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Perceptions Insights

20/20 Foresight

In this world there are no guarantees of any kind, yet the system that has never delivered, wants to hold the unemployed to their word, that they are in all honesty doing what they say they are doing when they sign for their doled out existence, by people who are on ten times their money and are not held to their word that they will do what they were elected to do or even that their action plans to bring about their manifesto changes failures, will never be held against them but ……. if your unemployed that’s a different thing entirely and needs no acts of legislative changes and at that level they don’t even have civil rights so it’s alright to use extortion they can’t afford the legal fees mate. Yet they will not be held accountable for keeping on letting bankers away with holding the tax payer to ransom, ah I get it now, less dole money equals more tax pounds for the banks (sorry guys didn’t get it all). That they will not swindle the system as they see fit, taking the benefits of being employed in the elite one percent of injunction persecution dodger’s haven of refuge. That they will become accountable to the scrutiny of the public that pay their salary just as they persecute the unemployed to a two-year jail term on the dwindling jobs treadmill as they stream line the unemployed and coerce them to be the ten pound a week plus benefits cares of the aging population, no can’t be can it.

Did none of these idiots ever learn that a belligerent workforce causes the development of all kinds of working to rule policies to hinder the job and to stick it back to the man for denying the unemployed their civil right to be innocent until proven guilty, instead of being put under a microscope five days a week by a ‘lucky to be employed’ state lackey breathing down their necks without a criminal accusation being levelled and without a single legislative leg to stand on in any European community court, that wants to win the British populace’s allegiance to Brussels rule of laws. One law for the fiddlers and another for the organ grinder, but it is still the monkey doing the dancing to the tune of a very big stick with no carrot whatsoever. Like that will ever work and not just cost the tax payer more to police, check, enforce. So that when it fails like all the rest they can complain that it’s the useless unemployed again bucking the enforced saddling of the new slave class of rules of the free democratic State of Britain. Couldn’t just ask a professional psychologist’s advice before you come up with some cockamamie of the top of your head guaranteed to fail solution in this ‘Springtime for Hitler’ short run play as they stall and prevaricate and show that they do not have any solutions, but they do still know how to look busy and to keep everyone distracted as they fiddle and we burn at their expense on account of course.

All of the jobs that can be filled full-time, well paid with all of the perks and privileges are filled, and they are filled for life for the top-notch elite born one percent (50-60 working years barring accidents), the second strata down has the right pay all the privileges that they were born with and no company perks bar the social structure of the position, or the international standing of the company. Then there is the jobs for life with the right pay, no perks and no privileges at all are also filled for life, then the substrata levels, the percentages of the right pay, tradeoffs in some benefits and again no privileges are also jobs for life and there are only some minimal replacement slots as one or two may break the rules and get caught, or someone dies or marries well and moves out of the grid.

That brings us to only the part-time slots that the ‘you can have anything in the world as long as you believe and work hard to get it or re-educate to climb the mythical ambitious ladder to achieve your dreams’ that’s the gullible ill educated poorly treated will never fit ins, then there is the unemployed the slave labour for the pittance that is decreed from above by our betters, subsistence cash, no perks no civil rights, the you will do as your told and like it strata that all the rest above fear to find themselves sliding down the greasy pole into and will instead of helping the oppressed level will do the ‘skip past the guillotine’ dance of the fake revolutionary’s by hiding in the ranks of the oppressor and condemning the new serfs ‘vive le revolution no, mon amee’.

Ah well like the old tribes of the old world would say about it ‘it is better to live up river from your enemies, in case they pee in the river to get their own back’ than to have to always boil your water just in case. The poverty trap is necessary for this next ruse that it all works and you can climb this mythical ladder to? Be put in charge of an economic institution that has to get this country’s financial transaction moving again, when the whole world has drawn in its belt, the recession that didn’t happen has not gone away (must be Mr Nobody then) and the so-called and much hyped and anticipated expectations from the ‘pay the tax direct to the bank, do not go to jail pick up two hundred pounds and count your blessings manoeuvre’, bringing sighs of relief from the players in the market of ‘thank goodness  the plebs didn’t catch wind as to what is actually going on or we would all be in for it’, hate to be a spoil sport but the cat is definitely out of the bag now oops.

They do say you cannot have it all, they also say life is what it is so get used to it quickly it won’t change just for you or if fortune brings you lemons, make lemonade. You can’t keep a good man down is now proven to be a lie, as only the elite are born into good fortune and they are privileged by an accident of birth and not any kind of reflection of moral or personal worth. Nobody said life would be fair after all.

Even being of royal lineage having all the privileges of position and power and wealth in abundance is no guarantee that you will ever have a derby winner, so fate is the only thing that can breach all the barriers even those of the heads of state.

So what are they going to do with an aging population, a growing unemployable workforce, a decline in manufacturing, a hike in the cost of living and no one stupid enough to join the mythical war as they now know it’s just a state sponsored euthanasia program that has been around since the dawn of time to get rid of in-house insurgents and dissidents that just won’t jump when they are pushed and will dig in and instead become entrenched at the roots of the system closest to the plug if the born trouble makers that are stirring up a middle eastern cauldron of trouble and have had to resort to providing air cover as no one wants off the dole that bad that they will end up on the ground in another sovereign state killing innocent’s (one million innocent’s is collateral damage only in a heartless accountants books) dying for yet another lying politician that likes to pick their fights to suit their own purposes, and get rid of the troublesome dissidents.

Now if you cannot have an omelette without breaking eggs and in this life there is no guarantee of immunity to the pains of life, the sons of Thomas have brought the modern world to its collective knees. It is past time for to ask that faith be the way forward, towards an agreed consensus about the final destination. Never a referendum when you need one and with this government, never a referendum about the right things for the whole of us.

The Tsunami brought the fact that the world has shrunk under the developing umbrella of the new technological age and its new shiny personal devices, there is no place to run, who do you think you are kidding, they must still be using an eighteenth century profiling system for the lower classes. Get with the program boys don’t you know ‘Things they are a changing, the ways of life are rearranging baby’ and no matter how much you want, a race winner you will be no luckier that anyone else at getting what you want.

You can’t always get what you want, so get used to it it’s out of your hands from here on in.

The Charioteer