The Self – Mannaz

Singularity in Plural

The drawing of a single rune is a solitary reflection on a subject, the whole idea of a layout is to try to place the drawn rune in a localised context for the reading to reflect the meaning in a way that will aid the inquirer.

The Rune for this week is the Self, drawn at a time when the sun is in a hyper active state, politicians are looking more and more impotent in the face of the world dissatisfaction at the cost of living escalation’s that are undermining any form of global economic stability from ever getting out of the black hole that all of the nations greed has dug in the world trade markets. The free fall isn’t likely to end in a light touchdown when the final reckoning lands with an almighty bump.

The Self is a character that is a made up from the rune character Joy and a reflection  of a mirror image of Joy, the whole premise of some observations of the self is that we are all one half of a pairing. Joy is by its makeup a purely positive emotion that has no negative aspects, but it has an opposite state in misery or depression. Some people may see the correlation between the male and female principles. A couple will mirror each other and reflect their state to one another in exchanges.

The main viewpoint for the observation of the drawing of the Self for this week is all things that relate to being, wholeness and well being in particular. This is not to suggest that ill health is an issue at this time it is more likely to be bringing to the fore, a process of self re-orientation or an indication of new inner alignments.

The general trend around this drawing is the Self is highlighting the process of streamlining finances, goals and directions in the flow as things around us all in the greater world affairs are showing similar changes in action commitments and associations.

The good manners of a civilised society is seen best in the display of manners and social exchanges. The protocols of business have established a reasonable etiquette for the transition to a more inclusive view that takes into account the other people in the exchanges, like needs and comforts or rights. The PC dictate’s that have been left after so many public ridicule reactions to some of the more wacky state protocols will through the process of elimination or just through the natural life cycle of redundancy checking to leave us with a socially aware set of recommendations for the present decade.

The idea that the self is and does not need any form of adjustment mechanism is a little naive and will only add to the ego’s tendency towards sloth and find an inner ally in the resistance to change that is the stumbling block for most historic civilisations.

The past is littered in literary epic’s of the demise of civilisations and empires that we are not stuck for a prime example or two to choose from. That aside the present diminishing world with its almost instant globalisation of rumours, news and theories in the virtual stratosphere is growing from strength to strength. At this time this new alignment of personal space, needs, goals and past achievements is opening up a new Pandora’s box of woes for the corporate world and the governmental limitations of boundaries and borders and their need to control flow, movement and exchanges. The new personal freedoms are though still being infringed on by some of the players in the virtual meeting places of the new sky domain. Facebook and its use of personal information for apps is to access is worry enough but when you consider the use of facial recognition software to identify ‘friends’ that are in the stored pic’s on your private page without your permission to rake through your personal images, while the virtual friends who we have probably never met and don’t actually know will be naturally excluded from this process as they can’t turn up in a photo with you or any of your real friends.

The environment shrinks and the natives all redress themselves by proximity and established connections is a natural process. The tribe of man is getting his bearings for the New Age transition from the redundant ways of the old world as more and more people take a more active interest in making the world of their choosing instead of merely accepting the one foisted on us by the imperial state of expedient and convenience. The old whatever would suit them and we would wear it days are nearly over and the inflexibility of old restrictions are being stretched to their furthest extents since the hippy push to make a better world for our children, without the dominating regimes of the dinosaur concrete boys of old, rubbing their hands at the thought of the profits to be had from a docile and obedient consumer.

The process of re-assessing our own self in our own domain is a healthy realignment from the process for growth. If you know who you are and where you find yourself is understandable and assuming that you have a good take on the present circumstances in which you find yourself, then your orientation needs only to take a closer look at your goals and expectations to determine the best path to choose to take you to your expected or desired outcome.

So if you know who you are, where you come from and know what is going on and the rules of play are clear then your target or goal is almost inevitable in most cases. This will have the effect of natural letting all forms of redundancy drop from your central consciousness and your thinking practices almost mapping out a course of action with greater clarity and less uncertainty than this world has enjoyed in over four decades and on a global scale that the world has never seen before according to recorded history.


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