Rune Udate For Guy Fawkes Parade

Would you Adam & Eve It ..

This is just a quick update for the rune prediction for Mon 5th Nov 2012.

The screen cast below is an update from the runes for the day reading in the previous blog.

The video says it all really …

Within hours of doing a Rune reading for the day mans computer program predicts a slogan that will appear at a rally for the locals….. sensational breaking news………

Ah well maybe not it just might be one big universal conspiracy of coincidences …..

Yeah right and the cheque is in the post mate.

I do advise to use the full screen mode for viewing these screen-casts, just to get the details, and any screen casts I make as a s series are meant to all be viewed to get the holistic overview, have fun and please n’joy.

Watch this space for another daily rune reading to come.


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