Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

Spiritual Warrior

To the Victor ….

The new day has seen a victor giving a speech, a very humanitarian one at that. A gracious victor is a rare as a gracious looser and yet we have seen both on the same ticket.

The system has chewed up many a good man in its need to preserve its own institutions, lets hope that this time it has learned from its own shortcomings from its recent past.

The previous reading did speculate about being careful for what you wish for, this world is known for not satisfying, delivering or producing the goods and the means at the same hour as the man of the moment arrives.

The best intentions are corralled and claim jumped by the opportunists and the  ‘powers that be’ that seek only to preserve their own strong holds.

It is a bad thing when a home-grown democracy that professes to be humanist as opposed to god driven or anarchistic.  Invades another country to enforce its rule abroad using dictatorial methods to force changes on people who hold the sovereignty of their own land.

The democrat abroad is showing a dictatorial attitude must surely mean some suppression, don’t we all let our hair down, take a break from routine and rules abroad, isn’t that what the saying, ‘whatever happens in LA stays in LA’ is all about.

I have to say a current rumour that has just surfaced is more than a little worrying and it goes like this …

Legal medical marijuana in the USA is the backdrop for eliminating the drug production in other countries, and as Afghanistan is still the highest exporter to the world stage it goes without saying that it is better to eliminate the opposition before you establish a monopoly on a product than to share a volatile market place with any competitor.

The rest of it reads more like a conspiracy theorists delight than anything else and the speculation about the CIA drug funding for black ops from as far back as the Vietnam war is still top of the schemes proposed, while there is still no smoke without fire is a good maxim to keep in mind when reading them.

The Rune Reading for the election is here.