The Map of the Labyrinth

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The series of trees that are laid out below are linked to the magical number boxes and the mystery of the matrix or labyrinth. The two maxims that apply are of course, ‘Know thyself’ this is crucial and ‘Moderation in everything’.

The Even Numbers Boxes

The even-numbered boxes all relate to the infinite principles from the base to the highest exponential the two box is a geometric representation of the infinity symbol, not laid on its side as it has been corrupted to over the decades, it even has an affinity with the St Andrews cross and the saltire. This is the embodiment of these animations, they show one cycle, but the tree has three points so the complete action is twelve exponetialised to the twelve, then onward to a third realisation of the seed twelve.

The principle in action is the awareness from base instinct extending to include the intuitional process, as it grows to the point of realisation at the height of perception, where this realisation process culminates in insight.

This is the target of the spiritual doctrines that try to teach meditation, yoga, martial arts, dance (Sufi, dervish), methods to focus concentration without a gripping force of determination but to cultivate the focus of awareness that is first stilled (no inner mind chatter) then brought to bear on the problem or point of study, or contemplation.

The Odd Number Boxes

The odd numbers all relate to the forms of reality as expressed by the Trees of life, a virtual mapping of the Matrix in geometry, from the pure theory of life, maths or plain old numbers to you and me.

People who assume they know themselves are fooling themselves, for we are a changing living principle in action, tastes change, philosophies change, political thinking evolves (well with some anyway), relationships end and start and evolve as we all progress through the labyrinth.

These are the number boxes or planetary boxes and underneath each is the underlying pattern that their layout makes.

These are supposed to be as old as the first observations of the sightings of the planets and are often called the planetary number boxes. This is the first time that the underlying patterns have been revealed with the boxes.

For our purposes to understand the Labyrinth and how the matrix of the formation of Maya is not a trap for the unwary we will use the pattern of the odd number boxes to view a hidden truth of life. The boxes are all labelled by their square route, 2×2 =4, 3×3 = 9 etc.

The first number box, Box #2 is one we will return to in greater detail but, for now it is the symbol for eternity, if the line in the pattern is returned from number four to number one, like geometric patterns repeat a fourfold progression. A lunar month has four distinct weeks, the moon has four phases, the four seasons revolve in a cycle, the year has a leap year cycle, all inert matter has four elements.

In the pattern from Box #3 we can see that it has the start point at the base of the central column, the line progresses around the maze and passes through the central point, continuing on it then completes the rest of the journey to arrive at the top point, immediately above the central point and the start point. This pattern is repeated in the Box #5 design and it has two other triplicities, they descend numerically and the pattern shows them as a vertical line. So there are two descents and one ascension in the Box #5, four descents and one ascension in Box #7, and shush no telling but there are six descents and one ascent in Box #9.

The three-point reference is connected to the instincts, intuition and insight levels of being as described in this diagram. The three points of reference is the same for each of the trees from the new Kabbalah.

The triple in the Box #3 lines up their centres like this. The other downward triples have the same references in this garden of EDEN with all its trees of life. The Kabbalistic trees all have the same central references like this.

From the left we have a three pillar tree, the eternal central pillar and the Yin Yang, Bipolar state of matter, inert matter from the tetrahedron up to the octahedron, then active matter from the five cubes (senses) mid left pillar up to the crown. The pillars are male, female. The progress is from the base matter to the crowning heights of life, they are shown here as progressions from base to crown even though if you look at the five box and its pattern the left three look as if they are on a decent but the numeric progression is from one to twenty-five so the descent is an optical illusion of a 3D principle being described on a 2D model. This first tree is linked to the first pattern Box #3 the 9 number square. This tree has eleven points on its progression; the Box #3 has fourteen squares making up its form, nine single square, squares and four, four square, squares and last but not least one nine square, square. So that is eleven points on the progression and the three pillars and just like it was magic it all adds up, nice and neat huh. This tree and this box are the plan for unlocking the secrets of the next boxes and trees and is the only one that adds without a drift or progression in the numbers and the reality. The three pillars are a direct reflection of three-dimensional space, the number of pillars that surround the next tree ups central pillar, then the next one does it for each successive tree in the progression.

Then there are the four pillars of the Celestial Girdle, but this is not the Girdle of the Goddess that has been spoken of in ancient text’s, that’s the next one. This Girdle is the thirteen lunar houses and the solar year. This is the first 3D tree in reality as the previous one is a two-dimensional plan, given for the purposes a 3D look and feel to display the principles of the underlying truths of the system, not as the Jews would have it all locked up in the words and the numbers. Numbers are the pure theory of the mysteries of life but geometry is the practical. This tree is simple enough it just describes the time scale of the lunar progression in its thirteen equal segments. The fourteenth point at the position of Daath is the summation of the solar year. The three pillars that surround the central eternal one give a fourfold pillar base as the key to the tree. Taken from the Box #2 plan when the circle is closed the infinity cycle is initiated. This means that the timescale for the planet is a four base, the key to inert matter in old philosophy is fire, earth, water and air. This tree is the central core of the Box #5 pattern.

The third tree from the left has at its core the five elements from the last two number boxes, the life eternal principle from the Box #2 and the timescale of the planet Earth as described in the Box #3 tree, this now makes the central column of this tree the Goddess Girdled the Goddess being Gaia at the central core, and the celestial twelve surrounding her form as the eternal principle of life the so-called Girdle of the Goddess, again just a star map and coordinate system that identifies this planet in this solar system, with the life eternal principle in action and the thirteen lunar phases, and this level identifies the five elements on the planet meaning active matter or life. Life eternally springing is the fifth element either you know this or you are dumbfounded, here it is symbolised by the Key of David in the Daath position. This is not to be confused with the ideal of immortality that is Eternal life. That suggests a life that does not die and renew, but goes against the grain of life eternal, where the spirit is immersed in the static flow of life for a particular duration of experiences and then dies, only to re-emerge again and again. The five elements surrounded by the celestial constellations not the lunar houses. All active matter has five elements, active matter is a distillation process to refine experience into the essence of soul and so the cycle goes on, life after life after life. So the divine spark which progresses up the trees of life in the garden of EDEN is life eternal until the body the mould for the character and essence of the soul is complete and it again raises the godhead to divinity.  This tree and the previous two are the three trees that are displayed in the Box #5 pattern. The Girdle occupies the central location in this reference in the proceedings. This tree is the right hand position in the pattern. Then it is the central core of the Box #7 pattern.

The fourth Tree is deliberately left blank at this time as it is a revelation in its own right and if you look at the Box #7 pattern above you will notice that this tree occupies the right hand position in the pattern while in the Box #9 pattern above you will see that this tree occupies that central position in the pattern. As it is the identifier in the hidden message of the recipient of the message, and as this is an impersonal description of the data and systems and locations, we will leave the personal details of the recipient anonymous for the time being.

The fifth tree is the Hebrew Tree or Tarot tree, the original letters of the Hebrew alphabet used to have a pictorial referencing system that was in itself a story of the return of the prodigal son. The twenty-two letters and the twenty-two images are laid out as a reference to the language base that is being messaged, the protocols are quite basic and simplistic, so far like the internet communication protocols, we have a series of identifiers as to whom the message is related to, eternal beings, third rock, five elements with the girdle surrounding ( that’s a big ‘hiya Goddess looking good from here, love your twirling patterns’  before the message identifier (the missing tree) the lineage of David, and then the language to be used for the second recipient, the Hebrew language and the story of the prodigal son. Could even read;

‘Hey lost sheep come home all is forgiven we miss you lots. Love the creator of the universe’

Or words to that effect anyway. This message was embedded in the structure of numbers and patterns even before the recent translation (mine), for it is likely that the original recipient got the message a very long time ago and this is just the re-building of it via the scraps of information left to this day. A sort of CSI investigation of the mysteries and their schools were all sprung up arround an embedded message for one individual wow.

The next tree is the Rune Tree and it has a language attached to it as well as a set of pictorial symbols. The language structure has a story to it just like the previous message, it is the tale of the righteous son. This is an identifier for the next recipient in the CC mailing list, the Runes are the language base and the number is seven pillars as taken from the preceding trees plan view.  So if we break down the complete message of the number boxes it goes a little like this.

To Whom

Eternally renewing process,



‘The planet

The 13 lunar months to each solar cycle

‘The five elements of the Goddess in her Girdle’

Right up their street

‘At the peak of your five senses/Top of your tree

Height of awareness’

Also Included


‘Message to the first group, message to the second group’

Jews of the Hebrew Language, Arians of the Runic tale ………..

To Be continued …………

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