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Paying Lip Service

Saying One thing & …

There is no fool like an old fool, the enterprising Mr Hefner has tried to paper over the cracks in his publicity relationship ‘what is it about celebrity marriages, they never last’ with a little shop front sticking plaster but the hole in that boat that will make sure it can never float is of course …. The postal deliveries of the publication in question that cannot be doctored and will just become priceless, awe what a shame.

Talking about saying one thing and doing another has its roots in the old adage that you must never let the left hand know what your right is doing. Well we have just announced to the world and its assassins that ‘Captain Wales’ is joining the fray one more time. Can’t quite think why seems like a nice young man, loaded with good intentions and loved by his family so why hang him out to dry, one word from the commander-in-chief would nip that folly in the bud … but.

Double standards and one rule for the one percent and another for the rest of us is still the order of the day. The government expects that everyone will be scrupulously honest, above board and reliable beyond measure, an expected level of full transparency of all your actions, dealings and of course interactions shall be made available to the high and mighty’s corporate conniving voyeuristic state snoopers as and when they say for any excuse they make up and suits their purposes as and when they please.

They on the other hand can say things like, ‘we are adding our air support to protect the people on the ground and we are there for no other reason’ oh yeah that was a good one, but these pillars of their own PR statements will, lie to you, keep you in the dark, let their old Alma-Ata college mates asset strip the country, hand over taxes to failed banks that can still do as they please and no laws being re-written to rein them in ….. hmm.They have now sorted out their group fiddled expenses to their mutual satisfaction while they cut back on public sector services and the good old excuse is money, in a world where the imminent collapse of a financially driven world is going through its death throes and the pitched battles in Greece are the front line in the people’s rallying shout ‘who do you think we are, you did this we will not pay to save your asses’, we will not indenture ourselves to a financial system that is being kept in place that uses, lies, cheating, backstabbing tactics and underhanded trick to cut each others throats in a world where we are all forced to be squeaky clean, open and transparent and will be enforceable held to task for any deviation of the rule for us, unlike the no rules for all of them then.

Don’t you just love living in a unified and united world where we are all on the same page following the same universally agreed script for our mutual benefits with no delayed costs for our future generations at the hands of the people who insist that they are only working in our collective best interests.

In the present times while life has taken a turn for the worse none of the wheels have fallen of the wagon yet, this as the NHS government u-turn has shown that they still do not use joined up thinking and can’t seem to get their thinking straight and are likely to come out of the traps with a half cocked cobbled together solution that in the cold light of day will fade into insignificance, or will bloom into an embarrassing carbuncle once all of the facts are levied in the arena of the world stage, that will haunt them for weeks to come.

It is disappointing to find that the lies they used to justify going after Gadaffi, have just given the Arab alliance the right to help preserve Gadaffi by moving him around in secret to thwart the infidel (lying, cheating .. are all infidelities in anyones books) that says one thing and does another under the loosest of excuses.

Claims of ‘mission creep’ are coming from the world class creeps that pretend to be one thing and behave like dictators to their own unemployed, who are treated as guilty until proven innocent in the land of the innocent till proven guilty. That are now undermining educational establishments and are hiking the process out of the reach of the ordinary man, as a workforce should be kept at all times, dumb and obedient and given the minimum to induce contentment as they are lashed to the grind of the wheel as it crushes souls and wills as it saps the will to live from the veins of the mass of creation.

If we could at least find one area where these lying toads have actually got it right, education: no that’s still undergoing examinations, the Law, policing and prisons: no the jury is still out on the first, the second has been arrested in motion (CCTV) and the third has been overcrowded off the supportable page as all attempts to fix it have been locked away from the light of day for trivial indiscretions.

Paying lip service, saying one thing and doing another, it all seems to just be the order of the day here in bedlam, the pragmatist will of course just learn the tactics that work as they play both ends against the befuddled middle, as they rake it in stuffing their pockets with all they can haul. Double standards are rife from the highest echelons to the lowest ranks and duplicity seems to be acceptable to all levels of the greasy pole fraternity, yet they insist we be this Christian ideal and that we temper ourselves with a turn the other cheek policy of letting them away with even more even after having been caught out on more than one occasion with their collective paws in the cookie jar.