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Right before your very Eyes

Just a trick of the Light

The threatened changes to the benefits system, the largest single change since the 1940’s has hit a snag before it had even left the launch bay. The signals were all go …… from the grumblings from the rank and file… I have to so why shouldn’t …. hard work never harmed anybody ……. This should have sealed the fate of the unfortunate that find they are unemployed, on the wrong side of the skills barrier when education courses have just been priced out of the unfortunate’s pockets or capability to find the resources and grants to step back on the treadmill. They will of course be subject to the will of the people and effectively lose all their civil rights as they become the new slave class of the halls of Hades .. tote that barge lift that bale, put a foot wrong and you’ll end in jail. The funny thing is not a person actually looked at the bigger picture, shall we……. go on you know you want to.

Well let’s look at the of the employment figures for the last three years. The decline in manufacturing and the stagnation of the leisure industry bubble as well as the failure of the financial sectors businesses has almost disappeared since the banking and the worldwide economic non-depression happened. It’s not looking hopeful as you can see the drop off in employment is what you would expect.

The fact that more people that have been hiding in the grey areas have been ousted as the facts about the figures has emerged. The true state of unemployment had never taken into account the amount of students, the numbers of prisoners, the amount of people that are on long term disability as well as the amount of people that are classed as working that are actually receiving sick pay. The unknown numbers of the great unwashed the ‘care less in the community’ are the ghost statistics that haunt every poll ever made in the last forty years.

The whole thing is a morass of cover-ups and misdirection’s that is a nightmare to unravel. Some things are clear from the outset though. The left hand graph shows a drop in the growth of employment since 2009 to a settled fluctuation from 2010 to 2011. This does not indicate deterioration, more of a redressed stabilisation to a particular set of parameters. The right hand graph shows a wavering line with expected fluctuations to reflect, the part time and temporary or seasonal positions as they close and come available again.

Since the early eighties the jobs market has tended towards the growth of part time positions after all the long term life jobs are all taken by the cream and they are there for forty to sixty years, so the manufacturing workforce all had the same job slots, forty to sixty years, so the only place that is left in the swirling tempest of the economic and manufacturing whirlpool of the market is the part time positions.

This is all bad enough but the facts that have not been presented in this sad picture are the ones that will make the biggest impact, so it beggars belief that they are being omitted in the discussion stage of the development for changing the benefits system.

If there are no growth sectors in the shrinking industry sector, and only the same temporary and part time positions are being reused again and again, that still leaves a gap in the figures as there are less part time positions than there are seekers for them. Now in a depressed market like this if the state takes away a defaulters benefits, in the real world (having already experience this) you will sell of what you can to get by, then you will try begging on the street to keep life and limb intact. After that it is one small fall to crime or deaths door as some will certainly consider getting out of this man made misery.

The prisons are overcrowded and we can’t afford to house any more by building more. The police are already overstretched and the judicial system is already creaking under the burden of the present case load.

It is just one small step to take the whole thing back to soup kitchens instead of cash, second class produce and third rate monitoring will again turn that into a can of worms in little or no time at all. When there is no place to go to, when there is an unfair level of distribution of resources, when there is a penalisation of the unfortunate as the master of the universe get it all wrong yet again and show no signs of ever making this system that has never delivered, though it has always held out the bright hope and never, paid for itself, reinvested in itself to stop the need for bank loans, this produced a self cannibalising model that could never deliver. Asset stripping, hostile takeovers made sure no company could ever look to plump as they would find themselves under attack by the systematic sharks that feed on the bloated corpses of the decadent higher echelons of the corporate entities of the last four decades.

If you start with a premise that you can make more of a profit by making a thing cheaper, then market competition forces create a situation where the goods are made so cheaply that they cannot do the job for long or well, that the industry only had one expected outcome right from the beginning, diminishing goods, material costs and quality of materials for costs and manufacturing process it was always going down the tubes. The numbers do not add up, everything that is made must be fit for purpose, industry and manufacturing never set a minimum cost that reflects a true assessment of materials, costs and packaging as well as storage, transport etc.

Using this same thinking if you threaten the unemployed is that coercion, is that extortion, extorting labour for welfare, may as well put anybody that becomes unemployed straight in jail and then press gang them all into shoring up this failing system, before the global changes bring the whole ball of dirt to its final conclusion, don’t you just hope that the idiots that make these sort of new rules up are the ones right in the path of the Armageddon tidal wave they are all half expecting as they cannot seem to get anything right for furtively looking over their shoulder as each of their contingencies all fail one after the other. Mind the bottom step guys it’s a doozy.