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It’s all in the Wrist

It’s sometimes funny how words and processes throw up the oddest word typification sayings, like if you talk about property or possessions, the sayings that spring to mind have a lot of animal references, like the lions share, hogging the limelight, the pecking order,  beach master, pack privilege to name but a few.

The whole concept of making preserves takes into account the processes of conserving or even preservation, the main contenders for consideration are, in a pickle, in a bit of a jam, stewing in your own juices and in cold store. All the preservation methods even salting is used to mean laying false gold deposits in land for idiots to find.

It’s kind of nice and comforting to think that what you see is what you get, except at mock auctions, and to think that what you are led to believe is in fact true.

It has come to light that pubs are under threat, and you would be right to immediately think it is from dwindling numbers, due to the recession, but that isn’t the problem, no the problem is coming from within the industry itself. Tied holdings are having their rents hiked to the max, knowing that this will have to be passed on in pricing and so community stronghold pubs are being squeezed to the limit; these pubs are usually the hub of the town or local community. The next things the brewers are doing is hiking the lager price to again squeeze the tenant landlord, this is again killing social hubs.

The correct questions for this saga are, why would a brewer penalise its own landlords and make it impossible to make a profit and so close the pubs. Who is to gain from the loss of alcohol being sold in the pubs, what profit is there in the loss of the pub in any other fashion. Is this a financial decision to close a type of outlet to fund another.

The tied holdings are sitting property and the sale of all of these assets in a cash strapped declining economy would give a much needed boost to the company assets by converting the properties into real cash. This has to be a mealie mouthed accountant’s solution as it disregards the enforced loss of profit from the sitting tenants existing trade and how the change of tactics would be asset stripping the landlord to evict the tenant to sell the property. This is all very legal under the present crooked system of laws, but highly immoral given the current economic climate. To deliberately destroy a man’s livelihood stealing the established income levels from a profitable venue to use mafia style tactics under the guise of legal actions is despicable. It is accountants that are the cause of the world’s problems and they have no growth potential plans, just asset stripping and selling off, hardly growth tactics.

Who would profit from this more, the current distribution of ales and lager’s would be redirected from the pubs to the superstore shelves in plastic and metal containers. This form of distribution is becoming a more desirable one considering the alcohol related problems in larger inner city venues that with the NHS, Police, Social workers creeping costs are going to soon force a legislation change to make the landlords of trouble venues pay for restoration, area damage limitation and to donate to the hospital and medical bills from customer frays. It is just a matter of time and this must be known to a progressive industry with a hungry eye on the future outlets, off licences have no such likely hood of these type of repercussions being brought to bear.

The awful thing is once a community pub that is the local for the social functions, weddings, birthdays and functions, that is the best bar lunch and eatery in a ten mile radius is more likely to be a tied pub and so once the building is sold off the community never recovers, and the next thing to go is the local shops and high street and then it’s just the big superstores, those benevolent wonderful people that are just out to serve us better, as long as we travel to their store, use their parking, petrol and services.

The whole idea of a public house is still making a stand with the free houses that have no tied affiliation to the brewer. History has shown though the superstore has drained away the high street shopping experience for the majority of towns and villages the length and breadth of this small island.

This nation has a strong tradition of ale houses and eateries and even though this story may be true it does not reflect the tenacity of the people of this little isle to defend what they believe in to stand by their traditions and to thumb their noses at the corporate swagger of the blue meanies.

In the early days of the all Seeing Eye it is kind of funny that in a situation where the attackers, were wearing cameras, and the enemy was unarmed, a man was killed and disposed of before the waiting world could see, it was done in the night and just as a war that cannot be won is reaching a plateau of impasse, it all smacks of holding on to the endgame solution to use when needed at the appropriate time, just as the world is not believing the propaganda about terrorists, and it is beginning to look like national conspiracies to swing political control and install a higher enforcement level of policing or troops in all countries.

The only countries in the world today that actually have weapons of mass destruction are the ones that have always had them, Russia, America, Britain, China, and oh yes Pakistan, as they employ the Swiss ‘Nazis’ solution of turning a blind eye in so called neutrality maybe.

The biggest worry though has to be the statement as made by the American Nation, that goes something like this.

Civil War: –

We will turn brother against brother for the profits of slavery. And will slaughter with impunity.


We will bomb you with nuclear weapons, for sneaking up and attacking us when we weren’t ready.


We will invade your country, asset strip it and kill civilians as collateral damage to get the 1% that are insurgents, we will imprison the innocent and guilty alike without trial to safeguard ourselves from reprisals. We will hunt you down and kill you whether you are armed or not, 99 .. 100 here we come ready or not.

The statement is they will do what it takes to exact their vengeance and they will ignore laws, human rights and sovereign laws to play their end game as and when it suits them and they will have the game set to go for when it suits them most.

Not exactly the kind of scruples you would admire, and not the kind of traits you would want in a friend, but then again you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of their view of things just in case you are next.

For a nation that says ‘In God we Trust’, it is slightly ironic that with a wide green belt that likes to preach, sermonise and quote the bible. They managed to overlook two points not in their favour, the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’, and of course even after all the weather, economic/property and social warnings they have had, ‘Vengeance is mine’. Wouldn’t  want to be in their shoes when the bill gets levied.

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