Now you see them now you d…

Stiking a Ballance

Well the condemnation corner is at it again, the great bromance has finally had its lines draw in the media spotlight and we all know which is the dog and which is the bitch in that media hyped relationship. It isn’t even as if the amalgamation of the party colours will produce the new greens, the yellow is so diluted that it’s more of a deep turquoise than any healthy green, this aquamarine tincture is still more deep blue than is healthy for a balanced union of two colours, the washout of the yellow has left the passive partner doing what it takes to keep the peace, smoothing the waters and taking the flack for the brutal and insensitive tactics of the alpha dog. Ah well nothing new there then.

This nation and its distinct lack of the ability to fully communicate details schedules and appointments, crossing the eyes and dotting the t’s is still a hit or miss region of communication because of the assumed level of understanding, no two people in any party completely reflect the same views across the spectrum of the manifesto, no two people can share the same space and time to achieve the same understandings or can ever achieve the same insights from the same information. Assuming that we are being understood is often misled by the most innocuous little gestures, nods of go on being seen as approval or acceptance when it could just be hurry up and get to the point. If we still make fatal flaws in assessment as to how our communications are conveying our meaning to the other person.

Communications and misunderstandings are rife in families, local authorities, police, the judiciary, doctors, educational establishments. The assumed level of understanding when conveyed with a nod cannot ever be taken for granted, for we all read in our expectations or biases into the gestures nods and noises we evoke in the recipient.

Private summaries are usually expedient and never reflect our full appraisal of others, political views and even information. It can be a brutal process dropping into direct short speak especially when we believe that we are in private or intimate mode of the radar. This is when unguarded exposé’s become the media main fare of the day. We all do it we all have a clipped view at our summary mode of being where expedience demands fast movement or quick decisions, it may be seen as Freudian or according to the bluntness of language used indications of malice.

Lots of people today feel marginalised for various reasons ranging from their job, pay rate, the type of opportunities they are more prone to or that they feel they have to endure particular levels of hardship that if they become prolonged are likely because of unvented levels of resentment produce outbursts at critical times.

Take the case of people who are habitually leaned on to do the extra bit to tidy a workload that regularly makes them put in an extra half hour or hour a night, unpaid and assumed that they will do the extra just to keep the job. This has the effect of making them later getting home and they have to shop on the way back for odds and ends, then take them home and then cook the meal. After a few months of this type of pressure and no signs of a let up, no other members of staff are obliged into it and when they get to the supermarket, all that is regularly left at the bottom of the apple box is all the bruised fruits that the early pickers have left behind as they quite rightly select the best they can from the display. The fruit lover ends up with all the bruised fruits and has to settle for the best of a bad bunch, is it wrong to expect everyone to share the responsibility with the bruised fruit and for the conscientious to all take at least one bruised offering to allow at least one or two good ones to be there for the unfortunate, or are we all still first come first served.

Nothing is ever clear-cut, nothing is ever the full conscientious observations that we are obliged to use by social dictates, no one size fit all solutions have ever worked and yet the mainstream establishment insists on this as the first order of business, uses it as its primal template for every solution to every problem since they clubbed their way up the greasy pole way back in the mists of time.

Yet here we are with a single benefit that cannot now be wrangled because of the exception to the rules plea that theirs is a worthy case and should get special treatment. Well special treatment has to be used for the exceptions, the physically infirm, the emotionally deficient and the psychologically impaired.

We have a central nucleus of unemployed people in this country and they represent the core of unemployability, with the systematic reduction to the levels of institutions for the ‘have to be cared for’ has meant that tracking these exceptions has become more difficult as they do not show up in any formal registers. It just begs the question really where did they all go to, and given how the system put them all back into the community how many of them make up the central core of the present unemployed numbers. The care in the community program is almost non-existent when it lacks the ability to keep track and to evaluate progress of individuals that are just of the radar, that just get by bellow the criteria or that have never gone off the rails until they show up in a crisis situation in the daily tabloids or media streams. Now that the legal system is going to weed out the unbalanced from the jails just where are they going to put them now.

In a world of such confusions why does the system insist on black and white absolutes when history proves that there is no one size fits all solutions in a multi tiered and expansive range of diversity of being from the lowest echelons of deprivation to the highest levels of self-indulgent depravity and excess.

Ah well just another day in hell, tote that barge lift that bail, do as your told or you’ll end in jail…


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