Daily Archives: December 13, 2010

On the One Hand ……

The Clunking Fist

The question that should be asked about the governments handling of absolutely everything is how did it all come to this in the first place.

Students rioting on the streets, are just compounding the errors of their own ways, they after all voted in a rigged system that has never delivered and never will, they rather than before the fact are now after the fact having to pay the pound of flesh for the laziness  of not taking action to prevent a rigged vote from ever producing yet another delinquent government that will always say whatever it takes to get back into power and then do as they please once they are in, like change the four year term of office and make it into a five year one without legislation to legitimise it. Like do U-turns on understood manifesto pledges to backers, supporters and to voters.

This country to a man woman and a child had the chance to take back some of the responsibility of the weight of the collective and to stop day dreaming that this crumbling system can still do what it promises and has claimed and promised to deliver for more than two hundred years, and all it has ever really done in the wake of each election is to let their own in and to put on the nose bag and to do as they please. We all had the chance to take back the power to not vote in the elections but still the greedy minority that it actually works for the greedy few keep bolstering up the bastions of the cold war relics and the ice veined blood of the decaying dinosaurs to keep pumping round the collection hat to collect taxes that go straight to banks, while troops still have to live with shortages as the cull the unemployed campaign gets into second gear. All this as the educational system that used to be the envy of the world has to watch a government shirk its responsibilities to use our money to fund our needs and not to just cut themselves a bigger wedge from the take from the poor plate. The debt ridden paradigm of the make them pay brigade of old fossils say hit them with a bill that will stop ‘them’ cluttering up the educational establishments, saddle them with a bill that will be used to fund the system that they have slashed the funding for by eighty percent.

For every person that took low pay, in the recession, for every person that took a cut in hours to keep their jobs for every person whose choice was to preserve the status quo we will all now begin the long decades of enslaved tied debts, we have all been saddled by the greed of the many, harnessed to the greedy failed system that has never ever delivered, and can never ever deliver. All because the fearful bit the built, then aimed it at all our heads, instead of finding the courage to stand up for real change and to stand together and shoulder a little more of the burden on our own shoulders for maybe five years they opted to take the line of least resistance and in doing so condemned us all to decades of debt management, that no one in the middle belt will ever have to feel the same bite that the bottom layer of the pile will be chewed up and spat out by.

That has effectively condemned our children and maybe even our children’s children to a lifetime of debt and even more compounded misery to come, because it was easier to take a little hit in the short term, well thank you to all the short-sighted idiots and their limited thinking on how to turn a situation around in the face of adversity. I am sure our children will thank you and our grand children will thank you for nothing, for that is the legacy of your selfish actions, as the grab the power before it dissipates, coalition of the never get their chance if they don’t grab it now brigade of new politics, didn’t hijack the dismal voting returns to make something out of nothing. Now they steal from Paul and short-change Peter as they prove that they cannot balance the books any better than the jobs for the boys battalion of reds in the beds did, with their top heavy control orientated attempt at ruining running a country. One ran the country into the ground and now the mismatched bromance of the new century look likely to compound the injuries, the muppets of the west end farce are now all well situated to knocking it all to down after the red hand of the clunking fist set the whole thing up so that the lazy, short sighted worry warts could slam into the blind sided setup, that was laid there waiting for the knee jerk reaction to the runaway trains main glairing lights as it pressed down on the poor wee trapped animals in its headlamp, and the knee jerk worked a treat.

So the left and right hand of politics did the old one two on the gullible and it still works like a charm. The red handed slap from the clunking fist, slapped the unwary into the descending fist of the clenched coalition low blow. One set it all up the other knocks it all down again.

This proves without a shadow of a doubt that the common man has not the wit nor the understanding to be deserving of the right to vote, most idiots out there just do what they have always done, well that’s a no brainer, while the self preservation mob all vote for what has worked for them in the past, so no change there then is there. Greed and ignorance hand in hand on the slippery slope to hell, with all the right ‘good’ intentions of course.

This country may well be about to get its just deserts and the awful shame is the solutions have always been there from the beginning, if you do not vote they cannot rule. It is your power of attorney, your proxy, that you all give to them because you don’t want the responsibility and they keep proving that they will only ever use it to their own ends and not for our greatest needs.