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Another Own Goal …

Seasons Greetings

The week that brought the two most watched television programs in the British Isles to a close, first when Matt Cardle beat that teenage terror Cher Lloyd out of the winning position, not that he with his continuous sleazy front is in any way the better person, or even the better performer but the so called public vote all wanted him. Then there is the strictly hoofers slot from the twinkle toes brigade of revived has been’s and the next generation of forgettable wannabes. And the Lucky Winner is Kara Tointon and isn’t she a lot easier on the eye than any from the exploit the mentally challenged fudge factor stables.

The weather has again managed to bring out a plethora of very iffy excuses for non participation and non delivery. A thick blanket of snow at the start of the month and then a mini thaw and the excuses were still cascading out even in the thaw, who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddler. Every other country that ever gets heavy winter conditions manages to keep all of their services running but in this country, the level of anarchy and the will to shy off is always just under the cover of the weakest excuses. The fact that most schools take the same view and will close their doors at the drop of a snow flake (great for the kids) forcing mothers/fathers that work to stay home to attend their children and the national turnover does suffer.

Could it be that the way that banks help themselves to our cash as they please then bill the government for additional support as and when they please while giving themselves hefty bonuses as and when they see fit, and could it be that in the land where employers have the whole workforce over a collective barrel and with the aid of governmental legislation are stripping the workers rights to the barest minimum have anything to do with the seeming collective shift in willingness to an understated belligerence to play along in a rigged game. Hmm worth a second look may be.

The general grumblings from the rank and file are still about what is being done by the banks and by a non elected government team of voting hijackers. The contempt from the con-dem-nation corner is having the opposite effect from the one the coalition expects. The collective corrosive effect of just one too many white washes, the indigestible propaganda that is flannelling the media and press pages is forcing this nation to think about a change of diet.

It has to be said the harsh truth is very unpalatable, and that every nation in the world is used to watering it down or taking it in sound byte sizes to make it more digestible, the nations of the world that all voted with their feet when the imminent collapse first showed its ugly features are the ones to blame, the nature of the political beast has not changed and shows no signs of remorse, just like the upper echelons of the banking systems, they are just exactly what they are. No the blame cannot be laid at their door.

They were all given this cart blanche when every worker took a cut in hours to keep their own head above water, when whole workforces took a cut in pay to keep their business afloat for the short term crisis of the initial rapids in the early stages of the white water knuckle ride that is still on going. This sent a clear signal to the powers that wannabe that you would all take a hit to keep a lying, cheating, backstabbing system in place rather than bring it to the point of having to change for lack of support. A system that has never delivered what it has always promised on the tin, that when it uses crooked practices can never deliver a growth mechanism when the order of the day is to undermine the opposition, to under bid the realistically priced bid that includes, good materials, correct time scales, adhering to legitimate building practices and still paying a fair price for labour and skilled professionals to do the best job possible. Funny how this is never a factor in the bidding process isn’t it. Well every worker that sold out for the short term gain has condemned the unemployed to becoming third class citizens soon to be conscripts of the new social class enforcement policies, the ‘if you want to live today, you will do as we say’ slogan of totalitarian rule over the sediment that falls to the bottom every time, will replace the ten pounds extra on top of your dole if you contribute to the ‘there are no jobs but we feel better if you are not just hanging around idle and we will feel safer knowing what you are up to at least during the day’ philosophy of the old brigade dinosaur mind-set.

Did no one tell you that when people take less pay or cut their hours and earn less pay, there is less money to spend and so less goods and services will be bought. The whole idea that by taking a hit there is the one thing that should never have been done, now the weather is compounding the problem. Flights are being cancelled and this is reducing the hours that flight staff and ground crews can earn in the run up to X-Mass.

The whole thing has been approached much like the eighteenth century approach to illnesses, and that is to treat the symptoms and let the disease continue in the hope that it will run its course, not a bad thing if the illness is a cold, but the more complex the disease the more complex the solution and there is no panacea for all illnesses as we all know. The short term solution to take a minor hit to keep ailing businesses heads above water was ok for the first set of rapids, but as any white water rafting fan will tell you the best is yet to come.

So in the face of such delayed problems still to rear their ugly heads as the reduced spending takes its toll in the second bite of the illness and the raft turns the corner of the new year into the gauntlet of the next rapids that are a downward set of steps that are impossible to climb back up from the fact that water will always decent to the lowest point in any landscape and will wash anything caught in its wave or wake with it as its headlong rush drags the flotsam and the jetsam through the obstacle course of rocks and wrecks it should be an exhilarating ride for the stout hearted but it may prove more than a little fatal for the heartless, the weary or the down trodden, still nature is known to be the best natural euthanasia device we have as it takes life from the weak and makes stronger all that succeed in running the gauntlet. The cold used to be the test of age and fortitude, while disasters do bring about a high percentage of miraculous survivors.

See you on the other side, and remember you all did this to all of us when you bit the short term solutions built.

In the mean time while we are in this nice cul-de-sac under the seasonal blanket of snuggle and be merry, have a very merry X-Mass when it comes and let the cards fall where they may in the New Year, for one and all.