Pack Mentality

The Miliband scrap has finally been settled and the red in the bed is Ed, not David wow seems the housewives favourite couldn’t swing the popularity meter all the way to the final.

A few weeks ago the five hopefuls all showed up on question time. As the debate got underway it soon became clear that each of the five stars were all intent on playing to the audience and they all showed a severe lack of an ability to communicate with each other and had at times to be gently nudged by the Devils Advocate (David Dimbleby) or just drawn out on the questions as well as having to have some of the issues outlined again as they all sought to deflect the question into a political platform for their own agendas.

We have come a long way since then now that the siblings have fallen back into the natural family support, united front against the world stance with David rallying support for his deserved brothers win.

Well this useless government is at it again, kicking the foundations when there is a subsidence order in place, don’t you just love idiots and morons as they clash, crash and seek to burn the last vestiges of the human colony from the third rock, all in the name of control, all to set their seal on things.

The unemployed are being targeted yet again, after all, all new industries come out of the ranks of the downtrodden, all new industrial innovations come out of the no money, no resources ranks of the browbeaten level of the workforce.

The intent seems to be to use the unemployed as a social buffer to care for the community, elderly, infirm, children. Not to mention restoration work and the upkeep of urban areas and inner city focal points. The thing is they will have to use coercion to achieve this, they have to smash the civil rights and civil liberties of the people, unless they intend to make an elite strata for the working plebs and a sub structure of limited rights for the new slave class the unemployed and the incapable. Ah and just when we need a new socialist red hand to steer the tiller into the precipice falls of the crashing rocks of the still crashing recession up pops Ed the Red, isn’t life amazing in its timing.

Governments, and the industrial sectors as well as the capitalist structure of the old world (pre recession) are the ones that will not take responsibility for the mess that they have made, while they are all intent on making life hell at the bottom, can’t let hades hothouse suddenly become a paradise for the weak and infirm or the idle now can they.

The unemployed have never been the saviours of the day, the rank and file that have to take the hand out, are not know for great innovations, being more inventive than just getting by and of course without any savings or resources they have never turned around a government fiasco like this anytime in history ever, so be warned the fact that they are trying to fast track legislative changes to repeal laws and institute changes that damage civil rights and civil liberties is a cause for worry, after all no one voted for a coalition it was foisted on us to keep these wasters and selfish users in at the trough.

The reason it takes so long to make legislative changes is that every new direction will throw up unexpected or unforeseen emergencies and be prone to repercussions so time needs to be used to safeguard the central structure and its collective integrity at all levels of society. The kind of unforeseen events like sub primes and the repercussions from them, the effect of floods and droughts on rice and wheat production and how shifts in weather patterns will affect crop yields. None of these have been well modelled and climate still has the collective best educated and informed minds of the present system stumped and that has allowed two camps to form and so we now have an artificially entrenched siege of the scientific young Turks as they lay siege to the naturalist plea that it’s all been figure fixing and facts fudging that has come out of both ranks as they seek to get the upper hand. This mud-slinging and facts rigging is clouding the waters and obscuring the facts.

Now we all know that we don’t need a war of ideologies, and having two sets encamped will only bring out the rubber neck mod to watch the line up to see what will happen next. We on the other hand all know that we need the facts (proven) the probable outcome of them and a formative solution for a better way forward for us all.

The facts about the actual numbers of the work force is, that a massive amount of workers are actually on the sick and are ducking and diving, there are quite a high percentage that are in positions that are really redundant and some ‘sickies’ are just hiding their hidden redundancy behind a sick note. According to the Daily Telegraph a hundred billion pounds is wasted every year by the migrant and the long-term sick.

The fact that no growth sector has been found in the world industry catalogue of careers and vocations for the last ten or more years excepting all the boom and bust fiascos of the last decade. It quickly becomes apparent that with an aging population, a growing idle workforce and the nature of man to get destructive when idle or socially made to feel inadequate or ostracised from their peers. The innovation of larger numbers of people who cannot earn a living and larger numbers needing care and support, is a growing need that must be filled by the growing unemployed ranks, with no growth sectors and greater money black holes appearing in the fiscal level of the capitalist structure, how do you get all the unemployed to care for the elderly and infirm without being able to pay them………..hmmmmmmm. Cant see how that could happen can you?

So every idiot that is fearful for their own job, that thinks that the unemployed should be forced to do it for no pay, will drive a wedge in this country with greater damage that the idiots have managed with their already failed measures to make a system that has never delivered look like it has a chance, while the idiots that pick on the unemployed will just be putting a gun to their own heads in a few years time when more and more of them join the ranks of the unfortunate. They will be subject to the enforcement they think is alright, in a democracy, no being can be coerced against their will, making people take jobs will only produce a more belligerent workforce than the one that is falling down by the wayside of the last pilgrimage of the new age prosperity wild goose trail.

A dictator can force his people to do what he wants just ask Mugabe, but a democracy that uses the vote as a proxy for the elected to work on our collective behalf, that just isn’t allowed under the terms of the statement that Britain is still a democracy until the will of the people says otherwise.

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