Daily Archives: June 18, 2011

Born of the Warrior Race

In the night a maelstrom had built of the headland

Raising litter and debris amid a twister of sand

The storm moved sharply inland cutting across the strewn battle field

Through the gully towards the enemy camp, a raging fury that will not yield


This ground was hard won in the dying light

Our homeland is evacuating as we have this last fight

Our children and loved ones are now safely gone

They will remember these deeds in some ode or some song


A final huddle at this highest mound

The weighing of weapons, men’s ragged breath the only sound

The night takes flight before the advance of the dawns new light

Thirty men will now stand, for this final unplanned fight


Born of the warrior race

Brothers shoulder to shoulder, friends back to back, Enemies face to face

Battle lines drawn, the still before the storm

As the light gathers before the coming harm


The captain returns from the bloodied battle ground

Wiping blood from sword, swift dispatch the wounded found

Cold rations of tack and a shared water flask

The eight hundred enemies will be taken to task


When this day is done, they can claim that they won

They laid siege to our towns, and ravaged this land, that is the least they have done

The fleet set sail with its cargo of our precious love

It’s time to make peace with the maker above


The Storms devastation cut a path from the battle ground to the enemy’s camp

The storm rages once more, then abates and the enemy is gone, like snuffing of a lamp

Thirty grown men now on their knees and tears soak the sod

Silence sets in as they view the scene of this timely act of god.

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