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Myth Busters #4

A Shrinking World



Common beliefs are being dispelled by science as a matter of cleaning up old out of date beliefs and myths. The idea that the world is shrinking is tied into the ‘Village Earth’ image of the planet. Transportation used to be widespread and is now in the current downgrading for global footprint specs, per country.

The air miles and the flight bonuses made the airways a very busy place for the last sixty or so years. But in this day and age as oil, ecological footprints and the strength of your currency against your visiting nations currency have more to do with limiting this to the elite group of high earners, this will also become true of the motor car as public transport will again become a mass device for the planet, to conserve energy and to limit travel is in the sights of the new wicked tyrants. As working platforms diminish and growth areas disappear or become an endangered species.

The new global awareness that is sweeping the world will herald a new cry for the age, life is not about things that is the commercialism spiel, and as the new chant ‘Be all we can be’ takes over the unconscious highways of the collective consciousness of the planet, we will begin to see more people ‘having’ less as this feeds the commercialisation arm of the blue meanies. Learning to be and to be at one with our environment is long overdue as every other people of the globe have learned to do, it is well past time for us to stand up as the nation of Man and to take the reins from the grubby greedy hands of the tyrants and to end the bloodthirsty march of the modern-day Nazi as they bear arms and slaughter innocence and are not held to account yet, as more and more nations become mobilised to take democracy back from the idiots that are on a career, having a lifestyle or are just playing the game with our lives, resources and historic global national wealth’s. In Britain under a capitalism this is now been used against the rulers and while they were busy and yes on their watch this has happened.

This will get ye puffin

This will get ye puffin

 The fact that some countries have not even got population control in check, while the west has means that there are two types of people in the world, those that can get along with others, live side by side with and trade well with, and those that see others as just commodities to be used harvested or dispensed with as they see fit, cannot get along with anyone and trade poorly while living in harsh militaristic regimes.

When the Internet started breaking down nations borders it became clear to those that think they rule that we were all getting out of our pens, and ‘they’ like order, peace and loud noises scare them and having a mind of your own or an opinion is just not on ‘nanny smack’ if you don’t do as she tell you brigade of band of brothers and sisters of the new third Reich, and all their comrades in arms.

Essentially the drive for a faster internet service is so that you will not see all the tracking that goes on by them. The excuse they are using is for faster downloads of films, not likely when the largest percentage of film downloads is being done off the page, radar or map. Get a slow mobile dongle and then set up a tracker to see just how much your habits are being used to target you. Right down to your computers IP address they are in your lives and they are in the halls of power and they are buying their way in or blagging their way into every enterprise they can.

We will have to take back all their associated powers and to stop funding them even if the try to change the bar code numbers or try any other flannel to get past our defences.

Don’t go quietly into the night, have a gargle and let it rip from the highest. ‘Get yer paws aff ma freedoms.