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Time for Scotland to Wear IT’s Trews

Four Square

Four Square

I keep hearing that Scotland is being threatened with sanctions, destruction of support services, banks and all other kinds of worrying actions threatening to pull out of our shared interests, that the south of the Island wants to level against the north of the Island. I think it is past time for us to call in a relationship counsellor. It could go something like this….


Petition for the Briton family Mr & Mrs Briton for divorce or separation.

Mrs Briton (formerly Scotland)

Mr Johnny English Briton (formerly John bull)

Statement from Mrs Briton.

We have been together since 1707, after being invaded and forced into a union (arranged marriage) all of our assets taken and used by the main partner (Johnny English). The reduced earnings of our mutual assets all being channelled into his historical family interests. I was given a meagre living expense and basically was at his beck and call, conscripted into active service and the children forced into service to my partners legacy interests.

All mutual holdings are in the main ‘Partners’ name and all my historic monies and lands handed over to the main partner.

I have suffered historic abuse from the invasion into my homelands, rape was used to supplant the indigenous populace land workers and all lands were taken and seized for the main partners tradition interests. The systematic rape of industry and holdings continued into the present century with the closing of our own historic industries to give the work to his tradition holdings south of the border. Mining, Ship building, steel to name but three. My partner has never recognised my rights and has always used force at the first sign of any form of protest. I believe the police in my homeland are already armed to the teeth, while we are still not armed in any way.

It is understood that this separation is a material one as we are both still living in the marital home and cannot leave because of extended commitments on both sides of the border, and as a full separation means we must still live under the same roof as it is not possible to move the premises in any direction, we will still be liable for all mutual interests, shared fees and shared security of the mutual holdings.


The systematic replacement of all traditional heads of house and businesses to the aggrandisement of his southern holdings. The use of mutual assets to fill the coffers of the southern gold reserves, asset stripping silver production by under trading values in exchanges. Nineteen shillings to the pound, reducing the Scottish shilling (twelve pennies in any other persons money) to become only worth an English penny in exchange.

Repeated Invasion of homelands, Forced Union 1707, Asset stripping, Battle of George Square 1919.

Using short-changing methods in all transactions, undermining tactics and systematic abuse from main partner and all his traditional holdings staff and employees. Using a detrimental campaign of undermining and confidence erosion with extreme prejudice.

Professional Recommendation.

This is a one-sided abusive relationship that is harming the mutual growth of both partners and it is advised that if counselling for Mr English does not prove fruitful that a full divorce that allows for restitution to the injured party is established ASAP.

It is considered that Mr English should only be judged by deeds as his word is not worth the paper it is printed on.

It is interesting to note that as far as currency for the Scots goes the solution could be as simple as this..

”The last currency that this Nation had was the twenty shilling pound, that came with twelve pennies to the shilling, this Nation can use ‘A Pound’ of its own devising, or resurrect this old one without a pound note and have a fiver as the smallest note while the rest can all be coins, a Crown as the ‘pound’ coin, half crown or ten shillings for the 1/2 pound, florin as 1/4 pound or five shillings.This leaves the shilling to be divided by a penny, a threepence (1/4 shilling) and a sixpence or half shilling making it divisible against any decadent (10) money base as it has a unit, a half and quarter in it’s make-up.

There is nothing to stop us from doing this or creating a currency of our own, as our currency will be accepted by any country that trades with us, we have a period of grace till we have to start using our own currency, after a Scottish election to elect a government. We can in the mean time about eighteen months to two years still use our slave lords currency as they scrapped our one to suit their purposes.

All this dithering is just yet another tactic from the people that claim the highest moral superiority over other nations that they are currently invading and forcing their will on, just why is it that the west has to be bullied to just do the right thing, makes you wonder.

For all those No voters out there, you are playing right into the hands of the dictators of tomorrow, the Brussels puppet government, while you are being made to fly the British flag it is Germany that will be leading the Brits for the foreseeable future, Your fathers and grand fathers fought to keep them out of our business and you open the door and welcome them in by the back door.

Hope you can live with yourselves.”

And on that final ‘Note’.



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