Warrior – Teiwaz

Faith Hope and Steel

Teiwaz: The rune for the ‘Warrior’, the main skills for a warrior are the survival skills that enable man to endure the harshest terrains and conditions with the ability to fare well and remain fit, active and focused with good spirits intact. The disciplined mind of a warrior that has come through trials and tribulations that the common man would never even contemplate undertaking, that enables him to keep the body fit, alert and active. The skills that a warrior needs to provide for long journeys have usually been instilled since childhood.

The current trends when under the influence of the Spiritual Warrior rune, usually dictate a need for faith to be brought to the fore, the need for a steel will that is held in readiness, a fortitude that is born of long campaigns and tough trials. When faced with the hard reality of the toughest of circumstances that are being made harder by inclement weather is enough to shake the hopefuls resolve when coupled with hard tack and marching rations the resolution will be tested. A seasoned campaigner with an eye on the long term will have saved their rations of hope until the long dark night just when it will be needed the most.

Old enmities will have a new chance to be resolved as well as the chance that new information will help to make old issues better understood allowing for a new type of progress without resentments. The night watch must remain awake till the first light to keep the feelings of ease intact throughout the encampment. The rallying call of the new dawn’s chorus will rouse the weary watcher as the first warm rays of the sun start the daily process of bringing the sleeping to full wakefulness.

Arise and meet the day in unconscious rituals until the moment in the day when you awaken to yourself and your life, then deliver the ways and means to take your life on its allotted course of action.

Faith Hope and Steel Highlander.


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