Their behind you ……..

Oh yes they are ….

Oh Well Britain is settling down into the festive hibernation spirit under a winter blanket of snow and ice as yet again the weather defies predictions, cant imagine how that can happen in the land of the psychic medium, the corner store tarot readers and not to forget the very lucrative newspaper horoscope fakers. The weather forecasters are all showing better sense as they know they all use the same data models and its down to interpretation and unlike the most memorable Michael Fish incident they are all showing sense enough to stick to short term forecasts and to steer away from any long term ones, otherwise it will be more effective at producing a set of ruddy cheeks than stepping out in the big freeze. And just who could have seen that mini thaw, any ftakers out there.

Now at this time of year we are all looking for a good time despite the weather and the seasonal favourite is still the Pantomime, a big favourite for kids of all ages and sizes, but the biggest laugh must still be that old favourite the west end farce and the clowns in the condemn-nation corner. Nick ‘the Lady is not for turning’ did a very public twirl and dropped a couple of bloomers this week, as the big dog declares the troops will probably be home in 2011.


Talking about getting caught out (must be something in the weather) the shark attacks in Egypt are just a little to close to the Jaws films scripts to be enough like life imitating whatever passes for art these days. While a newly wed wife was murdered in Africa and more than a little unusually the husband escaped the situation ‘un-harmed’ and even though it all has a feel of being more than a little unreal, it is still a little early in the day to draw absolute conclusions before the court has had a chance to weigh up the facts and to track down the evidence, but the CCTCV footage and the whole fishy incident still leaves a very fishy smell in the air. After all who in their right mind lets one of the witnesses free to tell the tale or to finger you later, a real robber would definitely have shot the man then raped and killed the girl if rape was ever on their minds. So no matter what his incredible story is it still does not fit the profile for historic similar real situations.

They say they the authorities were just trying to plug the Wikkileaks drip, drip, drip of non information and to stem the flow of the runaway cables express. The very suspicious circumstances behind the resurrection of the dismissed allegations is again filling the virtual space with that unmistakable odour of rank fish yet again. The American liars are moving legislation mountains to again fast track legislation changes based on trump up charges. Nothing new there then is there after all in Britain some parties have been trying the same thing for the last few years, and the worst offence of the decade is the sight of the SAS storm troopers in public shopping malls armed to deal with armed terrorists as these mythical terrorists crank up their bombing raids and supposed public venue armed attacks, that have been plaguing this nation for almost a decade now. The German dictator started the same way, they checked people in the street and issued papers and documentation, under the disguise of tracking down the mythical baddies. The whole thing smacks of the type of effort used by the Neighbourhood watch coordinator who was vandalising her own neighbours cars, and has shown no real remorse.

The number of outrageous incidents has again taken a rise out of the back pages onto the front of the rags, like the woman that nearly drowned as she went to rescue her dog from a hole in the ice and fell in herself, lucky their was a camera person on hand to get the incident for us all to share. An American granny bit of her husbands tongue as he slipped it to her as she sat on the loo, cant imagine why duh…but it turns out the balance of her mind may be a little more than unhinged a little.

The unemployed are always the scape goat for the media that we are all scroungers and are all crooked, yet this week a brother and sister with a fortune of around four million pounds cheated the system for £130k and this is despicable and definitely whiffy affair, and proves that crooks are not all from the hard pressed downtrodden wingers and scroungers rank and file.

The mysterious incident of the Heir apparent and his detour out from under his eagle eyed handlers has more than a whiff of the odour of distinctive decaying scaly submersible denizen’s flesh. Oops one of our heirs is missing near the distinctive and completely well publicised and well attended police specials, with all the usual rowdies under the roving camera eye’s of the infiltration branch of modern media policing, and yet this car happened to stray into this ‘no man’s land’ hmmmmmm. Of course it did, then the gaff with the window and of course the handy man in the street POV (camera) of the whole stage acted incident that did not have the desired effect. Those royals are still a load of back stage johnnies and they do love a good old pageant, with shouts of ham directed dialogue such as ‘off with their heads’, ‘Torry scum’ being overshadowed with heckles from the real throng saying, ‘aright Charlie how’s it going man’, well just cant get the staff these days and as for script writers well. One needs a new dialogue coach at once. But most worrying of all was who in their right mind rolls down the window to so called armed attackers to try to reason with them, yeah nothing fishy there at all, but its safe to say ‘It’s all behind you now’, oh yes it is.

Still it is the festive season and we all like a good old panto, but I think it just has to be said the lame script writers and the poorly staged antics of the upper class twits trying to artificially steer public outcry has once again backfired on the lesser know twit when caught out of his natural habitat.

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