Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Somethings Lost in Translation

Sending Mixed Signals

The Chilean cloud of gloom that is hovering over the south American air traffic lanes is blotting out the sun and is bringing a warm breeze and ash haze from the planets release southern valves, thank goodness it is just so much hot air and ash instead of rivers of molten lava.

The NHS reforms turnaround is yet another example that this government has not got a clue what it is doing and each faux pass and relent is costing the tax coffers twice in the thrust and redress tactics of doubt and blindsided thinking practices of back room think tank mushrooms, that are kept in the dark and fed bullsh@. Take it that expecting them to get it right first time with the accumulated experiences of previous history is out of the question then, ah well more of the same old same old spin and shimmy then.

For a country that at its ‘Empire’ heyday heights went around the world asset stripping every exploitable backwater country that had a wealth of natural products or assets, they lorded it over the local indigenous population, usually bearing arms to ensure their unhindered access to anything they wanted. So when Adam Smith brought out his wealth of nations treaties, this country had already asset stripped most nation’s wealth as they settled, bartered beads and trinkets and mainline’d the spices and riches back to the sacred Isles.

The anti nuclear lobby had a 95% boost to its credibility rating with the results from the Italian referendum reflecting the populations views on a nuclear solution for the modern industrial age. This is a popular stance for the new age of reason, why are we still considering quick and dirty solutions that are a danger to sustainable life. All this drive for more power in a shrinking manufacturing footprint, why is there no research into more efficient ways of generating electricity from water, where a continuous stream or tidal effect is missing, why is there no development for deep water, ballast and buoyancy techniques using relays of smaller channelled turbines, after all in this day and age friction should no longer be a problem, not when you already have a means to circumvent its intrusion and free up resources to generate or harvest water just using deep water pressure to generate a constant supply of lower yield of power for household uses.

Why isn’t the generation of electricity regional instead of coming from a smaller populations thinking as to how growth could be assured and supply made to meet demand, the Victorian thinking of one centralised towering instability that could hold all the very edges of everything together never could hold water even in their day.

Every large roofed area in every town can supply a percentage of filtered and treated water for the home that collects it, any other buildings could collect and store as much as is needed and this could then be auctioned off to farmers in case of droughts. Any flood area could be harnessed to fill underground reservoirs to aid the same forlorn weather downtrodden areas as their worst expectations are met with the unstable weather patterns of the British Isles, one extreme to the other is the collective expectations and beliefs about British weather isn’t it, careful what you wish for or you will most often meet your expectations positive or negative.

One overbearing unwieldy straining under the unrestricted growth by population explosion, and no one saw it coming, whose watch was that then. An infrastructure that never had a development plan to deal with growth, did they get that plan from the kindergarten pre schoolers. So why is it that everything is so expensive we can no longer’ afford’ to pay our way, so why is the present system so resistant to doing what is necessary to get the whole thing back up and running instead of, looking for someone to blame for it, local services are being shrunk just when they need to grow. Politicians are still making the same noises and the results are more of the same old same old tactics.

How come they still appear to be saying one thing and just end up doing the other (take that anyway you like) and still the blame game is going on instead of hard solutions being sought or even contingency plans being dusted off for the forthcoming need to rebuild the decaying and crumbling infrastructure. No can’t work that one out, must be something lost in the translation from the electioneering mantra for us to ‘give us your vote’ to ‘well! look at the mess they left us, no money in the coffers, but we did get our expenses wrangle back on track thank you mam’, no must just be another mystery then. Talk about sending out mixed signals.

Tote that barge lift that bale, we have lots of plans that are doomed to fail.