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Seeing is ‘Maybe Believing’

Do my eyes deceive me

If a picture paints a thousand words read the highlights.

The last post was just a bit too heavy to leave the day on, so here is a light hearted look at some other events of the day. The video of the little girl is deliberately shown without the audio and it is worth going to see it on its own so I have added a separate link to the you tube file below my modest effort. Please enjoy…

And the cat that didn’t get the cream……

And one that really did want to get to the little girl …..

Mustache you a question David …….

Bushwhack TV

This Morning on the ‘This Morning‘ TV program a special guest was bushwhacked by an accusation complete with a list of proposed names, unproven but not unfounded and taken from a few minutes search on the web hardly good research  or even good journalism. But it does reflect the times in an alarming way.

Media speculation can kill a case before it even reaches any kind of prosecution worthy case. The media is good at rooting out hidden stuff sometimes, we all remember the MP’s expenses scandals that came to light two years ago and it has surfaced again so they can get things right and can sometimes dig up the dirt from beneath the wool that is being pulled over our collective eyes that we can’t see the wood for the trees for. Yet it is still the criminal justice system that is the prescribed method for bringing legal actions against perpetrators that settles legal issues and not ratings orientated media hounds that bring successful prosecutions. These things are still best left to the powers that be even if they occasionally make mistakes they have a process to deal with that sort of thing. Modern publications and investigative programs (which This Morning is neither) may well find themselves compromising a criminal prosecution by leaking suspicions willy nilly as they see fit for ratings or sensationalising issues. And of course we all know that they are above that sort of thing aren’t they.

Having said that every rule has an exception and here it is on the same day David Cameron used a ‘Gay’ reference to try and hide an accusation about acts of paedophilia. This exception to the rule surfaced.

Most sexual perversions actually stem from the feeling of illicit behaviour, knowingly doing something that is considered wrong. Gays are as prone to mental and emotional perversions as the rest of the public and deserve no special protection, but that smoke screen aside we are talking about MP’s the need to protect images is still rife. The police are people in uniform and are as likely to become deviant as any other, priest have been proven to be all to human and even nun’s have been responsible for callous behaviour towards single mothers and children in care.

A piece of cloth is not a sanctifying thing it is a material and cannot endow particular characteristic traits, a dog collar does not make a saint, a uniform does not make a good man and MP’s are just people like the rest of us mere mortals. Teachers, judges, Kindergarten teachers, au pairs, gurus, institutions are all made up by people. It is fast approaching the time when we all must face the facts, closing ranks to protect public images or public perceptions of institutions is past its best by date.

We need to look at this fallacy, as closely as we do at how we vet people for privileged positions. As it is becoming clear that there are no guarantees, in this world and there are no perfect being here just us monkeys all monkeying around.

The world is a progressive collection of organisms and organisations and they are all in a constant state of flux, we like to feel that we are heading to a brighter future we also like to hope that it will be for everyone, but in a system that promotes a tiered set of institutions that have advancement and promotion built in that means that the top spot must be regularly vacated or stagnation is the only likely result. It is past time for us all to think again.

Human nature is flawed their are no superior beings, we are all grubbing around in the remnants of previous failed civilisations historic debre. The history of all nations have shown that a lot of scandals are buried by the need to preserve the Image of institutions to a horrendous cost for countless innocents. The Christian church from even before the witch hunts, inquisitions and to modern tales of paedophilia and sexual repression being a problem for ordained ministers and priests. The criminal prosecutions that were not brought against certain officers in the past is still not seeing them punished for crimes that would put you and me in the stocks, Ian Tomlinson being a case in point. How can there ever be use of reasonable force against a vulnerable drunk, not a violent aggressive one, not gangs of marauding football hooligans, not even a suspected looter but a man so inebriated he could not walk properly, obviously the judiciary’s interpretation of  ‘Justifiable force’ and mine do not gel.

The view of using a ‘white wash’ or even a Media Blackout for protecting an image is only still valid if the public perceptions are not eroded to the point of cynicism for the continued practice of presenting anything as infallible, or any institution that is supposed to serve the people no longer doing that, or simply no longer being fit for purpose. Nothing and no one is above the law, not politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, police, judiciary, guards, mothers, fathers.

The sort of paranoid state is unthinkable where everyone is taken on a prove yourself daily and at all occasions as the enforcers see fit, state. With additional powers being added all the time the mission creep, or progressive nature of this form of escalation when it is proved that that will be just as ineffective as the last set, so ramp up the powers and make a detainment Isle, a quasi Nazi ideal, boot camp Britain why don’t you, where people are forced into voluntary service, or their benefits will be cut of till they do, a democratic action sure beats dictatorial laws or fascist stranglehold policies, any day of the week. After all who can police the police if they claim to be perfect and will continually choose to vet their own internally, see the problem yet..

God is supposed to have made this Earth and yet he never built a house, wrote a bible or started a religion, Chris could read and write, yet he never built a house of God, wrote a bible or started a religion. They never started one because they would be run by fallible people. Makes you think doesn’t it……