Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

Jumping the Gun

Faiths leap of Insight

Human nature has a tendency to presume the worst then to, plan a strategy to handle the worst outcomes then the first rule for that is to set up the relevant prevention for the worst contingency. This sort of pessimism is the standard knee jerk reaction for the species. In small situations and limited results situations this sort of quick fix thinking is standard for the species.

A case in point is the current set of circumstances surrounding the E-coli outbreak. The first hook was that the cucumbers were to blame and well before the facts or the evidence had a chance to be proven the knee jerk had the Spanish tipping out thousands of pounds worth of perfectly good ‘untested cucumbers’ in case they were and the authorities could look like they are on top of the whole situation. Well as we now know that was a red herring but the repercussions from it have cost hundreds of thousands in the loss of consumer confidence in the crop from the Spanish investment for their whole agricultural profits. The continuing saga of the likely culprit has moved to the German home market for the bean sprouts, and before another reaction could set in after the last best guess an official announcement was broadcast asking people to bear with them as the bean sprouts turned out to be yet another red herring, this calming effect will obviously work on the buying public like the British being told by broadcast that the home market could be regarded as being safe to use the present crop in this nation.

The trade damage is going to leave repercussions for a long time in the get that right reaction that will doubtless follow the first claims and counter claims for compensation, initial blame and more knee jerk reactions that will make up the aftermath of doubting Thomas mindsets fiddlers to the tune of the modern-day dance of denial and prevarication. This dance has now ended so step back to the edge of the dance hall and align yourself with your present partner as they face you. Take an attitude of mutual harmony and then align yourself to the ways of the path as you know them to be, then hold them true to this forevermore even if they move away from your closeness, never doubt them or worry for them for your love will be with them for all their lifelong until we all meet up in that place where we all meet up.

There is no place left in this world for doubt to rule the roost, for that little cackling cockerel can crow his song of grief and loss never again, for the new tune of the day is one of joy. The way ahead looks troubled and the land is in the midst of a mild fever and the dark cloud will pass into the mists of yesterday for this mild trouble that we see in the weather is the actions of cleansing the world views. The full potential of the new awakening will not ever again need to be driven by the tools of the husbandry rule of thumb that has restricted the awakening of the world to its true potential for the tomorrow of our hopes and dreams, that from the foundations of a troubled and bloody history the jewel of creation was born in the hearts and minds of the youthful hearts and clear minded perceptions and insights of the gentile in residence for the meek are they that shall inherit the workings of the world with no hardened edge to cut the accuser to the quick with, to instead believe in the very best of the very best of all of us regardless of the wealth position or acclaim that beguiles the senses of the world in passing and in that final moment of realisation of watching something terrible and yet precious leaving existence in the only way that it can is it transmutes into the blueprint in its suppressed regressions that never got to play jump to the fore of the dance of the way home. The resurrection of the lord of the Phoenix is born from the temperate fires that mould the soul of the new awakening. For the worst begging’s imaginable was how he wrote the begging to be, to start in paradise be thrown out, your children to end up at the brink of their own total annihilation and to at the final hour relent the relentless onrush of self destruction, to see the light of realisation glint of the furthest perceptions of the brightest insights to the way back to paradise from the depth of the darkest pit for it is the star to take the prodigal son home, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

That’s a wrap now for the after party that is the party at the end of time, you see it is after the end and that’s the only after party to want to go to so save up all your passes for that day.