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Your Mobile and in Touch

Having been an Orange client now for about four years, the first phone was a basic Nokia and it records voice messages for MMS up to sixty seconds of audio, great for soundbites. This one stopped ringing and only vibrates so still works if it’s in a pocket or in your hand when it goes off, out of sight and it is silent. The replacement was an Orange Vegas a multimedia version with a speakerphone, hands free kit (great invention) voice recorder, minimum camera, poor quality video, plays mp3’s and has a radio. The phone took a knock of the bedside dresser (charging) and it couldn’t find the SIM it just keeps asking for the SIM even when any of the others (had two Orange Cards) are used instead, the radio still works but without a SIM it can’t use the installed memory Micro SD card space, all the mp3 and no play time, so it is effectively a rechargeable radio with about 3 hours playtime. This prompted a reconnoitre to the local Orange shop on Argyle street.

Asked the salesman if they did repairs needed to get mobile as quick as possible and as cheaply as possible, the dole doesn’t lend itself to luxuries or even making mistakes with spending, every penny counts, it just has to or else you pay in other ways. The lad said depends, thought typical car mechanic tactics, then he followed with how old the phone was and it turns out it is past its guarantee and as an end of line model sold off cheaply it would be more expensive to repair than to buy a new one, well never heard that from a commission lead salesman before, have you? Well as it is a pay as you go model. Only two models are in the budget price range the Lisbon at £20 and the Miami at £30 pounds both with a £10 compulsory airtime voucher to be added.

After getting the Lisbon mobile home the address book was already full, the text messages are still in it now, from don’t know who too don’t know who. The touch screen is a bit wonky there is a scratch on the face of the touch screen and the salesman didn’t give me the new SIM card, oh and couldn’t get the hands free kit to plug-in. The online information said to phone a number (not on the dole matey) or call in to the nearest shop and get the Sim registration unsuccessful error removed from my old card, fixed. An activation call or service call to orange can cost four pounds and has done the last twice it was used.

Took the device back to Argyle St at about an hour and a half later, the salesman was all tied up with a customer so I explained the faulty device to another young male, he never noticed the scratch or didn’t want to see it, the same with his manager as they tried to tell me it was that I wasn’t touching the screen right to get it to work, they handled the device several times each and never noticed the mark, being a software developer with years of hardware and system programming experience, and having had the sister model for over a year it was obvious that when the screen saver function kicks in and the keypad gets locked the only way to unlock the keypad is to use a stylus as it would discriminate from random object collisions in the pocket, hands, coins, keys etc. Then one of the two pantomime stars got the phone jack to work, it is a mini jack and had a separate plug at the top of the phone away from the charger at the other end. So they didn’t notice the scratch and the second-hand phone came back home with me, to wait twenty-four hours till the new SIM became active and the account as transferred and topped up, the missing card hadn’t been found yet.

Twenty four hours later and it’s a different setup, the new guy and two nice women were on duty the manager was out having passed him on the way to the shop, so honey for the trap, playing best manners slightly confused and needing assistance, the missing card was replaced, still no one that had handled the phone noticed until one of the girls was holding it after putting the pin number to power up the phone for the fourth time, either they didn’t want to know or………. so I mentions quite casually to the girl as she notices something and hands the phone back quite sharply, fair doos to the girl she didn’t react one bit to the mention that there was data and media on the phone (she may have noticed the mark and got spooked) but she still stayed quiet about it.

The message list is all dated days before the purchase and is still evidence now. The new card is in the phone and depending on the speed of the response time to transfer/activate an already active account and add the enforced top up to the account on the new SIM, will dictate when they will be informed that an employee, may have replaced the new customer phone with his own old one or ……………. they sell off returned goods, with intermittent faults and minimal damage as new product. It will be interesting to see how the rabbit runs this one. By the way really do love the HTC phones or even an Apple PAYG of course.

The Tide of Life

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