Daily Archives: December 14, 2010

Please hold, you are in a que….

Thank you for waiting. Your call is important to us.

Do you ever get the idea that you live in a world that is built for someone else’s convenience and not yours. A bit like being a left handed person in a right handed world, and everything is made for the average sized person and you are always below average. Sorry of unique proportions and individual tastes, but never run of the mill just off the production line Mr or Mrs Average.

Take for instance the handiest tool of the new age the mobile phone, what a marvellous toy what a great invention. The modern VHS smart phone knocks the old Betamax, land line right out of the stratosphere.

It comes with the full application store facilities that take full advantage of the built in ear piece and the almost obligatory lens and camera application. The extendable memory makes it an ideal local store for applications, multimedia files, images and music, what a piece of engineering.

The whole idea that the microphone is an ideal tool for a Dictaphone for the man or woman on the move, the video camera is a record keeper for the dude in the know or in the flow, the camera is the perfect mobile photo album maker has all been further enhanced by the plethora of exotic application that go that little bit further.

The heart monitor that uses the microphone and the graphic capability to display the rhythm is a leap in the right direction for the mobile health checker, for injuries and illnesses. The list is almost endless for the isolation checkers means to knowing or checking all in one simple device, and not the least of which for the next generation of music wizards the ubiquitous guitar tuner, the list goes on and on and on.

Funny though sometimes this sort of overlord stratosphere of the godlike in the sky is a bit worrying and more than a little creepy that someone off the radar will dictate the terms of our lives, just because they provide a service that services our innate laziness and facilitates our need for convenience now.

Still how do they fund this well in the old days you could buy an answer phone and it allowed someone to call you and after a preset number of rings it would automatically accept the call and it would only cost the caller a few pence to leave a sixty second message. Nowadays the service is not available except through the provider who charges for the call and then gets a second byte of the apple by billing you to listen to the messages, yet in this day and age of the smart phone with a microphone and the ability to record voice and the handy facility to save sound files to the memory, not one company has thought to commission the building of an application that can monitor incoming calls and switch to local recording app. This could be set to direct to voicemail if you are in a meeting on silent so you still know to check when you leave the meeting but that doesn’t get the second byte of the apple, hmmmm is that a coincidence or …………

It’s not even as if you have a choice in the matter unless an independent company comes up with this get rich quick app for all mobile phone services and operation systems, this is a real gap in the market and yet no one is rushing to fill it. Hmmm.

Ever tried switching off your answer phone services once they have been started, awe must just be a coincidence then isn’t it.

The we know where you are at all times anywhere on the planet GPS chip services make is an absolute essential tool for the creepy new age Big brother we have our eye on you new governmental snoopers. That when it is linked to the cash card of the future and the new building scanners services that will update a global PIR (Person In Room) style 3D tracking system just in case any of our sheep is missing, awe isn’t that so nice of them.

It certainly paints a different picture of a much more paranoid future for the common man at the hands of the elite minority that rule. Makes you wonder when you consider just how long certain pieces have been around in the woodwork, the sensor PIR has been around for decades the drive for 3D mapping and resource management and database tracking has been relentless and the advent of GPS has brought the whole thing right out of the comic books and the pages of science fiction novels right onto the present pageant of every day life for the lab rats on prison planet earth.