The Human Condition

A single POV

The Self

The Self

Most people go through life unaware that we are all delimited by the five senses, vision is impaired to seeing straight ahead. hearing gives a directional inference but is no GPS. Feel is limited to proximity and smell depends on wind direction or proximity, taste is a matter of personal choice so our five windows on the world are responsible like a computers set of peripherals, mouse, game-pad, printer, scanner for both input and reception of data from the world around us. The mind the CPU of the human device receives data and information through a narrow visual corridor via a set of left and right hemisphere images that the mind’s eye collates into a single image so the imagination is engaged to this process. Hearing has two left and a right hemisphere radar like scope that is directionally biased to sounds from the front to the level and is somewhat shielded to sounds from behind, but the whole being is usually involved in the hearing process at an unconscious level adding to the certainty of the sounds being heard and recognised. Smell has a habit of shutting down in familiar environments and women have chosen to stimulate the latency’s with pot pure and scented sprays and cleaners to kick the sense back in, just go to a new environment and the closed down sense will kick in just as active as a dog’s will on a scent hunt.

It is not fair to just pick on the limitations so let’s look at how to extend the senses window into the world. The body is the chassis of the being, the mind is the operating system and the senses the peripherals or interface for the being to experience the world, the input devices. The imagination is the screen by which we visualise the input information, the mind is the device interface for reviewing the world as it is interacted with. This houses memory and experience as well as mountains of data and information about the persons experience of the world. Most of the time the perceptions of the mind are in a semi neutral state skimming as it goes reviewing or recognising as we view and progress, when we engage we bring extra attention to bear so we can, review, update, inform exchange or learn as we relate and interact. Scanning is used periodically to give exchanges perspective, time, location, status and this gives the memory a basis for retention. So recall and the identification process are engaged in the peripheral processes in exchanges and interactions.

The limitation of sight is it is directional so anything going on out of sight in the same vicinity is missed and not recorded by the person. So as we interact and scan to some extents we still only see a limited amount in each interaction. Anything out of our line of sight and our scan radius will be only seen from some one else’s point of view, POV.

While at its most basic a group will cover more visual area than a single POV, the overlap of scanning areas is useful to the pack, herd or tribe. The thing about solitary large animals is that the pack will bring the moose to the ground, after it has harried and driven the animal to exhaustion and then at the first sign of weakness they will move in for the kill. Relaying on the fact that it cannot see all the pack at once and so will be taken down by damage received from blind-sided attacks. Blood loss and fatigue will always win out unless the pack is immature or other circumstances shift the advantage to the stag luck circumstances, or the stag hits a blood lust and rage and turns the table (not very often but has been known to happen) on the inexperienced pack and a route decides the fate of the stag, and not the fang.


When we look at physical forms of expression like dance, gymnastics or the martial arts, the scanning and the line of sight gets a little additional help from our ability to feel the area and to know the space. Take a martial artist that is fighting several opponents (I know the highest form of defence and concentration is relaxed and the focus is extended to accommodate the need to know where each opponent is and how to anticipate movement, direction and strength to counter or evade strikes. Likewise a dancer in formation uses spatial awareness to coordinate synchronised movement as they keep their dance in time and movements in sequence.

The writing is on the wall for modern man as he herds the common man, the common man is made to behave and not encouraged to think given simple tasks and life styles and given a small amount of autonomy, don’t answer back do as your told and this in an escalating technological world will see the common man become the mind in the machine a cyborg of future synthesis of man and machine. An AI cannot make complex evaluations like a being can. It cannot evaluate the moment and make a human decision, the whole process is far too complex, but as luck would have IT, man is capable even at the lowest end of the educated species resource pool to make effective short-term decisions and will receive directions for complex situations from the cyborg controller, so the masters of the universe that will waste the planets complete ecosystem as IT rapes the land for resources to keep the space race in place. Has a ready workforce once the teck is up to speed. What do they care they are aiming for the stars, this world is forfeit and will be discarded like the husks left after a locust invasion. And just like the locusts they will carry nothing they don’t need and will discard the slow as they head towards a leap into the galaxy.

It need not b like this we are aware now, we are no longer being side tracked, but information is being hidden, the rulers have proven that they have over educated the masses to the point that they can now see the discrepancies and are now becoming aware that we are more than one species of man on this planet and that the ‘Masters’ have their own agenda. We are beginning to see their manipulations for what they are and are starting to come awake and to no longer blindly follow orders, but begin to reunite man for the common good of all mankind. A truly humane way of being is again back on the table. Without the masters of the universe view of how a subset of its own genetics will be the workforce while they are the lord and masters of being.

This is one world, we are one people and our races make us unique and distinctive instead of the factory output line of one more clone rolling off the masters assembly lines for the future of the human condition.

I am a Human Being.


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