Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Bungly

Never look a gift Horse in the Nags teeth.

Greece is trying to jump out of the deep fat yet again and will probably end up spit roasted and sold off as kebabs’. The wobbly Euro is in the last faltering stages of its final spin on the world wide monopoly board game of credit and debits.

The IMF substitute who was brought onto the pitch in the final closing minutes of the, ‘it’s too late to save the teetering tottering world as it heads for the brink of destruction’ decision of the world monies markets defenders, may well be just another case of too little too late. While Boris Johnson gives a double barreled blunderbuss approach to the solution, of let them sink or swim.

In the real world businesses have had to do exactly the same thing, and banks have used the corporate enforcement arm (judiciary) to foreclose, repossess and call in loans to asset strip the defaulter to the bone. The same laws should apply to banks and governments after all the world doesn’t exist because of economics it’s just the present heavy leaded fuel in the present system that old relic the combustion engine of the late industrial age, commerce.

The present ‘we want to control everything and run everything brigade of tin pot dictators’ have to artificially prop up the failing system surely shows us clearer than at any time in history how false the whole thing is and how it can no longer be considered fit for purpose. For a group that want to control the whole shebang they have not presented a scaled working model of a solution they just want to get the nosebag back on, to plaster over the cracks and to keep cranking it to give themselves the privileges they have enjoyed since they first fooled us into thinking an artificial environment that has no substance, that lacks the collective faith, has no growth sectors and always appears to be treading water is not a solution but a process in action. This type of two dimensional system when applied to a 3D world is always doomed to fail in a spectacular fashion.

So lest recap shall we, in the middle of the worst economic meltdown the known world has ever seen in the recorded history of time, the morons we no longer believe can rule, that have no credibility left and the system that is failing to ever pay for itself, price things right, give a layered salary index that give even the poorest nations in the global mythical economic pyramid of commerce a decent standard of living, in a global multiversity of life only one enforced system will do and those that want to keep it will enforce it on every nation if we let them.

It must surely be time to reset the balance books and eradicate debt, so that every country gets a chance to start with a clean sheet. The ‘don’t do anything until you have to’ mindset of wait and see band of brothers know this and will not let the present carcase of the lifeless system slip beneath the icy waters after the economic Titanic of the wall street dream factory has already settled on the dark silted bottom of the Atlantic shelf.

A system that has never balanced the books, paid its way, become the self sustaining profit making lie they sold it as, must surely be listening to the death knell’s of the bell that tolls for the end to all redundancies. The solution is for the system that has never taken a loss because they send the boys round and asset strip you to preserve themselves, must wipe the debt off and reset all the balance books to zero for it to work ….. but the must control everything programming will not let them ….. so the people that will not be forced to bear the yoke of oppression ever again will not keep this redundant system afloat anymore for the one percent that don’t deserve the privileges they have by our discretion, application and sacrifices. This would make it the single biggest loss of any kind in the history of the world. As fate would have it the we never lose concrete boys will force a standoff and end up with 100% of nothing instead of an even share in a balanced future and a fresh start for a world in the grip of panic at the alternatives.

So, it is all of nothing or a share in something ………. no ……….. too complex for the concrete mindset to grasp the foundations of. Probably have to set it out in stone for them to get the idea.

Shame the technology was just getting interesting, worldwide mass communication, no big brother style virtual crowd control devices (hmm) and no restrictions to the ability to share information or to be able to join unmonitored group connections of affiliated people and minds and to exchange ideas and to keep ourselves abreast of the state of world affairs.

Yeah right luv the cheque is in the post; of course I will respect you in the morning.