Is it my imagination or has politics in Britain been suddenly thrust into the world lime light. That will show up the cracks in a heavily flawed system quicker than a secret inquiry, Quango investigation, or a rummage in the closet ever will. Mind yourself as the skeletons do have a habit of inconveniently falling out if you dig to deep.

Getting The Picture:

The Eurocratic need to interfere is once again raising its ugly head from the multi headed daemon that is the European diktat of the day. Their dictatorial stance is to force you to rescind your rights to your images by imposing a law that is as alien to us as the tenets of ‘Mine Kampf’ was to our Fathers and grandfathers that died in two world wars to defend.. They further claim that ‘they’ own the right to whatever memento you take of your visit to any site that they claim has someone elses public domain presentation on public display and will legally enforce this diktat as they see fit.

Hhmmm …. very Germanic her dictator.

Any one else realise that a public structure is in the public domain and corporate litigation is again encroaching on our inalienable right’s. The only rights an artist has with a public display is against plagiarism, you cannot knowingly make a copy of the original and try to earn from it, but the image of the original is free publicity for their original art and the photographer could even be entitled to advertising rights to protect their own right to view and record their deeds and actions and add to their own visual history. Sort of ‘kilroy was here’ and had the right to look and record the deed. Pictures of a public art displays by an artist are in no way an infringement of the very public display they already consented to by the needs of ego to show off in the first place being a struggling artist in my own right and I will still defend the right of the free man to record his travels and show off his snaps, an artist should think himself lucky to get the free mention in open media after all the purpose of the display is to attract viewers and visitors. The Eurocrat would be better employed dealing with real crimes like….

Migrant Problem:

The Calais migrant problem is like a knife in the back to a gentile system for educated and self responsible intelligent beings (British PR release quote). The thug and his use of force is ignorant of the way of man and compounds the injury further by thinking this land is the jewel of the north Atlantic will swallow that line any longer, their ignorance is very reminiscent of the sixties dreamers if they think that this nations streets are paved with gold. Evidence yet again that the land is greener not under their feet but is greener in some one else’s patch of dirt. Their violent behaviour with weapons and intimidation will not go unnoticed any longer and will not sit well in this countries conscience. For that sort of behaviour in any democratic country will only get them incarcerated and they will just end up filling up the already overrun judicial systems holding pens. And just trying to avail themselves of the rights reserved for our own just will not wash in the cold light of day any more. It is well past time for us to stand by our own who have earned the right to live here by paying their dues. None of these infiltrators has earned the right to life here and they have not contributed to this north Atlantic archipelago in any way so why do we then give them access to our nations inherent rights. Someone is trying to pull a fast one on us using our own archaic laws to circumvent the unspoken rights of our nations own and it is now well past the time to close all these legal loopholes.

Human Rights:

The world citizen does not exist, the truth about human rights are that here they are currently extended just like every other nation in this world by their own countries governmental system and defended by each nations judicial systems. Like the one the ‘migrants’ all are supposed to have paid their dues into and after the going got tough then deserted it in the quest for easier pickings elsewhere. From say a foreign country that they believe just hands out money to any one with half an excuse up their sleeves under the open world ticket of human rights. The mythical birthright of ‘a world-class citizens human rights’ has no world government body to defend the so-called world citizens supposed rights. If a country has to control its borders like a small island nation has to then this joker ticket is no longer a valid excuse that allows them to abuse our systems and use them against us. No open frontier exists in this world and yet these so-called migrants (a race that lives on the move or migrates to warmer climates in the cold) who are really the self displaced. They decided or were forced to leave making no stance to secure their own rights in their country of origin like every other free nation in the world historically did. Their fears of what ‘could’ probably happen to them if they stay is just a probability they are using as leverage to circumvent this nations laws to work their will against our collective inherited rights by the fully paid up members of the electorates inalienable rights. This is the excuse that is being used to lift the skirts of the British judicial system and to pull the wool over old justices eyes to circumvent the legal barriers to allow them to gain benefits and rights they have not earned in this nation. By simply claiming world-class human rights that are not upheld by a non-existent world governments charter to its people.

The first rights any newborn has is their birth rights. Those rights are:

The mothers inherited rights

The fathers inherited rights

This then this places the newborn in a country of origin under the rights of the day or times. (Place and time of birth)

The next set of rights are earned by the individual by them then paying their dues when they reach an age to start to contribute and earn. Their rights are then extended as they live the course of their lives on a day by day basis after their rights of passage..

The lie that is being used is getting to be as distasteful as full public beheading’s by murderous people who are easy to manipulate (radicalize) in the cause of a killer ideology. If this nation actually took its schizophrenics off the street and put them in a reserved environment this could eradicate about seventy percent of the problem as thirty percent are borderline and less manic and so harder to detect. But as much as this would help with the problem the exception is we are under the collective illusion that there are good and bad people in the world, and the historic abuses in these secluded institutions are now the stuff of modern-day horror movies needs to be taken into account in the process. Many a jailer was an abuser as bad as those they incarcerate and the worst were just abusive individuals getting under the radar and hiding behind closed institutional walls of silence to indulge their own sick tastes. Why were institutions closed over time. All human beings learn good behaviour and they try to conceal their bad nature and as paedophiles have proven good behaviour fools nearly everyone as it masks  the bad to conceal intent and desire. We still tend to in a high volume quick paced world to readily accept first impressions without real scrutiny and then if they can hold out for the probation period they can then secretly ply their whiles as they please knowing they are beyond suspicion especially if they are highly sociable.

The Human Condition:

The fact that human beings use good behaviour to get on in the world and to entice and keep the people we want around, does not ever indicate the reason why, their motives will only ever become apparent over time. That the individual’s own personal wants, needs and drives are never easy to detect at first contact and so we are still suspicious of the honey trap. The fact that we used to use our bad behaviour to back someone down or drive them away, has now become a more civilised (or process that is how we like to think that we are anyway. Oh what a gift eh), we now tend to excuse ourselves and move somewhere else or just ask the person to leave if we can. Our real bad nature and behaviour is really meant to be used to defend against attack. Just look at the tenants of kung fu and you we see the way of the peaceful warrior is to defend an initial attack, then if it persists to seek to disable the opponent and if they are too good or too insistent to then aim to maim them if necessary for self-defence. And lastly If it turns murderous then to take the final self-defence posture if you are given no other choice. To murder or execute innocent people who have never harmed you is the single biggest affront to our nations psyche and is the most unpalatable digest of news steam reporting of the present day.

Britain has been handing out money, and blanket coverage to any other so-called migrants ‘world human rights’ above and beyond their own people’s has now run its course in our collective tolerance of abuses of the day. A thoughtless act by a misguided governmental system that betrays its own fully paid up members in favour of doing a kindness for an unfortunate other is no longer a valid excuse for anyone. The version of the good Samaritan being turned on by the injured party is not the version the bible taught but then that parable was written quite a few years ago. If modern-day governments that turn on their own and favour others and give them equal status in their nation and gives anyone immunity to our own systems self-defence mechanisms then they are shooting us all in the foot with their blinded sense of doing right. If this is the case then they cannot continue to call themselves the servant protectors of the nation they no longer serve. If they were a business board of governors of a modern-day company then this sort of behaviour would be dealt with by a simple vote of no confidence. This nation is proving at the highest levels just like all the other so-called world class countries of this third rock from the sun that they are the blind leading the blind into a new age of chaos. They are not fit to rule if they do not defend the nation from boarders and invaders any more than the common man is fit to make world decisions on every ones behalf under the present pseudo democratic rule that is currently being touted as the jewel of the democratic crown.

Corporate Pirates Raiding Human Rights:

The corporate spiel that only money houses can govern a world is the biggest lie in creation one that suits a darker agenda than the known and revealed ones are that any modern or progressive nation would like to be involved in. The hidden agendas and these investment houses and their stealth actions is the most distasteful trend that is the constant topic in the world view of the glaring media spotlight of the present day drive for the need for full world disclosure and full transparency at all levels. The elephant in the room coupled with the ability to ask the right questions springs readily to mind in the face of their sort of shady action.

A money house must be registered in a country somewhere and is then under someone else’s sovereign laws and cannot claim to be able to swallow up any other nations sovereign rights that their country of registration does not own outright and buying up another nations national debt will never work, just look at Greece and you will see the line we will all have to take with this new third Reich by the so-called ‘master of the universe’ as they wrestle with national sovereignty to control the world. Almost the cart before the horse, as they are trying to pull the TTIP and fraking ‘rules’ over your eyes. They have no international powers they are subject to some country’s laws and do not have the legal rights let alone the moral stance to justify their illegal actions on a world stage. Pity there is no world government body to get all these quarrelling countries infant eights into line, that would be a benign (B9) intervention if ever one was ever needed. Here in the land of the blind leading the stupid and ignorant by the rings in their noses. Time for a change of tack as we are beginning to lose the fight on our own home ground.

Scottish Myths

Origins of the First Foot



What is it about Scotland that raises so many hackles in the English psyche, could the envy of past kings and queens still be haunting the populace of our next door neighbours. The country that has coveted the lands and wealth of the entire world, or is something being lost in translation, can the megalomaniacal greed of one nation and its brothers in arms still be the single biggest drive in their relentless program for the modernisation of the entire world like mechanistic clones of minimal mankind. As they seek to break down superstition and ignorance in the third world. Or could it be that this outdated mechanistic machine of empire builders has been hijacked by financial backers to extend their empire under our collective radar.

The myths of creation and the mystic heritage of the Celtic tradition is still the ghost in the machine that will halt the progress of world forming policies and economic manipulations. The materialistic drive towards a soulless world is still the preserve of human robotic self promotionists and asset strippers. The receding domain of the faith groups of the world are being seen as an eradication of faiths, while the western media informs us that groups like ISIS are religious bodies of men fighting for their way of life, while they seek to enslave peoples to their subordination while they traffic people and not just children under the banner of being a religious group on a holy quest. Propaganda and misinformation as well as intermittent input from independent jokers, spoilers and mixers cloudy the waters as the world tries to make sense of the ongoing actions of governments and the intentions of religions.

Real religious bodies like the Hebrews of the world held quiet while atrocities were being done in the name of Israel. While the clearly Nazi tactics being used against the people of Gaza are land grabbing, death camp style land clearances by mechanistic men with no religious humility to hold them in check. Proving that good men still stand by and do nothing while evil masquerades in religious garb and flout’s their atrocities in the face of the collective world eye view to cause even greater human misery and suffering in the name of their false faiths. Humble faith is the preserve of the faithful being, man woman or child. This will always inhibit the ego from using force to impose their will on others. The tenets of each faith are for the faithful while the beast of modern teraforming machine mindsets, use politics and economic slavery for their mastery in the modern-day march of the machine mind. This soulless existence which reveres things instead of people, which does not allow that there are a wide diversity of species in the animal kingdom as well as in the human species (race creed colour etc) proving that life prefers diversity over uniformity, a compulsive need of the mind that old tuck and tidy OCD of modern-day life. So why does the ant colony of the human hive mind want a production line mankind all rolling of the factory construction belts with the same skills education and with a will to having and then to squeezing every ounce of material worth out of their soulless existences. Have we been invaded by an alien species that is turning mankind into the conscience in the machine. Ready for the day when they will all be born, and placed in a body suit with exoskeleton and onboard OS with weapons and tools to force their will on all who oppose the mechanistic dominion of a cold logical and analytical power that will brook no resistance. Sieg Heil.

A rumour from the stories of creation by the heavenly host that goes like this …..

Way back at the very beginning of the concept of this time limited virtual reality called life. When the creator used his avatar to step through the world forming processes of this linear experience to build the elements and materials of this prison pen of life, so that we cannot build anything too dangerous with the materials available, that all things will recover over time as it marches on, ever seen a time laps video of the recovery from fire, the creep of the wild as it reclaims abandoned living abodes. How weeds burst through tarmac to reach the light, you must then see that life will find a way and nothing is forever. First came the energies of this reality which were deliberately limited. As this pen was built with our human life force in mind, a dedicated environment to take seed from ignorance to sentience over time. After this came  matter out of which all things are produced. As the first beings made proved, that instant autonomous perfection or ‘angels’ after their wilful fall. Proved that you must earn the right and then prove it in life deed and action to really be humble and not abuse the power vested in man by the divine plan that placed the divine spark at the core of being. Once the environment was stabilised the power of creation then instituted the seasons and cycles of life, then to design the evolutionary process into the seasons of man to develop a conscience rational mind that can reason and create. After all this the fall from paradise was set in motion for as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end, that which fell must rise again to paradise and to either return in full worth or to relent and submit to the will of heaven as the prodigal son must ever return to the father.

It has been revealed that the creator having driven man from paradise set four angels (archangels) at the four corners of Eden, barring mans return to the state of grace. That he has not directly interacted with man again except through the three silent voices he instilled in being, instinct (father of all living beings), intuition (the Christ in the heart that teaches and instructs) and inspiration (living imagination, dreams and visions) and using the host of heaven to deliver exact messages until man has been domesticated. After all livestock is penned and bred for domestic use.

The machine mind that does not see itself as a creators property and is more inclined towards the view of the star seed will insist on stamping out the emotional being as they are considered an enemy of their rational and logic, too superstitious or just too alien to the flotsam and jetsam from space debris that landed here and tried to supplant the indigenous species with its own cuckoo seed.

It is however said in the rumours of the heavenly host that when the creators avatar first stepped on this ball of dirt on the single continent of life the jewel in the watery world of mother earth, that his first footfall on the ball the right foot was planted on the land that is now called Scotland and that the second footfall was in what is today called Ireland, although the Irish supporting contingent of the host (they favour Scotland and Ireland over England in a good-humoured and good-natured way of course) that It was the other way around and the avatar was facing south and not north on that long ago fabled first foot on mother earths single great continent. (uncorroborated, some timescale issues?) That only started to split after the tower of babble drove a wedge between the nations of man, causing continents to shift and divide. So this would have made the first footfall on the globe in Ireland (the right foot) and the second in Scotland, that would be the left foot to you and me. But I have to ask you where in the world did the tradition of the first footer come from, and Is Ireland not known as the land of the Irish colleen, the right is associated with mind and the left is for heart, if that is converted to masculine mind and feminine heart it almost proves itself then. Or was it just like meant to be, instituted as a celebration of life and change, a glass in hand raised to life and living not for material goods or wealth, but for hearth and home and states of well-being.

Well the genetic embedding of the language of English was time delay released (a season of man) and would be constructed and developed in situ and through a seasonal time release process that could only ever come into being if man evolved. Makes you wonder what some of the alternatives might have been.

To say that man has turned the corner may seem a little presumptuous to say the least while we still appear to be skirting the edge of disaster (the day the earth stood still Keanu Reeves style) and will now begin the return journey back from the precipice of Armageddon. Though not out of the woods yet we are at last seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

On a point of view basis of the world vision of man as the parasite on the back of this angelic egg, the star seed children are then reduced to bugs and fungi on the back of a burgeoning ball that is still going through growing pangs. When looking at the bi-polarity that exists on this ball of dirt, can it be that while one half of the globe is in darkness and the other in light is man in those regions not just the polar opposite of those on the other side, wow good job it spins at a steady spit roasting cycle to be able to cook both sides at once, even if they are growing apart into a schism of polar opposites that will escalate to an inevitable conflict.

The husbandry rules are again employed to keep numbers in check and to use breeding programs to sustain numbers. The main tools of the husbandry method are the use of the carrot and stick to drive and herd and get obedience. These are still the tools of empire, reward and punishment by the state to get conformity of behaviour from the masses. The preserve does not end there, ask any man who has been in the dog house when the shrew turns on the disobedient man to see how good behaviour is expected by the moral judge and heart of the relationship, the woman in their life. A husband is taken by a woman and is brought to heel by the courtship process. Or the girl is a good daughter of her father and is the obedient heart to a caring mind (not as common as you would like to think) and is content to be the heart of the relationship with an educated or well domesticated man.

So the polar opposites of the spinning third rock spit roast barbecue of man in the fires of metaphoric hell, may well be programmed into the dominant species genetics, that if only two views are left in the world, a final conflict is either inevitable or a marriage of convenience will have to be arranged or forced into being. Out of the two which could be the head and which is driven by emotional superstitious drives of the heart that wants only total annihilation of all of its supposed enemies. The north American Indian tells us that two wolves are fighting in the heart of man one good and one savage and this terrible state of the heart and its conflicts in life all seem to stem from this, the very essence of good is benign while great atrocities have been done through a lack of compassion and basic humane care. The infamous Nazi war machine, Genghis Khan to name but two nations.

The empire builders brought, trade to new lands and when their beads and trinkets did not get them what they coveted (land, metals minerals and spices and goods) they unleashed the four horsemen as they went under the banners of churches to invade under the pretence of trade, then to extend their initial footholds on new lands to unleash the devastation of disease (pestilence), this produced famine’s, even Ireland and Scotland had it with the potato blight under the empire masters drives. This ignited wars and with this came hatred compounding scars into each invaded racial groups collective psyches and racial memory. And inevitably death was the final strike to the races who followed the path of the untamed hearts of natural man, by a ruthless empire driven mad set of kings and queens and warlords. After this initial drive into the wild states of man by the mind driven need for taking what it wants and giving itself the right to do so, under the pretentious drive for better consciousness sentient behaviour and civilised ways of suppression for obedience, to raise the funds at home. And when the four horsemen had done their job, a thousand years later and we see that the end does not justify the means as the schism of a subjugated set of nations and the ill will they feel for their imposed lords and masters is keeping the two tribes still in conflict with occasional outbursts of small wars and regional conflicts are all that can be mustered by the dwindling will to destroy. You could say that the flesh is willing but the heart isn’t in global death machines in this day and age. Amen to that brother.

One tiny little footnote.

What if the Celt’s are the hobbit’s of this only earth, like the hobbit’s of middle earth. And if so just where is Gandalf when you need him, and falling into a pit and defeating the beast in its own lair is not an acceptable excuse. Nice new white outfit by the way old man.

The Human Condition

A single POV

The Self

The Self

Most people go through life unaware that we are all delimited by the five senses, vision is impaired to seeing straight ahead. hearing gives a directional inference but is no GPS. Feel is limited to proximity and smell depends on wind direction or proximity, taste is a matter of personal choice so our five windows on the world are responsible like a computers set of peripherals, mouse, game-pad, printer, scanner for both input and reception of data from the world around us. The mind the CPU of the human device receives data and information through a narrow visual corridor via a set of left and right hemisphere images that the mind’s eye collates into a single image so the imagination is engaged to this process. Hearing has two left and a right hemisphere radar like scope that is directionally biased to sounds from the front to the level and is somewhat shielded to sounds from behind, but the whole being is usually involved in the hearing process at an unconscious level adding to the certainty of the sounds being heard and recognised. Smell has a habit of shutting down in familiar environments and women have chosen to stimulate the latency’s with pot pure and scented sprays and cleaners to kick the sense back in, just go to a new environment and the closed down sense will kick in just as active as a dog’s will on a scent hunt.

It is not fair to just pick on the limitations so let’s look at how to extend the senses window into the world. The body is the chassis of the being, the mind is the operating system and the senses the peripherals or interface for the being to experience the world, the input devices. The imagination is the screen by which we visualise the input information, the mind is the device interface for reviewing the world as it is interacted with. This houses memory and experience as well as mountains of data and information about the persons experience of the world. Most of the time the perceptions of the mind are in a semi neutral state skimming as it goes reviewing or recognising as we view and progress, when we engage we bring extra attention to bear so we can, review, update, inform exchange or learn as we relate and interact. Scanning is used periodically to give exchanges perspective, time, location, status and this gives the memory a basis for retention. So recall and the identification process are engaged in the peripheral processes in exchanges and interactions.

The limitation of sight is it is directional so anything going on out of sight in the same vicinity is missed and not recorded by the person. So as we interact and scan to some extents we still only see a limited amount in each interaction. Anything out of our line of sight and our scan radius will be only seen from some one else’s point of view, POV.

While at its most basic a group will cover more visual area than a single POV, the overlap of scanning areas is useful to the pack, herd or tribe. The thing about solitary large animals is that the pack will bring the moose to the ground, after it has harried and driven the animal to exhaustion and then at the first sign of weakness they will move in for the kill. Relaying on the fact that it cannot see all the pack at once and so will be taken down by damage received from blind-sided attacks. Blood loss and fatigue will always win out unless the pack is immature or other circumstances shift the advantage to the stag luck circumstances, or the stag hits a blood lust and rage and turns the table (not very often but has been known to happen) on the inexperienced pack and a route decides the fate of the stag, and not the fang.


When we look at physical forms of expression like dance, gymnastics or the martial arts, the scanning and the line of sight gets a little additional help from our ability to feel the area and to know the space. Take a martial artist that is fighting several opponents (I know the highest form of defence and concentration is relaxed and the focus is extended to accommodate the need to know where each opponent is and how to anticipate movement, direction and strength to counter or evade strikes. Likewise a dancer in formation uses spatial awareness to coordinate synchronised movement as they keep their dance in time and movements in sequence.

The writing is on the wall for modern man as he herds the common man, the common man is made to behave and not encouraged to think given simple tasks and life styles and given a small amount of autonomy, don’t answer back do as your told and this in an escalating technological world will see the common man become the mind in the machine a cyborg of future synthesis of man and machine. An AI cannot make complex evaluations like a being can. It cannot evaluate the moment and make a human decision, the whole process is far too complex, but as luck would have IT, man is capable even at the lowest end of the educated species resource pool to make effective short-term decisions and will receive directions for complex situations from the cyborg controller, so the masters of the universe that will waste the planets complete ecosystem as IT rapes the land for resources to keep the space race in place. Has a ready workforce once the teck is up to speed. What do they care they are aiming for the stars, this world is forfeit and will be discarded like the husks left after a locust invasion. And just like the locusts they will carry nothing they don’t need and will discard the slow as they head towards a leap into the galaxy.

It need not b like this we are aware now, we are no longer being side tracked, but information is being hidden, the rulers have proven that they have over educated the masses to the point that they can now see the discrepancies and are now becoming aware that we are more than one species of man on this planet and that the ‘Masters’ have their own agenda. We are beginning to see their manipulations for what they are and are starting to come awake and to no longer blindly follow orders, but begin to reunite man for the common good of all mankind. A truly humane way of being is again back on the table. Without the masters of the universe view of how a subset of its own genetics will be the workforce while they are the lord and masters of being.

This is one world, we are one people and our races make us unique and distinctive instead of the factory output line of one more clone rolling off the masters assembly lines for the future of the human condition.

I am a Human Being.


Unified World Theory

A Glint of a hope.

Clan 45

Clan 45

Unified country colour flashing to the all seeing I or wiz that jist the trick oh the light or did ah jist see a bouquet of Scottish roses, the young team away fae hame, shown the world stage we are all singing from the same hymn page fir wance, the flower of Scotland in the Westminster heartlands and ways of power. the very people that now represent the people they were all hoping would be seen as modern wastage or to use the vernacular collateral damage, when the pen is mightier than the sword may the heart be humane to balance it’s cuts. When the sword is mightier than the pen it knows when to shut up. Now we have the OCD driven and warily sceptical English in enclosed confines with the people

The gay question in Ireland wiz answered and wiz well received around the globe. That’s another modern country out of the religious closet and standing up in a very demanding modern world. England’s general election map showed a better picture of health for a modern progressive country more chilly blue than red roasted but still mixing up a purple hue. Ireland told England’s driver they would rather just pass go collect the cash and use IT as they please or see fit, than impose more hardship on a country that survived the potato famine, what happened to the orphans.

Still, having to understand that we live in a very complex world with many nations not sharing the same, hygiene, access to sanitation and running water. in a domesticated environment. faith systems, educational standards, legal stands a enforcement. This is worsened where some share a history , wars, trade breaking etc. But in this day and age what if the world needed us and that if we don’t wake up soon and grow the fuck up it may just be time up dude come in car 666 your number is up. Is that a chink of light I see at the end of the tunnel or is the movie over and the usher is flashing all clear this way.

April Showers

Outa Season Hunting

Clan Alba 02

We are getting our April Showers a little later than normal, like old weather patterns might be on a progression in a living hermetically sealed environment? but the plants could use the water right now. As the world stage recognises the meeting with the British Prime minister and the Scottish First Minister, that the mythical lion had roared, that the mythical fat lady has sung (she did last Sunday wanta heard it wiz bril, invite only sorry) or could IT just be that Scotland, Wales and Ireland just found their political voices in a harmony of union to halt the lions fierce stance and harrying of mythical foes. To still the discord in the British psyche and still the being to heal whole.

The long journey of recovery is never easy for the soul, but the body will always repair to sustain life. Man has to accept the fact that this world is deemed as the habitat to human (humane) kind, that wild man is nearly extinct on the planet today is an established truth. That domesticated mankind is the present inheritor of the world and the inception of the beginnings of the new age of man on earth. The future is looking Golden for once a new day dawns for Scotland bringing bright hope and opportunities for the next genX, with their prospective bright insights and perceptions. Perfectly balanced between the old world and the new future and may well prove to be the living litmus test of mankind’s fitness for self rule. Or it’s all hands to the wheel and hand cuffed into service to the machine, with us all for eternal servitude. If the next generation of so called leaders fall asleep at the wheel again that might just be when fate decides to lend its support, as usual or not depending if you struck the balance for the deficit in life, paid the penny or paid the pound, or found there is another way around. In a hermetically sealed environment.


no not post script, this is parting shot. PS

Just which country in the world at this moment in time is equipped to fight an aggressive alien species that has tech that can cross light years of space. What does it matter as they will all probably be fighting, crowing or seed sowing and of course partying to even notice it happen.

So if there was a World Defence League on standby, will NATO be in with the biggest shout, or is China and Russia the leaders in their elected battlefields. Is Britain now the lord of the Air Defence Strategies, from protector of the seas and oceans by the Fleet Arms might. America Russia and China for inter planetary travel and then inter galactic flight. Who rates in your league and against what kind of alien answers on the back of a GBP £20 note and sent them to me here at cloud lalla land.

How long they would last and against what foe?

Which ones will be able to go toe to toe

Unless you think a battle ship might save you

And after its done who could you sue.


Do you think that NBC or SKY will get the coverage rights to the trials and exercises?

Gulf Stream Syndrome


Jet Stream Jitters


Reap what you Sow

The last beaching brought a possibility, what if some deep water aquatics species like dolphins and whales, can say jet stream around the oceans in fast undercurrent streams, what if sudden underwater fluctuations shift a fast stream of course onto a beach say with all its weary travellers . Fast tracking across the inner verse. Know what it’s like on the red-eye stuck in it until you get there, cattle market style travel classes.

This may compute Jim.

Dear God

Using the Eye in the Sky

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The domestic use of the average household in the west is galactic when compared to the third world, we burn electricity 27/7.

some countries in this world cannot even afford more than a couple of candles a night.

Yet if you take a look at this satellite photo you can clearly see what the devils advocate will use to prosecute the havers over the be’ers.









So you see m’lud the evidence is overwhelmingly, well obvious. B|

Good Health

Incubation Periods

St Andrew 2 UniThe threats of power outages and brown outs has been brought back around again, and it’s time to clarify a few home truths about the unhealthy lifestyles and environments of the present day western world and the price that will be passed on to the next generations.

The incubation heat and environment for most bacteria with some exceptions is a moist environment at about blood heat after all they are aiming at a blood host to survive in. We don’t need a scientists observational record keeping data charts to see the variances as there is never one to hand when you need them. And a working rule of thumb is more appropriate. So it stands to reason that a modern centrally heated home is a great culture for bacteria, it was intended to sell antibacterial agents and to keep the average man exposed to them to slowly build resistances to them. Two warm an environment central heating turned up two high is not a good culture when faced with a strain like Ebola.

Yet the medical council do not advise turning down the thermostat to counter any new diseases and this should be the first thing that everyone should do for their own safety. Over the last five years there have been several scares and no pandemic, this is down to blind luck more than good planning or disease control.

With the latest Ebola failure to reach epidemic status the back street labs of the current Dr No will have to go back to the drawing board. The scares about pandemics and all the rest have people putting on the masks to conform more than out of fear, how many good children in china wear a mask because their siblings or peers do, yet life is resilient and does not appear to give up its hold on the day lightly.

The modern day life is so fast tracked and out of sync that most people are not aware of what illusions it takes to keep everyone thinking it is all still OK.

The government program to get everyone to use energy-saving light bulbs (yeah those two dim to see by) had a dramatic effect on power usage at the household outlet level leaving more juice for industry. The average house has six to eight bulbs give or take one or two per. This when you take into account the normal bulb was 100w (wats) and the replacement was using 11w to 22w by comparison a saving in a six bulb household of between 540w for 11w replacements to 480w for 22w ones. an eight bulb house or flat saved the householder from 640w to 720w by replacing them. But at the same time we were moving from a TV and video, cooker, washing machine, fridge freezer maybe a toaster and a music centre, yeah those old things with tape decks and turntables ask your mum or dad. We moved to a computer, phones to be charged, game boys and various kids toys on charge to a TV set on standby and video, plus a DVD in the really swanky homes plus all the normal white goods. So the saving were offset by the new white goods, even the advent of energy-saving washers and fridges didn’t make much of an impact as a PC used to be 200w to 250w and is more likely 450w to 600w these days eating up any saving from the energy efficient light bulbs.

With more people behaving as if they can burn energy twenty four hours a day the picture becomes a little bit more of a nightmare. With so many appliances on permanent charge and so many extra TV’s in kids rooms always on standby to just be activated from standby by a press of a button on a remote. The scale of the problem becomes a little bit more clear. This of course is only in the western word. Some countries have people who have never known anything other than candle light even in this day and age. The western lifestyle and the way kids treat their goods has the nation generating power to cover the wastage. Instead of educating people to be a bit more responsible.

Just this week a coco plantation worker on the Ivory coast who had grown the stuff for decades was given a taste of chocolate for the first time and his reaction was amazing. Yet we take for granted that we can have what we want and some nations cannot even have the staples to make ends meet. The governments of the western world know that if they were to start power outs the grumblings from the work level of the country would cause chaos to the infrastructure, yet something has to give, oil is a finite resource, nuclear is still a dangerous and dirty option, while fusion is still a long way off, so gas and coal are again being looked at. Since we stopped burning so much fossil fuels the world has had a small recovery and yet this government intends to burn coal underground trapping the carbon in a sealed grave, This is a good solution to getting power but a bad idea for the land stability. Yet if everyone switched of all appliances until needed, took all chargers of when charged and used the PC less and used energy saving devices with good sense it would help and lessen the need to keep modern life on permanent pause just in case.

Living in an artificial environment has a great cost to the outer environment, insulation has played a part and heat loss programs are helping, not burning fossil fuels is a great help but fracking and burning underground sources will destabilise the seams as they burn and collapse unsupervised, ask any miner still alive today this is not a good idea.

A raising of consciousness starts with a conscientious approach to managing resources responsibly, that must happen from the ground up to the pinnacles of society. Every person must share their own responsibility and take the load of the infrastructure as our wastefulness in the face of the rest of the worlds want is decadent to say the least.

The states solution was cost-effective management and that has now shown to be an accountants solution to the problem as everything equates to money for them, and as with money becoming harder to earn people will be more careful with their spending than with their energy waste. The streaming migration from poorer counties to this land of excessive luxury (by comparison to a third world environment) will only be stemmed by generating a cheap alternative that gives them basic power and amenities, water shelter and food provision. Recycled old white goods are a start and better land management has to be instigated, this with desalination for drought areas and better waste management from even old clay pipe sanitation with waste purification to fertilisers or even cesspool management to build on, instead of the populace’s deserting arable lands, to stem the depopulation in hard pressed countries.

Think before you click, standby is waste and should be out of manufacture and design except for real luxury goods as the common man refuses to do what is right. What we all know is right and yet ….

Myth Busters #4

A Shrinking World



Common beliefs are being dispelled by science as a matter of cleaning up old out of date beliefs and myths. The idea that the world is shrinking is tied into the ‘Village Earth’ image of the planet. Transportation used to be widespread and is now in the current downgrading for global footprint specs, per country.

The air miles and the flight bonuses made the airways a very busy place for the last sixty or so years. But in this day and age as oil, ecological footprints and the strength of your currency against your visiting nations currency have more to do with limiting this to the elite group of high earners, this will also become true of the motor car as public transport will again become a mass device for the planet, to conserve energy and to limit travel is in the sights of the new wicked tyrants. As working platforms diminish and growth areas disappear or become an endangered species.

The new global awareness that is sweeping the world will herald a new cry for the age, life is not about things that is the commercialism spiel, and as the new chant ‘Be all we can be’ takes over the unconscious highways of the collective consciousness of the planet, we will begin to see more people ‘having’ less as this feeds the commercialisation arm of the blue meanies. Learning to be and to be at one with our environment is long overdue as every other people of the globe have learned to do, it is well past time for us to stand up as the nation of Man and to take the reins from the grubby greedy hands of the tyrants and to end the bloodthirsty march of the modern-day Nazi as they bear arms and slaughter innocence and are not held to account yet, as more and more nations become mobilised to take democracy back from the idiots that are on a career, having a lifestyle or are just playing the game with our lives, resources and historic global national wealth’s. In Britain under a capitalism this is now been used against the rulers and while they were busy and yes on their watch this has happened.

This will get ye puffin

This will get ye puffin

 The fact that some countries have not even got population control in check, while the west has means that there are two types of people in the world, those that can get along with others, live side by side with and trade well with, and those that see others as just commodities to be used harvested or dispensed with as they see fit, cannot get along with anyone and trade poorly while living in harsh militaristic regimes.

When the Internet started breaking down nations borders it became clear to those that think they rule that we were all getting out of our pens, and ‘they’ like order, peace and loud noises scare them and having a mind of your own or an opinion is just not on ‘nanny smack’ if you don’t do as she tell you brigade of band of brothers and sisters of the new third Reich, and all their comrades in arms.

Essentially the drive for a faster internet service is so that you will not see all the tracking that goes on by them. The excuse they are using is for faster downloads of films, not likely when the largest percentage of film downloads is being done off the page, radar or map. Get a slow mobile dongle and then set up a tracker to see just how much your habits are being used to target you. Right down to your computers IP address they are in your lives and they are in the halls of power and they are buying their way in or blagging their way into every enterprise they can.

We will have to take back all their associated powers and to stop funding them even if the try to change the bar code numbers or try any other flannel to get past our defences.

Don’t go quietly into the night, have a gargle and let it rip from the highest. ‘Get yer paws aff ma freedoms.