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A Shot in the Dark

The numbers do ADD up

Well this part of Scotland had great weather today after taking the flack on the islands weather front for the last we while. What a deluge to have before the weather warms up and the good soaking the rest of the UK has enjoyed will help the Island through the next warm front.

This has been an exceptional record breaking year on the world weather charts ‘since records began’ as the introduction to each new story goes, driest, wettest, coldest, warmest, that’s the good old weather dance for the UK, but even America with its record breaking storms has been getting the brunt of some nasty statistics.

“The three-day period from 25-28 April saw 362 tornadoes strike, including some 312 in a single 24-hour period.

The previous record was 148 in two days in April 1974.

The tornadoes and the storm system that spawned them killed at least 350 people in Alabama and six other states. It was the deadliest outbreak since 1936.”

“ The May 21–26, 2011 tornado outbreak was a deadly tornado outbreak across the Midwestern and Southern regions of the United States. Most of the tornadoes developed in a corridor from Lake Superior southwest to central Texas; isolated tornadoes occurred in other areas. An especially powerful tornado destroyed large segments of Joplin, Missouri, resulting in 134 deaths and 900 injuries. The Joplin tornado is the deadliest in the US since April 9, 1947, when an intense tornado killed 181 in Woodward, Oklahoma. Tornado-related deaths also occurred in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. Overall, the tornado outbreak resulted in 157 deaths, making it second only to the 2011 Super Outbreak as the deadliest since 1974.”

“The 2011 Massachusetts tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak in the New England region of the United States, which spawned at least one tornado in the afternoon and evening of June 1, 2011, hitting several towns in central Massachusetts.

As of 9:47 PM EDT, the violent storms — which included seven reported tornadoes — had killed at least four people and injured several dozen more. At least 48,000 electricity customers lost power. Because of the severe weather and resulting damage, Governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency for Massachusetts effective at 7:10 PM EDT on June 1. Governor Patrick also activated 1,000 National Guard troops for rescue and recovery efforts.”

The numbers and the frequencies are more than a little worrying when you take into account that the severities started to take a rise since 2005, until the worst for decades last April.

The storms are a real worry in that they are a good barometer for something being out of ecological whack. The world view for floods is also a worrying feature to take note of as well as the worrying trend in quakes and volcanic actions.

The last point in this worrying trend when it is all taken into account is the case of the mysterious deaths of large numbers of fish and birds throughout the world.

It is almost inconceivable to think that it is just all a minor glitch after the ‘Global Warming’ brigades drive to try and drive a financial penalty forward to ride the trend to tax people on their so called ‘Carbon Footprints’ this is more than just coincidence and it brings a bigger worry to the fore when we now realise it is all more about global weather instability and trends towards fluctuating weather patterns and not just another government initiative to hike the tax dollar chargeable to the so called guilty parties.

The odd thing about the governmental shift in stance around the Global Warming campaign is a worrying feature when you consider they could have instituted legislation bringing industry into line with better cleanup processes in manufacturing methods, but they didn’t, they chose after the fact to level guilt at the buyers end of the market and to try to legislate to charge for estimated penalties on usage. Strikes most reasonable people that know the subjects as yet another stealth measure after the fact rather than an ounce of legislative prevention, that the mass should pay the pound of public levy instead must just be more lucrative than the likely hood that big business would ever come clean about any of their shady practices.

What strange bedfellows these two pillars of the modern day community strike as they both duck and dive the responsibilities that a conscientious person would be keen to build into the pricing figures pre production and to ride out the sales figures until the consumer got the point.

Yet again it seems it is better to ask for forgiveness after the fact than to try to get industry or any politician to shoulder the responsibility and ride out the wave of public reaction until the complete set of figures become available as all of the facts fall into place after the fact. No political system or legislative process in the world will step outside public outcry and drive the universal right directives home until the public mentality see the collective long term benefits.

Ah well just another case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, more of the same old same old, spin and flannel.

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The Path Less Trod

One foot at a time

The path before us can look like it is straight forward until we reach a junction or a crossroads. The Runes have a few characters that resemble a junction. But the one drawn for this auspicious time in the life of man is Algiz, or protection.

The main idea for using a layout is to try to represent the trends that can befall a reading. The real trends in life are interpreted from whatever is happening in the environment, the weather or the kinds of external influences that the reader has happening in their life.

The Runes are not a true divination tool they are more of a personal almanac and surrogate spiritual guide, there is still no good substitute for the real deal but who in this day and age can afford a genuine spiritual masters time and training.

There are of course many types of interpretations for the stones, there are the traditional meanings, then there are the contemporary slant’s including the unpopular twenty-fifth stone. There is also the way of the two paths, the right path and the wrong path. If the spiritual journey is on a spiritual path it has more chance of encountering both paths at certain points than any follower of one or the other ways.

We will for the simplicity of communication take the spiritual pathway interpretation so as to not offend the truists that will want to discount the blank stone and for ease we will only talk about any stone that is drawn in this series.

The Rune has a perpendicular line that has two alternative paths branching left and right from about four fifths from the top of the central path. Geometrically it is the spiritual path and the branching into either right or wrong but for the spiritual warrior it only has one conclusion, the path less well trod.

The way of the right path, the traveller of this path is the righteous son, the obedient participant as the person that meets with their parents approval and is given recognition of it in his lifeline. The path is mostly planned and prepared, educational standards, approved friends and associates, expected discipline, fortitude and a willingness to lift the crown of the family lineage as benignly benefits the righteous. This may seem boring to the more adventurous or even to the non conformist.

The left handed path is the way of the prodigal son, the wayward easily bored, chaser after drama, fuss and adulation. The exciting and less rewarding trail for this way strips the being from all of its worldly goods. It is the school of hard knocks that teaches this impetuous child, it is the wheel of fortune that dictates the landmarks and the milestones of this journey.

The spiritual path by comparison is a very difficult path, it requires self mastery, it is an active journey to reduce the ego, the school of disciplines are all aimed at mastering the self so that it does not impede the processes of life, so that the warrior can facilitate the flow of life between cruxes to aid life towards its higher purpose. The life purpose is sometimes an act of service and at others a purposeful directing to aid the birthing of the moments expectations.

Mankind stands at the threshold of just such an intersection, on the one hand are the right minded individuals that want the growth re-stimulated to continue the way that things were, they way that never delivered, had prices escalating out of all reasonable expectations for the poorer people to meet. The worlds resources are still being squandered at an alarming rate, the system was crooked beyond description from the top to the bottom. They just want what they had and to hell with the consequences. Not quite the right way to proceed for so called right minded people to try to sell the old ideals again in yet another bitter pill for the next generations of indebted slaves to a system that never delivered and never can.

The loony left handed path are wailing and gnashing their teeth that the end of the world is neigh (postponed till October by all accounts) and the right minded use this extreme to validate their case and it is easy to see their point. The doom and gloom merchants are quoting ancient texts and ending calendars and it is beginning to sound like an incoherent grumbling rather than any form of new age chant for the new age of enlightened man. Yet Germany turned around and announced that they will discontinue their nuclear reactors by twenty, twenty two, now that’s (20/20) forward thinking vision.

It would seem that political correctness was going insane without a real case to attend and now with world concerns, the financial crisis, the central core moving away from the manufacturing money making exercises of the past and are instead hiking the food prices to enforce, a body conscious physique, a new collective heath program, while the pharmaceutical industry is likely to lose a large percentage of its market share to the new age wellbeing initiative. This gives the PC brigade of closet dictators a new twist on getting the mass to follow idealistic lines of universal conformity, through the medium of the new ascetic perfect classic lines physic right out of their one size fits all paradigm for the new age hive mind and body set of being.

For the main part the temptation to leave the spiritual path is a delusion that will give the appearance of getting to a more stable starting point for the next transition, but the race collective hindsight of this has never worked out before nor is it likely to because the times are a changing, has to be the mantra for staying the course rather than taking any illusionary short cuts to a finer future.

In this world though there are no shortcuts there are no quick fixes and all that glistens is usually just fool’s gold.