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Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to dr…

The Phone hacking saga is moving into its second act of its three act play as the high echelon technophobe’s all throw their mobile phones away. The simple solution to this technical hitch is of course to switch your providers free answering service off, like say with Orange for example. The service that the provider gives costs the person paying for the call to record the message so that’s the first bite of the Apple, then when you listen to them on a pay as you go provision they charge you the second bite to listen to them, this service is usually ‘free’ on pay monthly as well as all the big benefits like text bundles as well as all the add-on perks they can provide. My how bribery still works when you are stealing candy from a baby. The major drawback is how the calls are stored and what sort of police force would love access to that information wow. No service equals no stored messages for any password swiping thief to steal a look at your connections for salacious interests sake. Or is that just tabloid titter tatters.

To avoid this just purchase an old fashioned answer phone App from the App store, that uses the phones recording facilities to store your missed calls onto your micro SD memory card. Set the App to straight to answer phone and mute the sound and microphone or set it to answer after three rings and remind the caller that they already paid to get this far so leave a message. This localised service not provided by the provider will of course require the caller to pay for the call just like the double whammy service the provider uses to charge you to listen to your own messages that they are very helpfully not policing under the data protection act, but with the App the message is on your securely locked phones memory card and can only ever be accessed from your friendly neighbourhood answer phone App all locked and secure with phone and sim pins. Or you can be just as terrified of the technology as some of the most outspoken card carrying fully paid up members of the great misinformed technophobe’s club on the planet today.

Anybody needing technical advice my number is 4%6&3”07^*90 feel free to call me anytime. I’m here till Thursday, that’s actually Thor’s day, just in case anybody is interested……. just saying …………… just saying.

The rain has been building England’s thirst this last month with its teasing dance of a little taste of honey, the parched earth is crying out to slake its thirst as the arid dust blows across the shrivelled crops of the once mighty British harvest …. er … well ….. ah …. well, maybe not then. But it is getting a bit parched down south.

Sometimes the solution is right before our eyes, a simple App that uses functions already available and no one at the top of the greasy pole noticed this glitch in the market ….. hmm… and yet there are lots of useless meaningless ‘App’s’ out there and yet can anyone find an Answer Phone App.

Unless of course you believe that after slaking a thirst it takes a while to build another, and after a feast you are likely to fast easier if the feast was ‘mid winter’ and the provisions before had been scrimped till the feast of celebration of life, to eat and drink and live well, half way through the winter (the long dark night) was the first seasonal feast of celebration the world ever knew, then back to the easy ride to the early spring provisions, that will keep body and soul together till the main seasonal harvest and the laying down of provisions for the long winters night. The fact that abstinence takes discipline and dedication was and always will be a test of character.

It can’t be that Apple and the rest of the heads in the sky profits of the new age didn’t think ahead and have a ready stockpile in storage for the day that everyone becomes IT savvy, to the can and can not’s in the modern media connected new age of enlightenment can know their way around the virtual clubhouse.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Like being held suspended in a sea of turbulent motion or being indebted in the midst of a wealth of debt. All those seas of cash that keep the rivers of commerce running and yet access is so restricted so that the poor bear the highest burden as they struggle to keep the squandering upper echelons of the pyramid of control in the rivers of wealth as the needy lie languishing in the stagnant pools of no resources.

The Irony cannot be lost on any of the hard pressed that have watched themselves reach to achieve their goals to find themselves again at the gate of snatched opportunity or gazumped at the final furlong by the post piping antics of the spoilsports of the age old game of time and queue jumping. And if it can happen to a notable horse fancier then we are all truly held to the same set of rules and laws as each other no matter how some will try to see themselves as different because of status or wealth. We all have to have water, shelter, power and food the rest is just the trimmings, if you like the icing on the cake.

The view from the centre of the city and from the great heights of tower blocks is a very different view than it is from the shanty towns that cling to the edges of every great metropolis in the world. The bottom up view always sees the necessities better than any high flying eagle eye ever will from their loft towers and great heights of perception, while the lowly will provide from their perspective the insight of the tolerances that are bearable in the hurly burly hectic life as seen from the high backed chairs of the incidentally elite minority.

All top down methodologies perceptions must now be tempered by the foresight of the hard pressed as it is formulated from the insights of hindsight.


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