Hazy Days and Sunsh…

Political Vacuums

Well after that hard winter, the late spring then the early heat fest. Glastonbury had its day Kylie and the sun hmmm a double whammy. Then the upsets of the sporting calendar, England’s trouncing, Wimbledon’s defiant sun, Nadal’s unstoppable drive and unmatched skills. Spain’s double triumph. All in all its been an eventful first half to the year, the weather still appears to have a mind of its own, St Andrews is getting a deluge and the players are proving that they are not all just fair weather players.

A very subdued Tiger Woods is swinging against the tide of press speculation and the media pillory of his past shame, and the media hounds all seem to want it to manifest in his game. Like knights of old god decided guilt and innocence with a sword in combat.

On a more worrying note an infiltrator murdered, in cold blood people that he was supposed to be working with for the greater security of an alliance. This infidelity of the infidel is the very essence of what the Muslim tenets are all about, like the Christian suffer not a witch to live. This person broke bread with his enemies, shared space and time with them, then waited till the moment their guard was down and attention distracted before knifing them in the back, a tactic that is no stranger to war, even the English army did that to the Scots when they were up here land grabbing, asset stripping and deporting people of their lands. The dirty tactics of war and those that go to it willingly, all’s fair in love and war so the old saying goes untill it happens to you then that’s different.

Still three lives lost to the murderous tendencies of a lone infiltrator, the tactics of hate are one thing, but the actions of the desperate are another thing entirely.

The Westminster hiatus is causing a lot of speculation in some quarters but the stance of the nation seems to be give them enough rope and lets hope they are strong enough to steer a better course than the old labor stance, of jobs for the boys, borrow all you need and to hell with the consequences, spend, spend, spend and leave nothing for a rainy day, well looks like the weather may well catch them all out yet again.

Beckham said ‘never’ despite the best advantages in the world the facts of fate still dictate NEVER say NEVER. The prime minister (well the dominant one of the new comedy duo) said moat was a proven baddy, while the evidence suggests yet another system failure and after the facts the victor just rewriting the history books. The public response to the whole thing is worrying but not at all surprising, some police forces are just to bloody heavy-handed, some get away with murder and some of the judiciary display a bias towards them in every case.

The fact that so many people are so disenfranchised with the public defenders, and have had bad responses, poor turnouts or no shows has a direct effect in the Raoul Moat case, and that some people will take the stance of raising him to the status of martyr or legend just reflect the history of bad feelings in some communities in reaction to the heavy-handed approach used by the military style enforcement policies, of a police state style approach to law and disorder in some sections of the community.

BP we have a failure to commit, the johnny is on and full penetration has still not been achieved. Well pertinent words do spring to mind, limp, lame, premature, cap envy.

Even with the best will in the world these guys are so tied up in the entanglements of fear that they cannot even place contingencies in place up to say three-tier deep, and are all looking for guarantees in a world that does not give any, they are looking for a projected analysis of an unknown set of probabilities, in an unknown environment, just makes you realise just how out of their depth they all are doesn’t it. Paranoia instead of pronoia, trepidation instead of assured action. Huston we have a failure to lift off, doesnt that just put a lid on it all….. if you see what I mean … ahem.

Ireland the home of the troubles has a difficult time with tolerance, a youth faction that has no direct link to the old hatred ran amok and caused mayhem. Hate and murderous intent will find any excuse to vent its spleen.

A headline claims that Superstition works, then when you get into the article about a test of lucky charms, it becomes apparent that its results come from the confidence that it gives the carrier. A case of a little bit of placebo effect does you good.

And talking about lucky charms, the prince of darkness has gone all pantomime, if that’s not a new turn up for the books don’t know what is.

The third man in the triplicate of old
is filling the grouch bag with punters gold.
Like wiring a plug for the new hive,
one ‘Earth’, one ‘neutra’l but none ‘live’.

Huston we have a problem.

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