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A Tarot Revelation

The Tarot is one of the most controversial divination tools on the market today, its origins are a mystery, the trail stops in the mists of time. Various schools of thought have tried to follow the logic trail to the recorded source event or era where they first appeared. The evidence is conflicting and fragmented; this is probably because it was from the scattered remains from a previous civilisation. The fact that the minor arcana is an almanac that maps the weeks of the year, has four ‘jokers’ (season cards?) has thirteen weeks in each season, is the highest likelihood for the true origins of the minor arcana as discussed in the last article.

The Major Arcana has more of a mystery to it than just being thought of as the book of Thoth, it is the greatest mystery yet, it has direct links and parallels with the ancient Hebrew alphabet. Twenty two characters, some arguments that the Tarot cards are the pictorial references for an oral language that was taught by rote, some say that the cards are that old and others say that they have a root directly back to ancient Egypt and the book of Thoth. The speculation is endless and the camps are entrenched and all sides stipulate that they have the correct take on the whole thing, that in the best tradition of fate will have to wait till the jury is in and the evidence trail is better established.

One of the areas that are still being looked at in particular quarters is the layout as seen below.

This image is laid out from left to right and from base to top in a sequential order. This is a fairly old-established way of looking at the whole book. This is essentially the story of the prodigal son, the errant lad hones his skills on the prime level, the instinct of all nature is tied at this level, this includes all of the kingdoms of creation and not just the scientific segregationist observer’s tables and formulas apply here.

The first layer has the skills level of the instinctive nature that is both, learned and instructed as its base. The second level is the area of learned experience, strength flows from applying the self with diligence, overcoming adversity, standing your ground etc. Temperance is the result of applied wisdom, the maxim ‘moderation in everything’ springs to mind. All of this level of Intuitive restraint must be learned without killing the life, the will, the faith and the passion.

Some established readings of the layouts are from base to top, select a base card, we will take the magician, strength and the devil. This is most often seen like this. The magician is learning and balancing his skills as his power grows it takes great strength of character to restrain the impetus to squander the power and without the restraint of strength the magician becomes the demon.

Take the Priestess, the Hermit and the Tower, secular wisdom that is too secularised will become a decaying empire.

Now the seven threes all correspond to the chakras of the body. Like this:-

The seven chakras are said to represent either seven traumas or rights of passage for the individual, when the crown chakra was at the height of the full body chakra. When a child is born an infant can be up to two feet long from head to toe and this would place the crown chakra at the same level as the base chakra. Now the most formative experience from the time it takes to grow up enough so that the crown chakra is in still less than the area of the naval chakra and more than the base chakra in height when set against the full adult chakras is the seven ages of the lifespan of the being.

The seven formative experiences of the being are concentric in the region of the chakras as they are traditionally seen. The quick route to clearing the trapped negative energy, will require a catharsis from the age that it was formulated at. The negative or traumatic process will have formulated an energy process that is more negative and therefore causes recessions, arrested developments and recessive emotional issues. The little woman shows the birth size of an average size eight to ten pound infant size. The crown chakra is level with the base chakra on the full-grown woman as the numeric reference shows. As the ‘child’ grows the crown chakra will travel up the height of the body to view the world from each of the chakras at their eventual position in life. Traumas are the worst that have to be dealt with, but even a good formation and experience between two negative ones is diminished because of the negative recessive nature of inhibited flow.

As beings we all experience hopes as well as fears, so even a relatively less complex person will still have to consider the universal equation, take your greatest hopes and then take your worst fears from them and whatever is leftover is all that you will manifest and be able to realise.

The alternative to dealing with the traumas of the chakras is to find the grains of truth that are the grain in the pearls of wisdom. Glean all the wisdom of the perceptive insight from the realisation process and you begin to see the level of work involved. The time that it takes is incalculable as every being is different.

To clear the blockages and unrestraint the flow of energy that is negatively trapped, is a much simpler process and is more advisable to the seeker than the formulation of the stone from the collective grains of truth.

This is the template for understanding the layout of the Major Arcana as shown in the first image.

The key to understanding the layout of the Major Arcana without being sucked into the book of Thoth is to use the instinctive, intuitional and Insight mapping and see how they reflect your personal traumas, or formative experiences.

The top row shows the devil to the world, this is a basic Christian hang up about the material world and all its corruptions, hence the Devil. A better understanding of this point is better achieved by viewing this as the conscious being nailed to the cross of the four elements, in this case the pyramid is a reasonable representation for the birth process, a new consciousness held in the binds of the four elements.

The Chakra and Rune tree at the bottom right of the last image shows five senses and seven chakras. This is the final tree in the Kabbalah lineage.

If we look at the magician, strength and the devil, a trauma related to this development area can have a very bad outcome for the being involved. A misuse of powers or skills employed by the weakness of character will result in a hellish outcome, or a trauma, an emotional blockage an energy drain.

If the person has the good skill set, and develops a good strength of character, the hellish ending is averted and a clearing of the chakra is the result. This is true for all of the formative ages in the growth from childhood to adulthood for every being.

The layout of the Tarot can be used as a contemplation device for helping the search for the blocked chakras, do not ask anyone’s help, do not seek advice, even a good guru cannot help you any better than your own self-knowledge. You are after all the greatest living expert there is on you, no one knows better what’s right for you, or what you must do.

A guru can highlight the general areas and give very general advice, but only you walk the road, only one being can access the information or reflect on the experience to be reviewed. I hope that this proves helpful and that you can see that no area that has previously been secular and separated in the mysteries can now in the light of the new age wisdom, remain disconnected to the source of all understanding and wisdom. All the paths again converge and lead to the ultimate revelation of insights wisdom.