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Floods and other Tidal Effects

Waterway to Go

This entry contains a rune reading for the day, Monday 5th of Nov 2012, another for the week commencing today.

This is a first introduction to the Talisman Suite VI. This development was completed in Dec 2011 and has been developed for my own uses, I have never taken this product to the market, and this is the first showing of it.

The original development began in 1999, it has been a regular tool for my own use and, I find that I am not able to release it even though I have a website a distribution process and all of the facilities to sell this version while the one with the Horoscopes is finished.

I cannot get a job and have been forced of the state handout and when my money runs out I will have to fend like anyone else and I still can’t sell this software, so I will use it as a daily reading platform for the Runes, Tarot, I Ching and Biorhythms.

The format is simple, I will draw a reading for the day then review the daily papers and any and all coincidences will be parried as they become evident.

And in the great tradition of Blue Peter……… here is one I prepared earlier.

This will become a regular feature now that I am getting the the hang of the software and the tech.

The last feature is after the reading was done to see if there was any connections from the reading coming through.

There is no script with any of these they are recorded in on section or take and they are all adlibed as I go, the piece looks at the events from Tuesday 30th of Oct up until the present.

This new kind of blog is as minimal as it takes to get the stuff out to keep with the video clip generation and sound bite size to allow for grazers and other nibblers to graze.

The rune reading for Monday 5th Nov 2012

This is the weekly reading from Monday 5th Nov 2012

This segment contains the minimal research for the article taken after the rune readings above. it in no way cast blame, it just pokes a little light hearted fun at some glaring pillars of the community. Mayor your troubles be little ones.

It does go to show that the national Guard was not needed as people like those in Hatti will find the resolve will pull together and as long as marauding gangs are not prowling then order will become established.

Calm ….. People ………… Calm

I See you …..